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Giordano family
The Giordano
Name Giordano family
Members Art Giordano,
Elise Giordano,
Betsy Giordano,
Paxton Giordano
Number of generations 2 generations
Other information
Game TS4DO Icon The Sims 4: Dine Out
Playability Gallery
Not to be confused with Giordano family (The Sims 3).

The Giordano family is a family used in promotional materials for The Sims 4: Dine Out. The family consists of Art and Elise Giordano as well as their children Betsy and Paxton. They were uploaded to the Gallery by Maxis.[1]


Giordano: Derived from the given name 'Giordano'.
Art: Short for Arthur.
Elise: Short for Elizabeth.
Betsy: Short for Elizabeth.
Paxton: From a surname which was derived from an English place name meaning "Pœcc's town". Pœcc is an Old English name of unknown meaning.



  1. The Giordano by Maxis
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