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A land of fine food and advanced agriculture, Gastrobury's annual Gastro-Fest is attended by those near and wide. The Gastronomican – an ancient book of cooking techniques and recipes – is passed through the ages with care and respect.

Gastrobury is an island known for its fine foods and agriculture, both of which are celebrated in its famous annual festival 'Gastro-Fest.' A notable part of the island's culture is the Gastronomican, an ancient cookbook passed down through the ages.

Gastrobury is inaccessible to the kingdom until a map to it is acquired and an exploration trip by boat is done by a hero. Gastrobury only requires 5 Resource Points to form an allegiance with.


Gastrobury buys fruits and vegetables.


  • Boar Meat or Bear Meat for Sausage
  • 5 Fowl Meat for Sausage
  • 5 Watched Water for Darkstone
  • 5 Unicorn Meat for Mystical Metal Fragment
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