Methods for obtaining a SimBot
Simbot and sim
An inventor creating a SimBot in The Sims 3: Ambitions.

There are two primary methods for gaining a SimBot: buying it or building it.

My Best Friend lifetime rewardEdit

If a Sim earns 40,000 lifetime reward points, they can then summon a new SimBot who will automatically have best friend relationship status with the summoning Sim. This method is useful if the player does not want to spend the huge amount of time needed to invent a SimBot.


SimBots can be built using the inventing skill, after reaching level 10 and completing an opportunity chain.

At some point after reaching level 10, the inventor will receive an opportunity to build their first SimBot. This requires the following materials:

Item Where to get it
1 unit of palladium

(ore or smelted)

Found on the ground in the base neighborhood. Can be mined using a miner.
10 life fruits Level 7 of gardening skill is needed for a Sim to be able to plant this fruit.
1 heart-shaped cut pink diamond
  • Raw pink diamonds are extraordinarily unusual gems found in the base neighborhood or from mining with the miner. The ability to do a heart-shaped cut is acquired after finding 10 different types of gems.
  • Pink diamonds that are already cut can sometimes be bought at the consignment store.
  • Strangely, pink diamonds are common when breaking space rocks on a Board Breaker.
100 units of scrap.
  • Find it at the junkyard by digging or detonate one of the junk piles there.
  • Detonate any object (more expensive objects create more scrap).
  • Buy it at the Scraptastic™ Workbench for §550.
  • Can be mined using a miner.
  • Completing an opportunity.

SimBots take a very long time to construct, although they can be constructed in a single day by a dedicated inventor. There is no option to select the gender of this initial SimBot. After the opportunity is complete, the inventor can continue to build more SimBots (as long as they have the required materials), and may choose the gender of additional SimBots when beginning the construction.

Invented SimBots are classed as the inventor's children in the family tree with a single parent. Any children of the inventor will become the SimBot's half-siblings. Invented SimBots have nicer chassis than the ones bought with lifetime reward points.


With Supernatural installed alongside Ambitions, it is possible to turn a Sim into a SimBot by using the Bottled Simbot Converter, which can be either bought from an Alchemy consignment store or made by a practitioner of Alchemy. The potion, like any other, will affect Sims that it is splashed on.

The recipe itself is acquired randomly, and requires at least level 8 skill. The potion requires Gold, Iron, and Palladium. Therefore, both building a SimBot and converting a pre-existing Sim have advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Building the SimBot:

  • Much easier material farming.[clarification needed]
  • Adds a family member, assuming the household is not full.

Advantages of Conversion via Potion:

  • Greater access to materials (Gold, and particularly iron, are definitely more common than Pink Diamonds).
  • Requires only level 8 in Alchemy, in contrast to mastery of Inventing at bare minimum (and level 7 Gardening, if looking to procure Life fruits, and the Level 9 (or 7, if with Disciplined trait) Martial Arts and the completion of the Timber Terminator challenge if looking to acquire Pink Diamonds).
  • No opportunity requirements, meaning faster rate of acquisition, and also potions can be made much faster than SimBots can be built from scratch.
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