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Good Fluffy! Praise or scold a pet enough times to add a trait.

Pets can learn traits in 2 ways. First, if a pet acts autonomously and chooses its own action, you can choose to praise or scold that behavior as a Sim. Secondly, if you are controlling a pet, choosing an option for the pets reinforces that behavior. This trophy requires a pet to learn a trait using the first method. However, you can choose the option for the pet the first few times, and then praise or scold the behavior to finish the training. For instance, to add the Neat trait to a pet, you can control your pet and have them Pee Outside. After choosing this option 2 or 3 times, wait for your pet to Pee Outside on its own and then praise it for doing so. Eventually, you will get a message saying your pet has learned the Neat trait and this challenge will be completed. The Genius trait and the Fast Learner lifetime reward will cause your pets to learn other traits more quickly.

Personality: I Haz It Train a pet to have 9 traits.

Each pet can be created with 2 traits. This trophy requires you to add 7 more traits through training. This can be difficult as some traits can only be assigned at creation and cannot be learned (such as Loyal and Genius). Additionally, some traits cannot seem to be taught in certain types of pets (large dogs cannot seem to learn Adventurous) and some traits are contradictory, meaning a pet cannot have both at once (Neat and Piggy for example). I recommend creating a pet with two traits that cannot be learned, such as Loyal, Genius, Clueless, or Independent. Then, I have detailed the traits I believe to be the easiest to learn, as well as the best method for teaching them. The Genius trait and the Fast Learner lifetime reward will cause your pets to learn other traits more quickly.

  • Digger/Hunter - Have a Sim teach your pet how to use their respective skill and then have the dog sniff something out or the cat stalk something. Keep adding these to the activity queue until the pet picks up the respective trait.
  • Neat - Click on the ground outside and fill your pet's activity queue with Pee Outside until the trait is learned.
  • Vocal - Have your pet bark or yowl at anything it can. For instance dogs can bark at stereo equipment and refrigerators. Cats can yowl at guitar playing Sims. Fill the activity queue with these actions until the trait is learned.
  • Playful - Buy your pet a toy and have the pet continue to play with that toy. For instance, I purchased the Really Rubber Ball for my dog and filled his queue with the play option until the trait was learned.
  • Hyper - Click on your pet and choose the option to run around. Continue with this until the trait is learned.
  • Non-destructive - Have your pet chew on the chew toy or scratch the scratching post. Fill the action queue with these activities until the trait is learned.
  • Friendly - As your pet, click on another pet and continue to choose the Friendly --> Socialize option until the trait is learned. You may have to divide your socializing among multiple pets as Sims will lose interest in the conversation if you always pick the same social interaction.
  • Adventurous - Note: I was unable to train this trait with dogs. Have your cat jump on tables and counters. Continue to fill the action queue until the trait is learned.

Yoink! With a pet, steal a Sim's clothes who is skinny dipping.

Skinny dipping requires a hot tub. The cheapest hot tub is $6,500 and can be found in the Buy Mode Catalog under Plumbing --> Miscellaneous Plumbing. As an adult Sim, click on the hot tub and choose the skinny dip option (this option will not be available if any young Sims are in the area). Once your Sim enters the hot tub, a clothes pile will appear nearby on the ground. Simply switch to your pet, click on the pile of clothes, and you will have the option to steal them.

Have You Seen This Pet? Find your lost pet.

When a pet becomes extremely upset they are able to run away. One method to get your pet to run away is to detonate a piece of furniture they are sitting on after you have leveled up your Inventing Skill. I had a cat run away because its mood was low and something on the home lot must have upset it. After a pet has run away, your Sims can report the missing pet using their cell phones. Then have your Sims go about their lives around the neighborhood. Eventually you should encounter your lost pet on a community lot. Once you see your lost pet, click on them with your Sim and you will have the option to reclaim them.

It's Genetic Breed a Natural-Born Hunter Cat or Natural-Born Digger dog.

This will require you to own a female cat or female dog, as well as a pet house. While this challenge can be completed with an NPC male pet, I would recommend also using your own male pet. Take your two dogs or two cats and have them socialize until romantic options appear. Continue building their relationship and eventually you can choose Mate With under the romantic options. To ensure that the offspring is either a natural-born hunter or digger, both parents should have the Skilled Hunter lifetime reward if cats (costs 10,000 lifetime happiness points) or the Skilled Digger lifetime reward if dogs (costs 10,000 lifetime happiness points). Keep mating your pets and eventually they will get pregnant. You will be alerted when the female pets goes into labor. Save at this point so that if the offspring does not have the desired trait, you can reload and try again.


Dogzilla vs. Cat-Kong Destroy $10,000 worth of objects with a dog or cat.

This trophy can be obtained easily without costing your Sims any money. There are multiple community lots with expensive statues used to decorate them. Go to City Hall and have your cat or dog either scratch or chew the large statue in front of the building. Wait for your pet to finish and the challenge should unlock. If one time is not enough, leave the area, return and repeat.

Sim's Best Friend Become a BFF with a dog.

Once your Sim has a found a dog, simply interact with it positively until you have almost filled the relationship bar. Good socials for this are Talk To, Feed Treat, Pet, and Rub Belly. Once you build a strong enough relationship, this should unlock. Additionally, if the dog is a member of your household, you will have the option as the dog to click on your Sim and declare him a BFF. This option will typically appear sooner than just by building a relationship and can save you a little time.

Wingman, err... Dog Fetch a date

This trophy will require a dog with a digging skill of at least level 5, allowing the dog the option to go fetch things. Travel to a community lot with your dog and ensure there are other Sims in the area. Then, as the Sim click on your dog and choose Digging --> Go Fetch --> Date. If your dog is unsuccessful at first, simply try again.

Where'd You Get That!? Fetch something worth at least $2,000 with a dog.

This trophy will require a dog with the Awesome at Fetch lifetime reward (costs 2,500 lifetime happiness points). Once you have purchased this reward for your dog, click on the ground (as your dog,) and choose Digging --> Go Fetch Something Awesome. Your dog will leave momentarily, returning shortly with an expensive item and completing this challenge.

Sit! Play Dead! Earn more than $1,000 during a trick exhibition.

First, you must teach your dog a trick. Click on your dog as a Sim and choose Pet Tricks --> Teach To Sit, followed by Pet Tricks --> Teach Sit Up. Once your dog has learned these two tricks, you will have the option Pet Tricks --> Put On Trick Exhibition. For this trophy, I recommend continuing to teach your dog all of the available tricks (the last one will be Play Dead). Then, go to a crowded area, such as the Central Park and perform your trick show. As you perform, Sims will come and throw money into a nearby bowl, each depositing roughly $80-$150. Keep track of how much money is in the bowl and end the show after you have reached $1,000.

Do Not Want! Successfully bathe your cat.

This trophy can be tricky as whether your cat will cooperate in being bathed seems rather unpredictable. My Sim who was BFFs with the cat was unable to do so while his wife who had a neutral relationship was able to successfully bathe the cat on the first try. I would recommend creating a new family with a cat and immediately trying to bathe it and reloading if unsuccessful. Alternatively, using an existing family, save and then adopt a cat and try to bathe it immediately. If unsuccessful, reload and try again. 

Smooth Criminal Steal something worth at least $2,000 with a cat.

This requires a cat with the Cat Burglar lifetime reward (costs 5,000 lifetime happiness points). This allows the cat to click on a lot and choose to "Swipe Something" up to 3 times a day. It should be noted that the cat will not perform the action if there are Sims around to see, so it is best to perform this action late at night when Sims aren't around.  I unlocked this challenge by sending my cat to the Black Cat Beach community lot north of Central Park and City Hall. This lot has a statue of a fisherman holding a lantern and this statue should be your target. The only issue is that what your cat swipes seems to be random. I allowed my cat to steal two random items first and then placed him near the statue and cancelled the steal action if I saw him moving to swipe a different object. Eventually the cat will steal the statue and you will earn this trophy.

Cat-A-Kinesis Use a telekinetic cat to make a Sim fix a meal from the fridge.

To obtain this trophy, you first need to complete the Hunting Skill milestone Never Beg Again! which requires your cat to capture 25 human Sim ghosts. Capturing ghosts requires at least a level 7 in the Hunting Skill. There are a few different methods of obtaining these ghosts. Each night, there will be multiple hauntings around town and after capturing enough spirits at these hauntings, and ghosts will begin appearing as well. Using the Ghostify power, you can convert an individual Sim to a ghost and capture him or her. See  Bad Neighbor for more details. The Ghost Invasion karma power will spawn about 3 ghosts for your cat to capture. See What Ghosts? for more details. Finally, you will also encounter ghosts while you are pursuing the Just Nine Lives to Live mystery quest.  Once this skill milestone has been completed, simply click on any Sim as your cat and choose to command them to make a meal. 

Mass Hysteria Have a dog and a cat become best friends. While not necessary, this can be achieved slightly faster if both a dog and cat are in your household. If this isn't the case, having one or the other will suffice. Once a dog and a cat have been identified simply have them interact socially, choosing positive social actions, such as Sniff and Socialize. Continue this until their relationship bar is high enough to reach BFF status. The Friendly trait and Get Lucky karma power will speed up the relationship building process.

Is This... Okay? Make a Sim transmogrified from a cat and a Sim transmogrified from a dog become a couple.

This will require you to have unlocked the Transmogrify karma reward. Transmogrify is a Tier 5 power, meaning you must unlock and pick 12 other karma rewards before it is available for selection.  Using a household with a cat and a dog, use transmogrify on both animals to turn them into human Sims. Then, build the relationship between the two Sims until the romantic options become available. Eventually, you will receive the option to Propose Going Steady and this will make the Sims a couple. The Get Lucky karma power will speed up this process considerably.

Must Love Pets {C} Promise and complete a pet-related Lifetime Wish. 

Listed below are all of the pet-related Lifetime Wishes:

  • Pack Leader -
    • Have 10 pet best friends over your lifetime.
  • Beast Master -
    • Own a dog with level 10 Digging skill and a cat with level 10 Hunting skill.
    • Perform a trick exhibition with a dog you own.
  • Pet Whisperer -
    • Train 20 pet traits by praising and scolding pets.
  • Pet Matriarch -
    • Raise 4 pets from birth to elder.

I personally found Beast Master to be easiest to accomplish. Create a household with a Sim, a cat, and a dog and have the cat and dog hunt and dig respectively until they reach level 10. You can speed up skill progression for your pets with the Fast Learner and Skilled Digger/Hunter lifetime rewards, the Genius and Digger/Hunter traits, and the Stroke of Genius karma power. Finally, teach your dog two tricks and then perform a trick exhibition as detailed in Sit! Play Dead!  If seeking Pack Leader, I would suggest creating a household with one Sim who has the Friendly and Animal Lover traits and 5 pets with the Friendly trait. Build the Sim's relationships with the household pets and then wander around town and find 5 more animals to befriend.  If seeking Pet Whisperer, I would suggest creating a household with one Sim who has the Friendly and Animal Lover traits and 5 pets with the Genius trait. Then follow the process detailed in Good Fluffy! and Personality: I Haz It to make your pets learn traits. If seeking Pet Matriarch, you will need to breed your own pets and raise them until they age into elders. This will likely take two generations of pets as each household can only hold a total of 6 Sims and pets. Go to options and set the Pet Lifespan to Brief in order to speed up the process.

From the Ground Up Build your house from the ground up by replacing your property with an empty lot.

While playing any Sim household, go to Town Map and go to your current home. Select Interact --> Replace House. Continue through this process and choose the Empty Legacy lot (the first option). Switch back to Live Mode and the challenge and trophy requirements will be completed.

Mansion Builder Build a house with 5 stories and an unfurnished value of at least $100,000.

From the main menu, choose to start a new game. Rather than creating a family, opt to choose an existing family. Select the Gilman household in the upper right-hand corner of the map. This family starts out with enough funds to accomplish this challenge. Simply go to Buy/Build mode, add a few staircases to reach 5 stories and then buy the most expensive fireplace (found in Build --> Decorative --> Fireplaces) enough times to push the unfurnished house value to over $100,000. Then, switch back to Live Mode and the challenge and trophy requirements will be completed.

Overqualified Go to work with 4 career performance requirements at Outstanding. The description for this trophy is a little misleading. All 4 performance requirements do not have to be at Outstanding when you first go to work. My Sim earned this challenge as the work day ended.  Each Sim career will have a number of performance requirements, which include mood, skill level requirements, relationship status with your boss and/or co-workers, and miscellaneous other activities, such as filing reports or holding meetings. Low level careers will only have one or two performance requirements, but as you climb the ladder and earn promotions, more requirements will be added to your Sim's job panel. Once your career has 4 performance categories, bring them all up to the highest level and this challenge will unlock.  NOTE: Occasionally, a Sim will actually have less performance requirements as they are promoted. For instance, at the top of the Business career, you no longer have a boss and the boss relationship requirement disappears, bringing you down to 3 job requirements. Additionally, the Medical career only ever has 3 requirements.

You Da Boss Reach level 10 of a career. 

There are 10 different careers from which your Sims can choose. They are listed below along with their performance requirements. Note that not all requirements appear initially but will show up as you are promoted. Additionally, a few careers (Criminal, Law Enforcement, Music) branch into 2 options and each option will have slightly different requirements.

  • Business: Mood, Boss Relationship, Coworker Relationships, Meetings Held
  • Criminal: Mood, Athletic Skill, Accomplice Relationships, Boss Relationship (Evil branch), Logic Skill (Evil branch)
  • Culinary: Mood, Culinary Skill, Boss Relationship, Coworker Relationship
  • Journalism: Mood, Writing Skill, Stories Written, Charisma Skill
  • Law Enforcement: Mood, Logic Skill, Partner Relationship, Reports Written, Painting Skill (Forensics branch), Athletic Skill (Special Agent branch)
  • Medical: Mood, Logic Skill, Research Read
  • Military: Mood, Athletic Skill, Handiness Skill, Boss Relationship
  • Music: Mood, Guitar Skill, Band Member Relationships, Performances (Rock branch), Orchestra Member Relationships (Symphonic branch), Logic Skill (Symphonic branch)
  • Political: Mood, Charisma Skill, Boss Relationship, Funding Donated
  • Professional Sports: Mood, Athletic Skill, Teammate Relationships, Game Record
  • Science: Mood, Gardening Skill, Handiness Skill, Fishing Skill

I personally found the Business Career to be easiest. It doesn't require any skills and Co-worker and Boss relations as well as Meetings can be worked on while at work. While your Sim is at work, hit {C} to pull up the action queue and then {C} to specify how you want your Sim to focus their time while at the office. This career track allows your Sim to focus all of their time outside of work on other tasks. 

Employee Benefits Become a romantic interest of your boss.

Have your Sim enter one of the 10 career tracks around town. Once hired, the Sim's boss will be added to their relationship panel. Either by phone, at work or in person, socialize with the Sim's boss to build up their relationship meter. Once your relationship is high enough, invite the Sim's boss over and begin selecting romantic socials, such as Flirt and Amorous Hug. Continue doing so until your relationship status changes to Romantic Interest. It should be noted that many in game bosses already have spouses and will require a higher relationship with your Sim to become unfaithful. The Friendly, Charismatic, and Flirty traits will speed up this process, as will the Attractive lifetime reward and Get Lucky karma power. 

Maid-out Make out with the maid.

You must first hire a maid by having a Sim use their cell phone and select Call For Services. When the maid arrives, a Sim can click on her and select Hang Out, which causes her to stop working and opens her up for more extensive socialization. Use friendly and then romantic social interactions to build the relationship meeting between your Sim and the maid. Eventually, after your Sim has engaged her in enough romantic interaction, the text in the bottom left corner of the screen next to the relationship bar will say that the maid thinks your Sim is being very alluring and the Make Out option will be available in the Romantic category. The Friendly, Charismatic, and Flirty traits will speed up this process, as will the Attractive lifetime reward and Get Lucky karma power. 

TMI Have your Sim kiss their brother's/sister's best friend. 

Create a new household of 3 Sims. Make 2 of the Sims siblings and leave the third as an unrelated roommate. Move the family into a house and have one sibling interact with the unrelated Sim until they become Best Friends. Then, have the second sibling interact with the unrelated Sim until they are able to kiss. The Friendly, Charismatic, and Flirty traits will speed up this process, as will the Attractive lifetime reward and Get Lucky karma power.

Bad Neighbor Target your neighbor with the Ghostify Power, then catch them with a cat or Ghost Zapper. This will require you to have unlocked the Ghostify karma power. Ghostify is a Tier 6 power, meaning you must unlock and pick 15 other karma rewards before it is available for selection. You will also need either a cat capable of capturing ghosts (requires Hunting Skill Level 7) or a Ghost Zapper made by a Sim using the Invention Bench (requires Invention Skill Level 4).  Visit a neighbor's household and use the Ghostify power on one of the neighbor Sims. Then, using either your cat or the ghost zapper, click on the ghost and choose to capture it. 

Family Feud  Activate the Cry Havoc karma power during a wedding party.

This will require you to have unlocked the Cry Havoc karma power. Cry Havoc is a Tier 8 power, meaning you must unlock and pick 21 other karma rewards before it is available for selection.  You will also need a Sim couple that is engaged, this can be done by creating a new family or by having one of your current Sims propose. Once the Sim is engaged, choose to throw a party with the cell phone and select Wedding as the type of party. Then have your engaged Sims go about their vows and exchange rings and immediately after, activate the Cry Havoc power. The challenge unlocked for me when the party ended. 

What Ghosts? Catch every ghost spawned by the Ghost Invasion karma power before it ends.

This will require you to have unlocked the Ghost Invasion karma power. Ghost Invasion is a Tier 11 power, meaning you must unlock and pick 30 other karma rewards before it is available for selection. You will also need either a cat capable of capturing ghosts (requires Hunting Skill Level 7) or a Ghost Zapper made by a Sim using the Invention Bench (requires Invention Skill Level 4).  Either on your lot or on a community lot choose to activate the Ghost Invasion karma power. NOTE: This power is only usable during certain parts of the day and cannot be activated at night. This power will typically spawn about 3 ghosts to the current lot. Using your cat or the ghost zapper, capture each ghost. Keep track of where the remaining ghosts move to as you capture each one, so that you do not lose any. Simply capture all of them before the karma power's time expires and the challenge will unlock. The Brave trait will reduce the chance of any Sim using the ghost zapper being distracted and scared of the ghosts.

Flirting with Disaster Escape a karmic backlash by quickly balancing the meter after dropping below -50.

The easiest method for obtaining this trophy has been previously posted by user  DeadlineGemini here.


Originally Posted by DeadlineGemini {C}

This trophy is automatically rewarded upon unlocking the eleventh tier karma power "No Backlash (Karmic Adjustment)".

This trophy will automatically unlock if you purchase the karma reward No Backlash. No Backlash is a Tier 11 reward, meaning you must unlock and pick 30 other karma rewards before it is available for selection. This reward eliminates the negative portion of the Karma Meter.

Sunken Treasure Find a special plant while fishing.

While fishing with your Sim, there is a random chance that the Sim will reel in a small treasure box with a special seed inside. While you can't control when this item will be received, you can increase your chances by increasing your Fishing skill and by using the Lucky Find karma power.

Leet Skillz Complete any 10 Skill Journal Milestones. Each skill has a variety of milestone challenges that are associated with it. Progress for each is on an individual Sim basis. These can be viewed by hitting {C} to bring up the detailed Sim menu, shifting to the skill panel and opening the skill journal.  Below I have included what I found to be some of the easier milestones to complete. Hunting and Digging milestones for cats and dogs count for this trophy and I found them to be very easy to complete. They all involve finding specific types of collectibles, and once each skill is maxed out, you can specify what type of collectible you want your pet to search for. Additionally, the Charisma challenges are relatively easy because family members also count as acquaintances, friends, and BFFs and the rewards associated with each milestone make it easier to make friends and complete the others.

  • Charisma - Celebrity: Be acquaintances with 25 different Sims.
  • Charisma - Super Friendly: Have 20 friends.
  • Charisma - Everybody's Best Friend: Have 10 best friends.
  • Cooking - Menu Maven: Learn every food recipe.
  • Writing - Specialist Writer: Complete 5 novels in the same genre.
  • Inventing - Widget Wonder: Create 30 widgets.
  • Digging - Gem Finder: Find 50 gems.
  • Digging - Metal Finder: Find 50 metals.
  • Digging - Seed Finder: Find 50 seeds.
  • Digging - Beetle Finder: Find 25 beetles.
  • Digging - Rock Finder: Find 25 space rocks.
  • Hunting - Creeping and Crawling: Capture 25 beetles.
  • Hunting - Spider Stalker: Capture 25 spiders.
  • Hunting - Moving Without Moving: Capture 50 spirits.
  • Hunting - That Personal Touch: Capture 10 ghosts.
  • Hunting - Love and Adoration on Demand: Capture 15 ghosts.
  • Hunting - Never Beg Again! Capture 25 ghosts.

Don't Fear the Reaper Scare the reaper. The first step to this trophy is to make the Grim Reaper appear on your lot, meaning a Sim has to die. You will want a Sim with the Daredevil, Evil, and Insane traits. You can either create a new Sim or use the Midlife Crisis lifetime reward to assign these traits. Additionally, you will want to have a chess board on your lot. The method I found easiest was to invite a neighbor Sim to my home and activate the Meteor Strike power on top of that Sim. This power causes a gigantic space rock to fall from the sky crushing any nearby Sims. I recommend saving before activating the power as the behavior of Grim can be a tad unpredictable and if things don't go as planned, you can just try again. When the dead Sim's ghost appears and pleads with the Reaper, click on Grim and you should have the option to play a game of chess for the life of the Sim in question. While the chess game is occurring, have another Sim turn on a radio or TV and invite Grim to join in dancing or watching. After the game, Grim should stick around to participate in these activities, at which point your Daredevil Sim should be able to choose the social option Mean --> Scare. 

No Fate But What We Make Send a Simbot back in time.

This will require a time machine and a Simbot, which you must have a level 10 in the Invention skill to create. Once you reach level 10 in Inventing, you will eventually receive a series of invention skill opportunities. They will involve bringing 1 unit of palladium, 10 life fruit or life fruit seeds, a heart-shaped cut pink diamond, and 100 pieces of scrap to the Science Facility. With the exception of the scrap, all of these materials can be found by a dog with a level 10 Digging skill. The Science Facility will then give you an item you can take to the Invention Bench in order to make a Simbot. NOTE: You will also need room in your household as a Simbot is a playable Sim. Once you have constructed a time machine and a Simbot, control the Simbot, click on the time machine and select Travel To The --> Past.

Indubitably! Complete each of the mystery chapters.

The Sims 3: Pets features 5 mysteries, which are stories around town that require you to complete a variety of tasks. In order to access the mysteries, one of your Sims must first travel to City Hall and choose the option Register As Mysteriologist. You can then hit {C} and scroll to Mystery Journal to select and begin a mystery. The 5 mysteries are named below and walkthroughs can be found in the cited trophies. If you are ever unsure what to do next in a mystery, look for the magnifying glass icon on the Town Map. Once all 5 mysteries have been investigated to completion, the trophy will unlock.

  • The Pirate Treasure - See The Missing Link
  • The Dog Days of Summer - See Search and Rescue
  • Just Nine Lives to Live - See A Punishable Offense
  • Necessity is the mother of invention - See Great Scott!
  • The Socialite Club - See Don't Talk About Socialite Club

Zombie Bears, Oh My! Avoid the zombie bears to find the pirate ship's log.

See  The Missing Link.

The Missing Link Discover the lost pirate ship anchor.

The Pirate Treasure Mystery

  • Dig at Seastone Terrace park until you find relic and journal.
  • Translate journal on computer (requires Logic level 2)
  • Dig for cache at central park
  • Fish for items in central park
  • Ask townsfolk about Samuel Gilman
  • Investigate the gravestone of Samuel Gilman (examine each gravestone)
  • Ask crypt keeper about Samuel Gilman (after 11pm)
  • Search catacombs
  • Zombie Bears, Oh My! unlocks
  • Search bookshelves at library
  • Search junk pile at Captain’s Refuge park
  • Ask around town about other artifacts
  • Befriend Random Sim and ask about artifacts
  • Explore Town Hall basement after 10pm
  • Visit the Coastal Cave and discover the ship anchor next to cave entrance
  • The Missing Link unlocks
  • Purchase book "A Guide to the Caves of the Coast"
  • Select book and choose to Search for Clues
  • Explore the Coastal Cave with a pet
  • Visit City Hall for reward

Doggie Duties Deal with the feline in the Dog Days of Summer mystery.

See Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue Explore the Abandoned Mine in search of Timmy. The Dog Days of Summer Mystery

  • Using dog, go to Kitty Corner park and Sniff Ground.
  • Find and fight Random Cat.
  • Doggie Duties unlocks
  • Beg Sims for food until you get something good.
  • Learn and perform 2 tricks.
  • Catch up on dog gossip with NPC dogs around town.
  • Go to Barracuda Bay Swimming Center and swim in pool to search for Timmy
  • Dig through junk piles to find Timmy
  • Dig in multiple places to find a spot to bury rotten food
  • Search for Timmy at Goldbeard's School for the Adroit
  • Visit Augustus Memorial Park and sniff ground.
  • Explore the Abandoned Silver Mine.
  • Search and Rescue unlocks
  • Bark at a Sim.
  • Find the Wise One by sniffing random dogs.
  • Pee inside your house.
  • Have Sim take dog for a walk to the Abandoned Silver Mine
  • Have Sim call fire department
  • Visit City Hall for reward

A Punishable Offense Punish the Sims for their crumb-filled, sub-standard furniture.  Just Nine Lives to Live Mystery

  • Hunt down bug
  • Tackle Random Sim
  • Sit on multiple surfaces at home
  • Lie on neighbors' couches
  • Scratch a few pieces of furniture
  • A Punishable Offense unlocks
  • Ask cats around town best place to nap
  • Search for Mr. Snugglywhiskers in the lighthouse
  • Use Hunting to catch 3 spiders
  • Use Hunting to catch 3 lizards
  • Bring lizards to Mr. Snugglywhiskers
  • Investigate Goth Manor
  • Hide under sofa at home
  • Catch some spirits around town
  • Catch some ghosts around town
  • Capture all ghosts at Goth Manor
  • Nap on world's most comfy couch

Great Scott! Create a flux combobulator.  Necessity is the mother of invention Mystery

  • Go to Max Dalton Maritime Museum and examine painting of coal mine
  • Befriend Random Sim and ask about painting
  • Search for book using computer (requires Logic level 2)
  • Read book on computer
  • Create a positronic lens at Invention Bench (requires Invention level 2)
  • Return to Museum and reexamine painting with lens
  • Use computer to find blueprints (requires Logic level 3)
  • Create a flux combobulator at Invention Bench (requires Invention level 4)
  • Great Scott! unlocks
  • Capture a Ghost and use it to power the flux combobulator
  • Build a time machine (requires Invention level 8)
  • Use time machine to investigate incident
  • Return to Museum and reexamine painting.
  • Go back in time to paint picture (requires Painting level 2)
  • Go back in time to write book (requires Writing level 1)
  • Email museum curator

Don't Talk About Socialite Club Get the attention of the Socialite Club.  The Socialite Club Mystery

  • Ask multiple Sims around town about Socialite Club
  • Talk to Random Sim about Socialite Club (requires Charisma level 2)
  • Get to know and invite over Random Sim
  • Practice speaking in front of a mirror
  • Throw a party
  • Don't Talk About Socialite Club unlocks
  • Dance at the party
  • Deliver the 3 group servings of autumn salad to bookstore between 8am and 8pm.
  • Purchase "Physics, Darts & You: The 180 Throwing Guide" from bookstore
  • Select book and search for clues.
  • Win a darts game.
  • Discuss winning dart strategy with Random Sim
  • Search a newspaper for gossip
  • Search neighbors' trash cans for gossip
  • Confront Random Sim with scandalous evidence

K9 Cop Complete each of the K9 Cop scenario Challenges.

The K9 Cop trophy consists of 3 sub-challenges:

Dynamic Duo: Create a household consisting of one Sim with the brave trait and Forensic Specialist - DNA Profiler Lifetime Wish, and a dog with the loyal trait.

Simply follow the explanation and create a new family from the main menu. This challenge will unlock once you move the family into a house.

Paw Enforcement: Reach level 3 in the Police dog part-time job.

As your dog, click on the Police Station and choose to start a part-time job. Dogs only work twice a week so this challenge may take some time to accomplish, but simply continue sending your dog to work in a good mood. 

Timmy's in Trouble!: Save a Sim from a fire with a loyal dog.

Do not try this with a Brave Sim as they will try and put out the fire themselves. Have a Sim start cooking a meal on the oven and then cancel the action while cooking. Have the Sim hang out next to the oven and eventually the untended food will start a fire. Your dog will likely run around initially but should then run back inside to escort your Sim to safety.

Cat-astrophe Complete each of the Cat-astrophe scenario Challenges.

The Cat-astrophe trophy consists of 4 sub-challenges:

Cat Fight: Declare the social services worker a nemesis.

The social worker appears to drop off adopted pets. Adopt a pet and attempt to click on the Social Worker when he arrives. You will not be able to interact but this will add him or her to your relationship panel. After the Social Worker leaves, use your cell phone to chat with them and then invite him or her over. Use Mean socials until you are able to choose the Declare Nemesis option.

Cat Herding: Use cats to hunt and catch 5 creatures in one Sim hour.

If a cat has a high enough Hunting skill, it is entirely possible to accomplish this with one cat. However, this can be sped up if you use a family with multiple cats who have learned how to hunt.

Crazy Cat Lady: Create a household consisting of one female Sim with the insane and cat person traits with 5 cats.

Simply follow the explanation and create a new family from the main menu. This challenge will unlock once you move the family into a house.

Fur Friends: Have a Sim with 5 feline best friends.

Using the same household from Crazy Cat Lady, have that female Sim socialize and become BFFs with her cats. This will go faster if you choose the Friendly trait for her and each cat during Create A Sim.

Curator's Best Friend Complete each of the relic collection Challenges.

The Curator's Best Friend trophy consists of 5 sub-challenges:

Lucky Dogs: Collect all 4 dog relics to complete Lucky Dogs.

Octo Avis: Collect all 8 bird relics to complete Octo Avis.

Stirling's Unicorns: Collect all 4 unicorn relics to complete Stirling's Unicorns.

The Whiskerton Plumbob: Collect the Whiskerton Plumbob relic.

Twenty-Seven Lives: Collect all 3 cat relics to complete Twenty-Seven Lives.

All of these relics are randomly found by dogs while performing the Sniff Something Out action. To speed up the process, you can use multiple dogs and the Lucky Find karma power. The only exception is 1 of the 8 Octo Avis relics. This is found as part of The Pirate Treasure mystery.

Leonardo Reborn Complete each of the Leonardo Reborn Sub-Challenges.

The Leonardo Reborn trophy consists of 4 sub-challenges:

Arc Light Generator: Create a complex invention using Palladium. 

To raise your Inventing skill and discover new inventions, you use the Invent action through the workbench. Eventually, your Sim will discover how to make a complex invention instead of a widget or toy. Choose to make a complex invention at the workbench and you can select what metal you would like to use. If you do not have any palladium, have a dog sniff out metal until it finds some.

It's Alive!: Create a SimBot. See No Fate But What We Make

Power of Heart: Recharge an invention with a Heart-cut gem.

Choose any uncut gem from your inventory and select a Heart-cut for it. Your Sim will place it in the mailbox and it should return within a day. Open your inventory, choose an invention to add charges to, and select your Heart-cut gem.

Self-Sustaining: Recharge a Ghost Zapper with a ghost. 

Invent a Ghost Zapper at the workbench (requires Inventing level 4). Go to a haunting at night and capture a ghost. Select the Ghost Zapper from your Sim's inventory, choose to add charges, and select a spirit.

Exhibitionist Complete each of the exhibitionist Challenges.

The Exhibitionist trophy consists of 6 sub-challenges:

Can't Wait Till Tomorrow: Woohoo in the future.

This requires a time machine, which can be constructed at the Workbench with an Invention skill of level 8. With your Sim and their romantic partner on the same lot, select the time machine and choose Woohoo In The --> Future.

Hot: Woohoo in a hot tub.

This requires a hot tub. The cheapest hot tub is $6,500 and can be found in the Buy Mode Catalog under Plumbing --> Miscellaneous Plumbing. Have your Sim and their romantic partner enter the hot tub, cuddle, and then choose to Woohoo.

Wake the Dead: Woohoo in the Mausoleum.

Click on the Mausoleum at the Gilman Hill Graveyard and choose Tour Mausoleum With... selecting your Sim's romantic partner. Once both Sims are inside, click on the building and select Woohoo in Mausoleum.

Woohoo Backstage: Woohoo in the Theatre.

Click on the Theatre and choose Tour Theatre With... selecting your Sim's romantic partner. Once both Sims are inside, click on the building and select Woohoo Backstage.

Woohoo in the House: Woohoo in City Hall.

Click on City Hall and choose Tour City Hall With... selecting your Sim's romantic partner. Once both Sims are inside, click on the building and select Woohoo In Judge's Chambers.

Woohoo'ed: Woohoo in the past.

This requires a time machine, which can be constructed at the Workbench with an Invention skill of level 8. With your Sim and their romantic partner on the same lot, select the time machine and choose Woohoo In The --> Past.

Explorer Complete each of the explorer Challenges.

The Explorer trophy consists of 5 sub-challenges:

Abandoned Mine: Explore the Abandoned Mine.

From the Town Map, select Abandoned Silver Mine and choose Explore Mine.

Beach Cave: Explore the Beach Cave.

From the Town Map, select Coastal Cave and choose Explore Coastal Cave.

Lighthouse: Explore the Lighthouse.

From the Town Map, select Rock's Edge Lighthouse and choose Explore Lighthouse.

Lost Knowledge: Find and read a book lost in the depths of Sugar Maple Coast. 

In the course of exploring the four locations involved in this challenge group, your Sims will find various objects including books. This challenge is a little tricky because not every book you find will complete this challenge. People have reported completing the challenge after reading different books but the book that worked for me was "I, Timaeus" so if you find this book in your inventory, try reading it. 

Mausoleum: Explore the Mausoleum at night.

At night, click on the Gilman Hill Graveyard in the Town Map and choose to Explore Catacombs.

Dancing Fiend Complete each of the dancing Challenges. 

The Dancing Fiend trophy consists of 4 sub-challenges:

Dance of the Dead: Dance after becoming a ghost.

To get a playable ghost, I would suggest using the Ghostify karma power on one of your Sims. As this Sim, click on a stereo and choose to dance.

Dancing with Death: Dance with the reaper.

See Don't Fear the Reaper for how to interact with the Grim Reaper. Using an Evil, Insane, and Daredevil Sim, invite Grim to dance. While you are both dancing, click on Grim again and choose Dance Together. NOTE: I only had the dance together option available when using an Evil Sim.

Do the Robot: Make a Simbot dance!

See No Fate But What We Make for how to create a Simbot. After creating a Simbot, using that Simbot click on any stereo and choose to dance.

Move Your Body: Become an expert dancer - practice, practice, practice!

As any Sim, go to a stereo and choose to dance alone. Leave your Sim dancing for long enough and after a few Sim hours, this challenge will unlock.

I'd Rather Be Fishing Complete each of the fishing Challenges.

The I'd Rather Be Fishing trophy consists of 4 sub-challenges:

Hook, Line, and Sinker: Use bait to catch a fish.

You must be at least level 3 in the Fishing skill to use bait. Simply click on the water, choose to fish with bait and then select what bait you would like to use.

Know Your Fish: Learn how to catch every type of fish.

This requires you to learn what type of bait each fish prefers. This can be achieved by experimenting but it is easier to read the fishing books sold by the bookstore. There are 9 fishing books for sale at the bookstore (located in the tab marked with a fishing hook). Buy and read all of them. 

One Stop Shop: Visit the Duck-In Bait Shop by the pier.

From the Town Map, visit Hawthorne Pier. The Bait Shop is a small shack located on the west side of the pier. Simply enter and exit the shop, you do not need to make a purchase.

Secrets of the Sea: Read a book on Fishing.

This will be completed while working on Know Your Fish.

The Parent Challenge Complete each of the parenting Challenges.

The Parent Challenge trophy consists of 9 sub-challenges:

Bedtime Stories: Buy a children's book from the bookstore.

Visit the bookstore and purchase any book under the tab marked with a pacifier.

Child Chef: Make a muffin with the Rip Co. Little Baker Oven.

The toy oven can be found in Buy Mode --> Kids --> Toys. As a child, use the oven to bake a muffin.

Don't Forget The Cake!: Throw a birthday party for a child.

Use a cell phone to throw a party and select birthday under party type. Purchase a birthday cake (Buy Mode --> Entertainment --> Parties) and make sure that the child Sim blows out the candles during the party. This challenge will unlock when the party ends.

Early Reader: Read a children's book to a toddler.

Select the book purchased for bedtime stories and choose the option to read to your toddler.

Happy Childhood: See your child age up well from a child to teen. 

For a child to age up well, the Sim must be receiving good grades at school. To get good grades, do homework every night and send the Sim to school in a good mood. Once your Sim's grades are high enough, you can purchase a birthday cake (Buy Mode --> Entertainment --> Parties) and age the child to a teen early.

On a Roll: Make the Honor Roll. 

For a child or teen Sim to make the Honor Roll, their grades must remain in the A range for approximately 3 days. To maintain grades, do homework every night and send the Sim to school in a good mood.

Rock-a-bye: Buy a crib.

The various cribs are found in Buy Mode --> Kids --> Furniture.

They Grow Up So Fast...: See your child age up well from toddler to child.

For a toddler to age up well, they need to learn how to walk and talk and be potty trained. Any teenage Sim or higher can interact with the toddler and teach them to walk and talk. Potty training requires the purchase of the Potty Chair (Buy Mode --> Kids --> Furniture). Once these 3 skills have been learned, you can purchase a birthday cake (Buy Mode --> Entertainment --> Parties) and age the toddler to a child early.

Tutor: Help a child or teen with their homework.

Children and teen Sims receive homework after every day of school. From the Sim's inventory select the homework and choose to ask for help from an older Sim.

All You Need Complete each of the love and romance Challenges.

The All You Need trophy consists of 5 sub-challenges:

Childhood Sweethearts: Begin a romantic relationship between 2 teen Sims that were Best Friends as children.

Create a new household consisting of 2 unrelated adult Sims, each with one child. Have these children socialize until they become best friends and then purchase two birthday cakes (Buy Mode --> Entertainment --> Parties) and have both age up into teenagers. The game makes it a little tricky for best friends to enter into a romantic relationship. When interacting initially, these two Sims will only have the very base romantic social options and the BFF relationship will trump the romantic one, not allowing for any stronger socials. The best way I have found around this is to use the Get Lucky karma power. Once activated, this power will allow the romantic relationship to progress, giving you access to the First Kiss and Propose Going Steady interactions.

It's Official: Become the boyfriend or girlfriend of another Sim.

This will be completed with Childhood Sweethearts.

The Big Proposal: Get engaged.

Build the relationship between two Sims using friendly and romantic social options. Once the relationship bar is high enough and the Sims have become Romantic Interests, the option to Propose will appear. The Get Lucky karma power will speed up this process, as will the Friendly, Charismatic, and Flirty traits. 

Tie The Knot: Have an awesome wedding with at least 6 guests.

For this challenge, purchase the Legendary Host lifetime reward (cost 5,000 lifetime happiness points) for your engaged Sim. This will ensure that all of the guests the Sim invites attend the Wedding Party and that they all have a good time. Now simply use the cell phone to throw a wedding party and invite 6 or more Sims. Ensure the couple uses the Get Married interaction during the party and when the last guest leaves this challenge will unlock.

You Never Forget Your First: Have a first kiss. 

This can be completed while doing Childhood Sweethearts. While building up to Propose Going Steady, select First Kiss.

It's Good to be a Sim Complete each of the Sim happiness Challenges.

The It's Good to be a Sim trophy consists of 6 sub-challenges:

Child Prodigy: Complete a Lifetime Wish before becoming a Young Adult.

The best Lifetime Wishes for this challenge are the ones such as Perfect Mind, Perfect Body or Illustrious Writer which require a Sim to max out 2 skills. You can begin working on skill building when your Sim is a child and a teenage Sim you've raised from birth should be able to max out 2 skills very early on. If these Lifetime Wishes aren't appearing for you to select, use the Change Lifetime Wish lifetime reward (costs 10,000 lifetime happiness points). The Fast Learner lifetime reward (cost 15,000 lifetime happiness points), the Stroke of Genius karma power, and the corresponding traits (Athletic --> Athletic skill, Artistic --> Painting skill, Genius --> Logic skill, etc.) will speed up the rate at which your Sim learns the required skills.

Happiness... It Stacks: Get 10 positive moodlets at the same time on one Sim.

The trick to this is to get positive moodlets that will last for longer periods of time. This typically comes from bathing in higher quality showers, sleeping in higher quality beds, eating higher quality foods, etc. This will help moodlets last longer. Then you can begin adding smaller moodlets to your Sim to reach 10. Send them to the Day Spa for a treatment, to the Theatre to see a movie, or the Stadium to see a game. Sims receive a moodlet for brushing their teeth at the sink. Have music playing in the room the Sim is in and have the Sim be sitting on a nice piece of furniture for the Comfy moodlet. If you need more moodlets, you can activate a positive karma power on that Sim. 

Miracle Worker: Complete 500 wishes. 

This should come naturally as you play the game and earn the other trophies as you will need to be fulfilling wishes to gain karma, lifetime happiness points, and to keep your Sims happy in general.

Sit Back and Relax: Get a spa treatment at the day spa.

With any of your Sims, select the Day Spa from the Town Map and choose any spa treatment you want. The more expensive treatments will give your Sims stronger positive moodlets and will last longer than the cheaper treatments.

True Wealth: Gain 150,000 lifetime happiness on one Sim.

Simply continue playing with one Sim household completing challenges, fulfilling wishes, and earning trophies and eventually you will accomplish this challenge. Fulfilling a Sim's lifetime wish will help with this challenge quite a bit. You are allowed to spend your happiness points on rewards, this challenge keeps track of the total amount you've earned not how much you currently have.

Ultimate Wish: Complete a non-Lifetime-Wish worth 7,500 Lifetime Happiness Points or more.

When your Sim is close to the top of their career, they will typically get the wish to reach level 10 in their given career and this will be worth more than 7,500 points. Even if this is also their Lifetime Wish, you can promise this new wish as well and it will count for the challenge.

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