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The Sims 4: Crystal Creations Stuff

Sims 4 Crystal Creations Promo 1
A Sim crafting jewelry at a Gemology Table

Skill TS4 GemologyGemology is a skill introduced in The Sims 4: Crystal Creations Stuff. Leveling up the skill allows Sims to craft different sets of custom jewelry to wear, show off to other Sims, and craft custom engagement rings, as well as, cut crystals into gemstones at the Gemology Table. Gemology allows the use of all 27 crystals and 25 metals available.


While every Sim may appreciate a shiny gem, those with Gemology skill learn to create their own gem-based creations for wearing, gifting, or turning a little profit.
Gemology is built primarily by crafting on the Gemology Table, supplemented by finding metals and crystals. Increasing this skill will unlock new jewelry designs and gemstone cuts, as well as increase the number of metals and crystals a Sim finds!

Skill Levels[]

Level Unlocks
1 Can design Basic, Chunky and Raw jewelry as well as cut Spire and Cabochon gemstones.
2 Dicuss Crystal Properties with other Sims and design Delicate jewelry as well as cut Emerald gemstones.
3 More likely to find crystals and metals when digging at rocks and design Lunar Goddess jewelry as well as cut Seed gemstones.
4 Can design Eye jewelry and cut Pear gemstones
5 Can craft jewelry and gemstones faster, design Bling jewelry and cut Brilliant gemstones
6 Gather additional crystals and metals when digging at rocks, design Mystical jewelry, and cut Star gemstones.
7 Can craft jewelry and gemstones even faster, design Botanical jewelry, and cut Skull gemstones
8 Can design Edwardian Gothic jewelry as well as cut Heart gemstones
9 Gather even more crystals and metals when digging at rocks, design Starry Sailor jewelry, and cut Plumbob gemstones.
10 Craft jewelry and gemstones at record breaking speeds, craft Plumbob jewelry, and cut Gnome gemstones.

Crystal Creations[]

TS4 Design Jewelry

When a Sim uses the Gemology table, players can choose Designs, select Metals, and Crystals to craft a custom jewelry item to be used by Sims. Sims can use these custom jewelry such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings to share with other Sims. Sims are also able to cut crystals into gemstones as a fancy gift.

Gathering crystals is not necessary to start creating. However, crafting a piece of jewelry or cutting a gemstone is partially free of charge if the materials are owned. Otherwise, Sims will be automatically charged. The only exception to this are rare Crystals which need to be found in nature or ordered online. Nonetheless, Sims will still be charged for the design.


There are currently 12 matching sets of each jewelry type; necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets.

List of Jewelry[]

Gemstone Cuts[]

Using the gemology table, Sims can cut crystals into gemstones. The effects are identical between jewelry and gemstone cuts; while jewelry applies effects to the sim currently wearing the pieces, cuts apply the same effects to all sims in an area around them. Uniquely, the Seed-Shaped Gemstone is quite literally a seed; it can be planted into the ground (or a planter), and after a while, it will grow into a crystalline tree that sprouts gemstones to be collected.

There are 11 cuts to be made:

Image Gemstone Description Level Price
Spire-Shaped Gemstone Spire-Shaped Gemstone Your own mini crystal tower that an exarch would be proud of. 1 §45
Cabochon-Shaped Gemstone Cabochon-Shaped Gemstone A smooth, round shape that celebrates the natural brilliance of a crystal. 1 §50
Emerald-Cut Gemstone Emerald-Cut Gemstone What came first, the crystal or the gemstone cut? 2 §70
Seed-Shaped Gemstone Seed-Shaped Gemstone Gaze into the multicolored depths of this mystical seed and just imagine what kind of wondrous plant will grow from it! 3 §100
Pear-Shaped Gemstone Pear-Shaped Gemstone Despite its name, do NOT eat the gemstone! 4 §130
Brilliant-Cut Gemstone Brilliant-Cut Gemstone Simply put? This gemstone cut is brilliant. 5 §190
Star-Shaped Gemstone Star-Shaped Gemstone Clutch it in your hand, hold it up in the sky, and shout "make up!" ...Did it work? 6 §250
Skull-Shaped Gemstone Skull-Shaped Gemstone Memento sparkli. 7 §320
Heart-Shaped Gemstone Heart-Shaped Gemstone Someday, somewhere, somehow, you'll love again - you just need to find someone. 8 §400
Plumbob-Shaped Gemstone Plumbob-Shaped Gemstone Something about this gemstone cut feels like it would work well attached to a headband. 9 §500
Gnome-Shaped Gemstone Gnome-Shaped Gemstone Assert your superiority over the neighborhood with a gnome made entirely of crystal! 10 §650

Crystal Energy[]

Mystical Moonlight Crystal Grid
Mystical Moonlight Crystal Grid
The power of the moon is a phenomenon still shrouded in mystery to this day; its influence on the human world is undeniable. Harness this power yourself by charging your very own crafted jewelry or gemstones and experimenting with its mystical effects. But beware, there could be undesirable results...
Game The Sims 4: Crystal Creations Stuff
Buyable 50
Type Outdoor Activity
Size 1x1
Uses Charges up to 7 gemstones or jewelry pieces while outside between 7pm to 7am

Players can buy the Mystical Moonlight Crystal Grid in in the Outdoor Activities section build mode. When the crystal grid is placed outside and has up to 7 gemstones or jewelry pieces, during the hours of 7pm to 7am the gemstones and jewelry pieces will be charged with moonlight energy bestowing with active magical effects depending on the crystal they were crafted with.[1]

The moon's phases dictate how long the charging will take from new moons taking the full 12 hours to charge items to full moons taking only 3 hours to charge all items. Once charged, the energy stays active for 2 days, with jewelry effects only active when being worn and gemstones only active when Sims are nearby them.

Crystal Effect Moodlet
Alabaster Angry, Embarrassed, Sad, and Scared moodlets will fade much faster. +1 Fine
Sims wants will refresh more often. +1 Inspired
Excavating in Selvadorada will unearth rarer and more valuable artifacts. +1 Confident
Amber Sim will not fail at a range of interactions and will not start a fire when cooking. Also, the weather will become sunny. +1 Happy
Amethyst Sims gain energy 1.25x faster while sleeping, potential to wake up with an "Inspired Lucid Dream" moodlet. +1 Inspired
Citrine Sims will randomly find simoleons around the house. +1 Energized
Sim is easier to convince and more likely to lend money. +1 Dazed
Diamond Sims are less likely to develop relationship fears and have less romantic relationship decay with others. They will always succeed at "Apologizing in Bed" +1 Flirty
Emerald Career and school Chance card are more likely to succeed. +1 Focused
Fire Opal More successful with romantic socials and can complete dates more successfully. +1 Flirty
Hematite Sims become immortal, the only way they can die is from Death by old age. +1 Confident
Jade Sims will randomly find crystals while doing things around the house. +1 Energized
Jet Summon the Grim Reaper at will and always succeed when pleading for someone's life. +1 Focused
Jonquilyst Fun need will be filled completely and does not decay. Tense moodlets also fade much faster. +1 Fine
Moonstone Bored moodlets deplete 10x faster.

Vampires have slower vampire thirst decay.[TS4:V]
Spellcasters don't experience failure with magic unless overcharged, in which case failure has a 0.5x chance of happening.[TS4:ROM]
Werewolves fury decays 2x as fast under regular circumstances, and 5x as much whilst rampaging.[TS4:WW]

+1 Focused
Energy need decay is slightly slower and alien powers recharge faster once depleted. +1 Focused
Orange Topaz Gain Creativity (skill) faster (such as writing, painting, and musical instruments). They are also more likely to create a masterpieces, won't get "Writer's Block" when writing, and won't get burnt out when doing creative activities. +1 Inspired
Plumbite Needs increase slowly over time. Sims will make others around them feel happy. +1 Happy
Peach Relationships with family members will increase faster. Angry moodlets will fade much faster. +1 Happy
Quartz Sims gain double satisfaction points when completing wants and Aspiration. +1 Focused
Rainborz Much less likely to develop a fears and gains all the benefits of the Brave trait. +1 Confident
Rose Sims get over breakups faster. Social need fills completely and does not decay. +1 Confident
Ruby Embarrassed moodlets will fade faster. Sims will not have uncomfortable romantic encounters and will not have awkward woohoo encounters. +1 Flirty
Sapphire Level up Focused skills 1.25x faster and takes longer to burnout on mental activities. +1 Focused
Simanite Sims gain work or school performance faster and complete homework faster +1 Energized
Shinolite More likely to give birth to twins or triplets. +1 Happy
Turquoise Gain Charisma skill faster and achieve more success with friendly socials. +1 Confident



  • There are a few easter eggs in the descriptions of some of the jewellery and crystal cuts.
    • The Spire-Shaped Gemstone references the Crystal Tower and the Crystal Exarch, a location and a character respectively in the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV.
    • The Starry Sailor jewellery and the Star-Shaped Gemstone both seem to reference the popular 90s Manga series, Sailor Moon.
    • The Heart-Shaped Gemstone makes a reference to the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe, more specifically Steven Universe: The Movie, and one of its songs, Found. It is a song performed by Spinel, a Gem whose gemstone is in the shape of a faceted heart.
    • The Bling jewellery line is a reference to the real life 'Bling Ring' gang who operated in Hollywood in the late 2000s and stole over $3 million worth of items from various celebrities including Paris Hilton.
    • The Delicate jewellery line makes a reference to songs by global singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.
    • The Skull-Shaped Gemstone cut description, Memento sparkli, is a reference to the Latin expression Memento mori, which means "remember that you [have to] die", and the word "sparkly"

References List[]