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Go out is a gameplay feature in The Sims 2, that directs a teen Sim to leave the house with another teen after asking for permission to do so from an adult . This action can only be initiated only under the player's command. While the interactions does provide a sense of verisimilitude for storytelling, teens (just like older Sims) can leave their home lot without needing a permission from their parents/guardians. Unlike using the other inviting out methods, 'going out' doesn't follow the departing teens and the scenario is limited to a defined time duration.


Teen will first need to ask for permission from an older Sim from their household. This can be done by commanding the selected teen to ask any older Sim. For this interaction to be successful, the teen must have a high relationship with the parent/guardian. Once permission is granted, Sims can use the "Call... Sim... Go Out" interaction on the phone from 7:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

If the other teen accepts the invitation, a message will appear on the upper-right corner with the selected teen Sim saying "Cool! I'll pick you up at 10 AM." The invitee will then arrive at around that time in a moderate-price car, with the leaving Teen hitching the ride.[confirmation needed] The Sim will then be gone until their spree ends.[which?] Once the selected teen returns, their certain motives may get fulfilled.[confirmation needed]

However if rejected instead, a card will pop up saying "(Sim Name) doesn't feel like going out right now." This may be occur due to not having enough high relationship with the called teen.[confirmation needed]

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