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Trait TS4 Geek.png

Geek is a hobby trait that was introduced in The Sims 4.

"These Sims become Happy when Reading Sci-Fi or Playing Video Games, may become Tense if they haven't played much, are better at finding Collectibles, and can Discuss Geek Things with other Geek Sims"


Confident Geek.jpg
  • Geek Sims get a "Collectible Acquired!" moodlet when collected something.
Tense Geek.jpg
  • Geek Sims get a tense "Need Video Games!" moodlet if they haven't played video games.
  • Geek Sims can discuss geek things with other Sims.
  • They have more likelihood to find rare collectibles from digging and finding frogs.
  • They will get a focused buff after finishing a game playing session.

Geek Sims[]

Liberty Lee, Travis Scott, Miko Ojo

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