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Mosaic-Blur Removal
Never nude sim shower swimwear.jpg
With a mosaic-blur removing mod you can see Never Nude Sims take a shower in their swimwear.

Mosaic-Blur Removal is the general term covering mods which remove the censoring blur in Sims games.

The Sims[]

Removing the blurred pixels from the Sim in the first game was relatively simple and there was no need for a mod to do this. To remove the pixels, enable the move_objects on cheat and move a Sim away from a bathtub, an enclosed shower, or a love bed. The censor will remain where it is and the Sim will be nude. The effects only lasts until the interaction/activity of the object is completed or the object that the Sim used is deleted, after which time the Sim will return to normal attire.

The Sims 2[]

At first you could only get rid of it by using SimPE and changing the BCON and BHAV files (which is a messy business), but later on a mod was released in .package format.


The Sims 3[]

Early attempts at removing the mosaic blur effect that obscures Sims when they have a shower or bathe, woohoo, or use a toilet involved a hack which replaced core game files for The Sims 3. Now, several mods have been developed that non-destructively remove the mosaic blur effect.

By default the texture for a Sim's naked body contains no genital detail and removing the pixel effect does not reveal any explicit or graphic detail. Also, when sitting on the toilet, Sims do not remove their underwear. It is possible to apply mods that create more realistic skins in order to give Sims bodies with anatomical correctness, and corresponding meshes also exist; including raised nipples for females and penis meshes for males.

Due to the nature of the blur-removal mod, it will have to be updated for each new patch, expansion and stuff pack if new effects are added.[1]


Download the version corresponding to your latest expansion or stuff pack.

  • Blur Remover comes with an easy to use installer working with all The Sims 3 versions & expansions (requires registration)
  • Decensor by NRaas.

The Sims 4[]

Like other games in the series, Sims in The Sims 4 appear featureless when the mosaic-blur is removed using mods. Custom content is required for more realistic looking bodies.