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World · Featured in: The Sims 4: Realm of Magic
Glimmerbrook Map.png
The quiet town of Glimmerbrook may have more to it than meets the eye...
Name Glimmerbrook
Game  The Sims 4: Realm of Magic

Glimmerbrook is a world included in The Sims 4: Realm of Magic. It is a secluded woodland area with a mystical feel to it. It features a portal to The Magic Realm.


Magic Portal


There are tales of a portal above the Glimmerbrook waterfall. Are you brave enough to see where it leads?

Casters Alley


Casters Alley within the Magic Realm is your go-to shopping spot for wands, potions, and brooms



Make this a truly magical vacation. Cauldrons are brewing and spells are a-casting here in Glimmerbrook


Glimmerbrook has one residential neighborhood with five lots, with an additional secret lot called The Magic Realm that can be accessed through a portal at the top of a waterfall.[1]


There is a total of five normal lots, including three residential lots, one community lot, one empty lot, and one special lot.[2][3]

Residential lots[]


  • Rock Ridge Canyon, owned by Charm - "If peace and quiet appeals to you, the Rock Ridge Canyon is perfect. Nestled up against Glimmerbrook's towering boulders, this quaint location is sure to give any Spellcaster the silence they need to practice and study to hone their magical prowess."
  • Creek Side Corner, owned by Amicable Acolytes - "With breathtaking views of Glimmerbrook Falls, this location is perfect for any cozy home."


  • Brooks Bridge Borough - "Situated in the center of Glimmerbrook this simple cottage is near the best fishing spots in all of Glimmerbrook. Not to mention the gorgeous Simstagram photos that can be taken from the nearby bridge."

Empty lots[]

  • Glimmerbrook Watch 30x20 - "An ancient plot nestled deep within Glimmerbrook. Some say the previous resident was tasked with guarding an ancient relic located atop the Glimmerbrook Waterfall. Legend has it the owner disappeared one night never to be seen again. Maybe they vanished into some other dimension?"

Community lots[]

  • Elixirs and Brews - Bar - "A local establishment that's been in Glimmerbrook as far back as anyone can remember, and though it has had some upgrades through the years, it's still full of nostalgic charm."

Hidden lots[]

A secret neighborhood, The Magic Realm as listed below.

  • The Magic Realm[3] - "The Magic Realm is the source of all magic. Unfortunately, it is slowly being pulled apart by the swirling vortex surrounding it. The only thing that is keeping it together is the balance between the three houses of magic. Each house has a Sage that is the master in their respective style. If any imbalance is ever struct between these Sages the entire realm could collapse."


New families[]

Minerva Charm, Darrel Charm, Gemma Charm, Emilia Ernest
The Charm Family has produced generations of distinguished Spellcasters, as Minerva often reminds her children. Gemma resents her family's high expectations even though she secretly wants to make them proud. Darrel is an aspiring duelist who just got engaged to Emilia, a newly ascended Spellcaster who has a lot to live up to.
Grace Anansi, Tomax Collette
Grace and Tomax have been roommates ever since they first became Spellcasters. They have day jobs, but magic is their main focus, and they've got a friendly competition going to see who will become an Adept Spellcaster first!



  • The Amicable Acolytes household's home, Creek Side Corner, has a staircase leading up to the back of its kitchen but no back door.
  • The Elixirs and Brews bar contains a single unpainted roof piece that does not match the rest of the roof.