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Giant Jackpot is a good Karma Power available for The Sims 3 for Console. When you use it, at the cost of 60 Karma Points, it will give your Sim a random amount of Simoleons. Your Sim will be surrounded by coins that he/she will grab and it will award your Sim with a certain Simoleon amount represented by the coins that they will get up to seven times. Not all the amounts though are worth it, though, and some are rather low. Certain factors will determine how much more money you'll get and how likely it is you'll get a high payout. For example, if you haven't used any Karma Powers in a while, the payout is likely to be higher. Also, it is more likely to be high if your Karma is closer to 100 and not just around 60 (the amount required to use the Karma Power). Also, in Sims 3 Pets for console you can get an upgrade doubling the amount of simoleons you get from the power.

Here is a table of all the available amounts your Sim can get from Giant Jackpot.

Low Payout

400 s (x7) = 2,800 s - This is basically like a spit in the face. It is the lowest amount possible and pays out very little. Rarity: Very Common

600 s (x7) = 4,200 s - This is a kick to the nether regions. A pretty insulting amount of money for a hefty 60 Karma Points. Rarity: Very Common

800 s (x7) = 5,600 s - This is still pretty much a slap in the face. Still pretty insulting. But somewhat expected, since it is very common. Rarity: Very Common

Moderate Payout

1,000 s (x7) = 7,000 s - This is the most common and frequently occurring payout. Anything below this is pretty much a gyp. Expect this to come up the most often. Rarity: Very Common

1,200 s (x7) = 8,400 s - This is still a pretty low amount for 60 Karma Points, but at least above the most frequent amount of 1,000 s. Rarity: Common

1,400 s (x7) = 9,800 s - This is just short of 10,000 simoleons and is a pretty respectable amount. Nothing to really be too upset about, here. Rarity: Common

Decent Payout

1,600 s (x7) = 11,200 s - This is when you start to get uncommon payouts. Considering your Sim just got 11,200 simoleons here, this isn't too bad, at all. Rarity: Uncommon

1,800 s (x7) = 12,600 s - An uncommon-but-normal amount, you should consider yourself well off if you use Giant Jackpot and get this amount. Unless you really need the money. Rarity: Uncommon

2,000 s (x7) = 14,000 s - This is a pretty Nice payout here. If your Sim *really* needs the cash, you should accept nothing less than this. Rarity: Uncommon

High Payout

2,200 s (x7) = 15,400 s - A Very Nice payout. The rare payouts for Giant Jackpot start here. This amount and above are pretty hard to get and you won't see them too often. Rarity: Rare

2,400 s (x7) = 16,800 s - This is a Great payout, here. You'll definitely feel lucky if your Sim gets amounts of 2,400 or above when Giant Jackpot's been used. Rarity: Rare

2,600 s (x7) = 18,200 s - This is an Excellent payout, but pretty hard to come by. Definitely worth keeping. Rarity: Rare

2,800 s (x7) = 19,600 s - This is an Outstanding payout and the second highest amount available! At 19,600 simoleons, you'll definitely feel you got paid well, here! Rarity: Rare

3,000 s (x7) = 21,000 s - This is a very rare Perfect payout for Giant Jackpot and *very* hard to come by. I'd put the chances of getting this at 1 in a 100. But for those who get it, they'll have a nice 21,000 simoleons to claim as their own. The highest amount seen, so far. Rarity: Very Rare

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