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This is the basic tutorial to turn a Sim into a Zombie.

The SimsEdit

Method - Plead for loved oneEdit

If a Sim dies and the Grim Reaper appears to take his/her soul, have a loved one or close friend plead to the Grim Reaper for their life. If the Grim Reaper happens to be in a good mood, then he will give the Sim back as a zombie. The zombie will keep all of its skill points, but it's personality points will be lost.

The Sims 2Edit

In The Sims 2, there are three ways to turn a Sim into a Zombie.

The first Method - Using Resurrect-O-NomitronEdit

For this method, the University expansion pack is required. Note that for this method to work, you'll need a Sim that has a strong relationship with the Sim about to be turned to a Zombie.

1.  Kill off the desired Sim in any way (you may use cheats, but it is not recommended as it may cause corruption in the game) and keep the tombstone/urn of the Sim on the lot.

2.  Use the unlockCareerRewards cheat to unlock the Resurrect-O-Nomitron career reward or if you want to avoid cheats, unlock this career reward by getting to the level 5 of the Paranormal career track.

3.   After you have obtained this career reward, place it anywhere on the lot. Now, the Sim that has a strong relationship with the Sim about to be turned to a Zombie must be on the lot and playable to complete this method. Command that Sim to Call Grim Reaper on the Resurrect-O-Nomitron and then should a window with all eligible Sims to resurrect appear. If the desired Sim appears, select it.

4.   Now, a window appears prompting to pay the Grim Reaper to complete the resurrection. To get your Sim back as a Zombie, you must pay between §988 and §4127. Then, Grim Reaper will return the Sim, but in the Zombie life state and the Sim will lose some relationship points with the Sim who called Grim Reaper.

The second Method - Witch's spellEdit

The games/packs you will need for this method are The Sims 2 and The Sims 2: Apartment Life. Note that with this method, you will need access to the grave/urn of the Sim you want to turn into a zombie.

Play as an atrociously evil witch, who has learned all the spells.

Preform the Vivificus Zombiae spell. For this spell, the reagents needed are 2x Dragon Scales, 2x Eye of Newt, and 2x Viper Essence.

Have your Witch go to the gravestone/urn where the soon-to-be-a-zombie Sim's remains are, and click on it. Then go to the Cast spell option, and the Vivificus Zombiae spell should be available if you have all the right reagents in your inventory and your dark magic skill is high enough.

After being commanded, your witch Sim will go to the remains and cast the spell, causing the gravestone/urn to disappear in a puff of smoke, replaced by the zombie version of the resurrected Sim.

Third method - Genie's wishEdit

Note: This method isn't fully reliable, because this will only work if the Resurrect wish fails and there is no way to increase the odds for the wish to fail.

1.   When the desired Sim is dead, obtain the Genie Lamp using cheats or wait to receive the lamp by a Gypsy.

2.   After you have obtained the lamp, rub the lamp to summon the Genie.

3.   Select the Resurrect command, then find the desired Sim and select it.

4.   If the wish fails, you'll get the desired Sim resurrected as a Zombie.

The Sims 3Edit

The first Method - Bitten by a ZombieEdit

Be bit by a zombie. In some cases, the side effects will only last temporarily, like in cases when a Sim is turned into a zombie using a Flask of Potent Zombification acquired through the alchemy skill. If your Sim was bitten by a zombie that rose from the ground after nightfall on a Full Moon, your Sims transformation is permanent unless cured through elixirs gained from the alchemy skill.

The second Method - Potion MakingEdit

Through potions made at the alchemy table, there are 2 zombie potions you can make. A zombification elixir can be made at Level 3 Alchemy and can be used to make a Sim temporarily a zombie and any Sims they bite will have temporary zombification too (Both can be cured by an elixir.), the other elixir is Potent Zombification which can be made at level 10 and found through reading books, it makes your sim permanently a zombie (unless cured by an elixir). Anyone bit by that zombie becomes a permanent zombie too (Unless cured by an elixir earlier mentioned.)

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