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The Sims Castaway Stories

For the trait with similar name, see Gatherer (trait).

Gatherer is one of the careers in The Sims Castaway Stories. This career track rewards a balanced amount of food and resources, compared to the other careers. It mainly focuses on Logic and requires Cooking and Creativity skills. The career reward from this career is Concoction Junction.

Adult Sims go to work at 9 AM to 12 PM. Teens and Elders go to work at 10 AM to 12 PM. Orangutans go to work at 11 AM to 2 PM. Castaway careers don't have specific days-off and vacation days, therefore Sims can't call in sick. On the other hand, there is no penalty if Sims don't leave for work either. Sims have chances for two times to go to work if they happen to be unable at the first chance.

Adult Promotion Levels[]

Gatherer career.png Gatherer Career Levels
1) Leaf Gatherer
Leaves. They're everywhere around here, like the sun, sand and water. The sun, sand and water -- they keep slipping through your fingers, don't they? No matter how hard you try. The leaves, though, they don't. They can't. Collect them, name them, stack them and store them. These are the first steps toward a greater understanding of your surroundings. Food 62 Logic 0
Resources 40 Cooking 0
No Bonus Creativity 0
Friends requirement 0
2) Scrounger
The leaves are only one aspect of the island's plants and the land, and what they can tell you. More things, more clues, await you underneath these leaves and off of the beaten path. Take some time and look more closely at the things you didn't know were there. There's a lot to discover. Food 78 Logic 1
Resources 83 Cooking 0
Bonus: Food 156 Creativity 0
Bonus: Resources 166 Friends requirement 0
3) Pack Rat
Every day, when you go out to walk, you see more and more -- fallen leaves, small stones, interesting clumps of soil and strange seeds. Bring it all back home where you can overflow your shelves, baskets and makeshift jars. These ordinary treasures of the island are yours to surround yourself with. Food 95 Logic 2
Resources 125 Cooking 1
Bonus: Food 190 Creativity 1
Bonus: Resources 250 Friends requirement 0
4) Collector
You've managed to gather at least one of everything you've found around your camp. Now all you need to do is find out what each thing is, what else it belongs with, and where they fit together. Collecting things as a child made easier to understand for you, and you're sure it will be just as enjoyable this time around. Food 111 Logic 3
Link=Resource 165 Cooking 2
Bonus: Food 222 Creativity 1
Bonus: Resources 330 Friends requirement 1
5) Trailblazer
You've done an excellent job finding, identifying, collecting and organizing everything in your immediate surroundings; but there's a lot more to find further afield. To be a truly first-class collector, you're going to have to master traveling around the area you seek to catalog. It's a big island, and there are lots of things to gather. Food 128 Logic 4
Resources 208 Cooking 2
Bonus: Food 156 Creativity 2
Bonus: Resources 166 Friends requirement 2
6) Tree Hugger
Tree hugging has its origins in environmentalism, but the only dangers to the trees here are from the elements, and you can't do much about those. Still, it is nice to have some familiar contact with a living thing. It's even nicer to have some familiar contact with a living thing that can't misinterpret your actions and maul you in self-defense. Trees: faithful friends and safe targets! Food 144 Logic 5
Resources 250 Cooking 3
Bonus: Food 288 Creativity 3
Bonus: Resources 500 Friends requirement 3
7) Herbalist
Do you feel a cold coming on? There's this flower you discovered last week that would be absolutely great for that if you boiled it up as a tea. Got a cut? You know which pollen to use to clot it right up. Feeling lonely? You don't have a remedy for that, but there are still trees you have yet to hug. Food 161 Logic 6
Resources 293 Cooking 4
Bonus: Food 322 Creativity 4
Bonus: Resources 586 Friends requirement 4
8) Naturalist
This certain group of insects pollinates those plants. That animal eats the plants and produces waste. The other group of insects processes the animal's waste to fertilize those plants; and the sun rises now and then so everyone can see what they're doing. You understand how everything fits here, now. Food 177 Logic 7
Resources 335 Cooking 6
Bonus: Food 354 Creativity 5
Bonus: Resources 370 Friends requirement 5
9) Curator
You're confident that your collection of the island's artifacts is as complete as you're going to get for now. Not only have you identified and cataloged all of it, you're ready to restore anything that goes missing. If you find the last leaf of a certain species of tree, you'll have a sapling ready to go and a good idea of where to plant it. Food 194 Logic 7
Resources 378 Cooking 8
Bonus: Food 388 Creativity 6
Bonus: Resources 756 Friends requirement 6
10) Shaman
Nature. Plain. So common. Almost invisible -- until you observe, think and learn. Over time, you have realized that there is so much in the natural world that you will never fully comprehend Felicity Island and your place in it, and that one piece of knowledge has opened you up to even greater understanding. The spirits of the land have revealed themselves to you. Food 210 Logic 9
Resources 420 Cooking 10
Bonus: Food 420 Creativity 7
Bonus: Resources 840 Friends requirement 7

Teen/Elder Promotion Levels[]

Gatherer career.png Gatherer Career Levels
1) Shade Tester
They say that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Just as there is bright, hot sunlight, there is relief in the shade. In a place like Felicity Island, it's probably the most overlooked natural resource. The plants and trees take in sunlight to engage in photosynthesis, transpiration and other big words. But the most important thing is the quality of the shade. Is this shadow better that that shadow? You decide! Food 31 Logic 0
Resources 20 Cooking 0
No Bonus Creativity 0
Friends requirement 0
2) Stone Skipper
Hm. That one didn't do so well. Maybe you should angle the throw just a little bit more. Once this was just a fun way to kill time, but since it became your job you find it endlessly fascinating. Although it may look strange to passers by, you know you're performing a valuable public service. Flat and smooth rocks belong in the ocean, about twenty feet from shore. Otherwise, they're vulnerable to predators and enemy stone skippers. Food 39 Logic 1
Resources 43 Cooking 0
Bonus: Food 78 Creativity 0
Bonus: Resources 86 Friends requirement 0
3) Beach-Comber
The ocean is an endless resource - and so is what it washes up on the shore. Glass bottles, unidentifiable metal parts, driftwood and beached giant squid are just a few of the interesting things you've found. You dream of a really big find one day, like maybe an intact piece of jewelry, or a life vest or a bit of plastic. Until that glorious day, have another seashell, champ! Food 47 Logic 2
Resources 63 Cooking 1
Bonus: Food 94 Creativity 1
Bonus: Resources 126 Friends requirement 0

Orangutan Promotion Levels[]

Gatherer career.png Gatherer Career Levels
1) Trash Flinger
Trash. What is it good for? Throwing around, of course! The aerating effects of hurling garbage through the air make for more efficient burning in the trash pit afterwards. Honest. Would you believe it also makes the fire burn hotter? OK, well, maybe not. But flinging trash is great fun for orangutans, and that's probably reason enough for them to do it. Food 31 Body 0
Resources 20 Logic 0
No Bonus Creativity 0
Friends requirement 0
2) Fruit Hoarder
A lot of wonderfully edible food grows on Felicity Island. The challenge is to collect enough of it to survive on, especially considering that a lot of the best fruit grows high up in the trees. This is where your orangutan friend can really shine, and get some good exercise in the process. You never know when you're going to run out of coconuts! Food 47 Body 0
Resources 62 Logic 3
Bonus: Food 94 Creativity 0
Bonus: Resources 124 Friends requirement 0
3) Tree Sweep
Trees are naturally beautiful and provide the oxygen we all need to survive, but sometimes they can use outside assistance to help them stay looking good and functioning properly. An unsightly accumulation of dust, dirt, small insects and birds' nests can keep a tree from looking and operating at its best. Please, think of the leaves! Food 64 Body 3
Resources 104 Logic 6
Bonus: Food 128 Creativity 0
Bonus: Resources 208 Friends requirement 0
4) Banana Wrangler
If there's any fruit that's more delicious and easier to get than bananas, it certainly isn't growing anywhere on Felicity Island. You're very lucky that your orangutan friends love climbing trees just to pick things and drop them on the ground. They also like to raid your personal food supply after you've gone to sleep, but it's a small price to pay for not always having to scale the trees yourself. Food 80 Body 6
Resources 146 Logic 10
Bonus: Food 160 Creativity 3
Bonus: Resources 252 Friends requirement 0