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Killing Sims
A gravestone from The Sims 3

Sometimes you may need to kill a sim to fix a glitch, for storytelling, or if you just want to try a new feature in the game. Others may also kill their sims by torturing them for fun. Below are some of the ways you can do this:

The Sims[]


An easy method is starvation, since every Sim needs to be fed regularly, so to make death by starvation happen, just box a Sim into a room without doors or any other way for them to get out. The Sim will get hungry by that time and will start complaining, as other motives will fall as well. As the Sim approaches death, they may be visited, if graves are nearby, by ghosts. Once they die, the Grim Reaper will appear. The drawback of this method is that it is very slow and it isn't fun to watch.


Fire is a much faster way to kill a Sim than starvation, but it can be expensive. Enclose them into a 4x4 room without an exit, and add a fireplace and a couch. Have the Sim light the fireplace and then sit in the couch, and add furniture around to prevent them from standing up, using move_objects if needed. Then fill any other space in the room with carpets and end tables, or decorations. They should catch on fire and the Sim will, as well. After that, the Grim Reaper will appear, as before. If you want to burn your Sim to death cheaply it may take longer. Start a fire in your home and get close enough that your Sim catches fire. Brave Sims should not be present as they will automatically put out the fire, and all alarms should be removed. If you want to be absolutely sure that your Sim will catch fire, then block the exits. It is wise to move everything but the source of the fire and the things used to block the exits because you will need to replace burnt items assuming that they are not the only Sim you have. Another (rather expensive) way to kill a Sim is to purchase an oxygen bar and add a fireplace. Have them use the oxygen bar, and have another Sim (or the target Sim if it's next to the fireplace) light the fireplace. This should cause the oxygen bar to catch on fire. If the Sim doesn't catch on fire, have them go near it. The easiest and fastest way to start a fire is to use the Sky Scorcher Fireworks Kit indoors. As the Sim lights the firework, it will skyrocket upward but immediately turn downward, causing a fire in the room. The Sky Scorcher Fireworks Kit can also be used outdoors to burn up Sims - just keep letting off rockets until one randomly hits the Sim who fired the rocket. This will usually take between 6 and 1 tries.


Drowning is the both the surest and the simplest method. To achieve this, create a 3x3 or larger pool and make the Sim get in. Then remove all the ladders, as Sims in The Sims cannot climb out of pools without ladders. Then wait until all their motives drop down and they will eventually drown. Strangely, a Sim can enter a pool that doesn't have a ladder.


To electrocute a Sim easily and quickly, buy a TV and make sure they have no Mechanical skill. Then, place a dishwasher next to the TV. Then you can either use the two objects until they break. Once both are broken, have your Sim repair the TV while standing in the puddle from the dishwasher. The Sim should die instantly and the Grim Reaper will appear. This is the fastest method of all, but it can be expensive.

Guinea Pig Disease[]

This is exclusive to Livin' Large. Buy a Guinea Pig Cage with a Guinea Pig and leave it neglected. Then have the Sim play with the Guinea Pig and they should get Guinea Pig Disease. Make sure the Sim does not own the Forgotten Guinea Pig painting, because it will cure them after 16 game hours. Keep from using the Concoctinator Chemistry Set, as well. Let the sim do frustrating and hard tasks, and they will die. Be careful with this method, however, since the disease is contagious.

Skydiving Simulator[]

This method requires Superstar. Buy a skydiving simulator from the catalog, and get your Sim to go into it. Once the Sim is in, go into buy mode and block the exit with another object so they can't escape. Then, wait for the Sim's energy motive to deplete; the Sim will be "lifted" out of the simulator and eventually be flung upwards into the sky and disappear. A gravestone will appear next to the simulator, skipping the Grim Reaper's visit entirely. This is also one of the first "unique" deaths in the Sims franchise.

The Sims 2[]

One of the best way to kill Sims in The Sims 2 is by using Testing cheats, and then spawning Rodney's Death Creator. Rodney's Death Creator allows the player to kill Sims instantly in any way, even if the life stage is not right for the type of death, such as death of old age for a teen. Players can also easily kill Sims without Rodney's Death Creator but with testingcheatsenabled, such as by dragging the hunger meter to rock bottom or aging them to the limit. However, this tutorial is considered to show the ways to kill Sims without it.


Simply trap Sims in an enclosed room or fences. Eventually, their hunger will go all the way down and they will starve to death. Additionally, many objects can cause Sims' hunger to go down significantly, in events such as failing when using The Eclectic and Enigmatic Energizer, fall down into elevators, making an evil Snapdragon Bouquet, and sitting on opposite-alignment Witch Throne. The ghost appears pale blue and often uses the fridge, taking food with it. Ghosts get angry if there is no fridge on the lot or if the fridge is empty.


Sims with low Mechanical skill who attempt to fix broken electronics are likely to be electrocuted. The chances are greater if they are standing on a puddle while fixing. If their needs go down far enough, they will die. However, if they don't die, there's a chance that fire will break instead. The ghost appears yellow and sparking.


Get the Sim to swim in the pool, and then remove all the ladders. When their hunger or energy is empty, they will drown.

The ghost appears blue and leaves puddles when it comes out at night.


Death by fire is one of the most common death in The Sims series. There are many ways to start a fire, but one of the most common ways to start a fire is to leave food on the stove or to light the fireplace. However, an instant way to create fire is to grill inside, which, for some reason, will set the house on fire instantly. The next solution is to place rugs below the grill before using it, and they will catch fire and allow it to spread. The best rug to use is the basketball court rug from FreeTime, which is the most expensive and also the largest. Try using Moveobjects on if you can't get it positioned correctly. However, if you own Apartment Life, a glitch may cause the rug to not catch on fire. Therefore, you must patch the game for the best result.

The ghost appears red and smoking.

Old Age[]

One way to boost up Sims' age is to drink the Elixir of Life in low aspiration. You can also use the testingcheatsenabled cheat, open its respective pie menu, and age them up as many times as needed.

The ghost appears pale grey.


One way to easily make Sims get sick is by using the Biotech Station with low aspiration and bad mood. Once Sims get the mysterious disease, or any disease, don't let them get cured. Just let them do their activities without resting. If you don't want other Sims to get infected, lock the sick Sims in a contained room.

The ghost appears bright green. Occasionally, these ghosts will grasp their throat and start coughing, re-enacting their death.


Leave dirty dishes all over the house on the floor and try stepping on them as often as possible. This is by far the hardest death to gain without cheating, as the Sim has a very low chance of being eaten by the resulting flies. If you own Open for Business expansion, turning on several broken CleanBot might help you to stack more trashes into the house.

The ghost appears purple.


Before killing Sims in this way, you must already have ghosts on the lot. At night, when they appear and haunt, have the Sim keep following them until the Sim gets scared and dies. The animation is similar to death by coffin scare, but varies.

The ghost appears pink.


Click on the ground outside and choose the option "Watch Clouds" at noon or "Stargaze" at night. There's a 1% chance that a satellite will fall on the Sim after 5-24 cycles. This is only checked at the beginning of the interaction, not every cycle, so if you cancel the interaction, the satellite will not fall. Watching clouds or stargazing longer will not increase the chance of the satellite falling, and if the death is not checked at the first place, it will not fall even if you stargaze forever.

If you want to try for it to happen, stargaze, wait until 24 cycles, and repeat until bored.

The ghost appears orange.


Get the Cowplant career reward and place it somewhere in the house, and wait until it takes out a slice of cake out of its mouth. The Sim will grab the cake, and they will be eaten.

The ghost appears yellow green. If the Cowplant is still there, they will taunt it with a slab of meat. Additionally, if another Sim drank the ghost's life essence, they will be angry at them.

Coffin Scare[]

When Sims peek in a coffin or are dared to peek in one with a vampire inside it, there's a possibility that they will be scared by the vampire. If the needs are too low, they will die. This type of death is different from death by fright. The animation is similar to death by fright, but varies.

The ghost appears pale blue.


Get the vampire to stay outside until all their needs hit rock bottom, and they will die of sunlight exposure. This can also happen at night if by any chance their needs are completely empty.

The ghost appears pale blue and is still a vampire.

Rally Forth[]

Keep Sims using the Rally Forth interaction until all their needs run out.

The ghost appears golden with megaphone.

Wishing Well[]

Keep the Sims wishing for money, and when it fails, there's a 25% chance that the sack will kill the Sims, while 75% will only lower their needs. Their needs have to be low enough, and a Sim cannot wish multiple times even at different wishing wells.

The ghost appears pale grey.


Get Sims to stay outside during a hailstorm. There's a chance that they will be bludgeoned and die.

The ghost appears magenta and when angry will have hail raining out of them.


During a thunderstorm, let the Sims stay outside. With Pescado's Lot Debugger, you can set the rain as torrential to make a higher chance of lightning. The chances are greater if Sims are in a pool (but this will cause them to die by drowning) or a hot tub, and even higher if the lot doesn't contain any lightning rods and trees.

The ghost will be yellow with lightning bolts inside of them.

Murphy Bed[]

Keep opening and closing the murphy bed. Sims with less than 5 body skill and -70 or less mood have a 5% chance that it will fall on and crush them, killing them. There is no option to make Sims die using the Murphy Bed in Rodney's Death Creator. There is an easier way to make Sims keep opening the bed, though, by using the Allmenus cheat, and then keep using the "Open" interaction.

The ghost appears pale blue and will avoid the bed that killed them.

The Sims 3[]

A quick way for each death listed is through the use of this mod. The mod article should explain all uses.


An easy way to kill your Sims is by starving them. To do that, create a small room, usually 5x5 or 4x4, and remove a single wall section. Be sure the Sim has no food items in their inventory, such as fruit or vegetables. Then make the Sim get inside the room. Close the room with a wall again. Alternatively, send the Sim into a bathroom and have another Sim in the household lock the door to prevent them from leaving the bathroom. After that, just wait a few days and the Sim will die due to starvation. The ghost will be magenta and the grave will have a fork and knife mark on it. This method is good if you don't like spending your Sims' money, and it can also be achieved by cheating. Type Ctrl+Shift+C, and a console should appear. Type "testingcheatsenabled true" without the quotes. Then drag the Hunger need bar all the way down. If you do this while the game is playing, the Sim will cancel all their interactions, complain about being very hungry, and die. If you do this while the game is paused, when you unpause it, the Sim will cancel all their interactions, then immediately die.


This is a very fast method to kill your Sims. Simply create a small pool, usually around 3x3 or 4x4, and make a Sim enter into the pool. Then build walls or fences around it. The trapped Sim will swim for some hours, until they will get the Drowning moodlet, and after 40 minutes in-game pass, the Sim will drown. The Sim will probably drown faster if it has the Fatigued moodlet. The ghost will be blue and the grave will have a drowning Sim symbol on it. This method is good in case you want a very fast way to kill your Sims, but it can cost a lot of simoleons.

Alternatively, if you do not want to spend that much time, you can have the target Sim work out and when they have the fatigued moodlet, make them swim, and they will die in 30 minutes game time. You will have to block the way out of the pool here as well.

However, you do not have to trap the Sim in the pool for it to drown. If your pool is big enough, and a Sim swims to the center of the pool, if you let it do what it wants to, it will not be able to reach the edge of the pool in time. This will cost you a lot of simoleons.

If you drag a swimming Sim's energy down, they will drown faster.

Sims can only autonomously leave a pool if most of the pool edge tiles are available to leave the pool from.


Several methods have been suggested. One of them includes creating a Sim with the Technophobe trait, then making them sabotage a TV placed on tiles. After that, the player must make the Sim pee on the tiles, and then making them repair the TV with low skill on the resulting puddle. This will cause electrocution.

Another way is to first build a floor in your yard and place a sprinkler near it to create a puddle, then buy a stereo or TV and have your Sim upgrade it.


Fire is a painful disaster in The Sims series, and possibly the best-known cause of death. To trigger death by fire, make a Sim prepare waffles. Wait until the Sim bakes them but not fully or just wait until you see that its cooking. Now, create a small room, usually 3x3 or 2x3, remove a wall section and make the Sim enter. Now add that wall section again, so that the Sim is trapped into the room. Move the oven into the room. Add loads of chairs to block the Sim's way to the oven and spread the fire. The fire will start when you see some kind of black smoke. Wait until it gets to the Sim. When the fire gets to him/her, he/she will get "On Fire" moodlet (-200 mood), and after an hour or so (three for Daredevils and Pyromaniacs), the Sim will die. The ghost will be red and the grave will have a fire mark on it. This is a good and interesting method to kill a Sim, especially for storytellers, but it can end up to be a very expensive way of killing.

You can also place a rug under the fireplace, and start the fire in the fireplace. That will cause a fire to start. You can then have the Sim get next to the flames and catch fire. You can also have the Sim poke the fire, eventually causing the Sim to catch on fire.

Even starting up a grill inside a room, and then canceling the grilling process can result in a deadly fire. Lighting a firework inside the house would also cause fire. Every type of firework can and will start a fire if lit indoors, even the carbon snake firecracker, and they all use the same animation, a firework rocket ricocheting off the air, if lit indoors, even if the firework isn't a rocket.

If a witch from Supernatural is around, have the witch cast a fire blast at the Sim or the floor directly under the Sim. This will set them on fire.

Old Age[]

Definitely the cheapest method of all. To kill a Sim by old age, go to Options, click the tab with the Plumbbob, and lower the lifespan as far as it will go. Play the game until Death of Old Age happens. This method is not good if you have more than one Sim and only want one of them to die of old age. Alternatively, you can show really good patience, which anyone can do, and just wait for your Sims to die this way.

There is a much faster way for those who have less time. It is possible to age a Sim using cheats. Type Ctrl+Shift+C, then type in the console window that appears testingcheatsenabled true, exactly like that. Then Shift+Click the Sim, then choose "Trigger Age Transition", as many times as needed until the Sim dies.

Mummy's Curse[]

This is only possible with World Adventures installed. Killing a Sim by mummy's curse is very difficult. Make them go to Al Simhara, where you can find loads of mummies. If you are (un)lucky enough, your Sim will be cursed. After 2 weeks (14 days) without being cured, they will die. The ghost will be golden brown. A black smoke will also surround the ghost's head and there will be a mummy mark on the grave. This is a good method for players who love stories about ancient history and storytellers who want to spice up their story, but it is very difficult to achieve.

Remember, a Sarcophagus will only spawn a mummy once. It is also difficult for Sims with a high Athletic or Martial Arts skill to die this way, as they will usually defeat the mummy, and therefore will not become cursed.


This is possible with Ambitions installed. This death is very, very rare, and the chances of being hit by a meteor are extremely small, although with Seasons you can have a playable alien use Summon Meteor, at the cost of a high amount of their Brain Power need, and with the Disasters and Blessings mod, you can cause a rain of meteors, where several small meteors will land around the target, followed by the target being hit by a meteor, even if Ambitions isn't installed. Before a meteor lands, ominous music will play and a message will appear saying the Sim is wondering why it got so dark. There is an option to make them move out of the way before the meteor lands or leave them to their doom. This method is definitely the best for storytellers.

With Into the Future installed, if your Sim starts the Dystopian Future Event, they will be given a Meteor Magnet and told to summon a meteor three times. This allows you to choose where the meteor will hit, and send playable Sims to stand right under it, in the shadow that it casts. If you summon the meteor in an area with many Sims, there can be multiple deaths.

With the buydebug cheat a generator can be bought and placed in the desired location, but while this should increase the probability of a Sim being crushed by a meteor, it doesn't seem to have any impact.


This is only possible with Late Night or Supernatural. This is similar to the Starvation death, but is exclusive to vampires, as they have Thirst instead of Hunger. Follow the same steps as Starvation. The ghost of the vampire will be black with a red pulsing heart and the grave will have a bat mark on it. As above in the death by hunger section, you can enter testingcheatsenabled true and drag the thirst need to empty as a quick way to kill a vampire. Another quick way is to get your vampire Sim in the sun for a long time, and they will get the 'Too Much Sun' moodlet. While active, their thirst will plummet dramatically. Just lock them in a room without a roof after getting the moodlet and wait, and death will soon follow.

Haunting Curse[]

This death is exclusive to Supernatural. Only the caster of the curse can die while casting the haunting curse and it backfires on the casting witch. The haunting curse is unlocked at level 5 of the spellcasting skill.

Strangely, if the spell is successful, the target is haunted by a ghost, but if the spell backfires, the caster dies.


The Cowplant, which can be bought from The Sims 3 Store, when placed, will have a slice of cake on its tongue after 3 days without being fed. A Sim with low hygiene who tries to interact with it will be eaten.

Jelly Bean plant[]

This is exclusive to Supernatural. In order to achieve this death, simply have your Sim eat too many Jelly Beans from the Jelly Bean Plant. There is a 1% chance that they will die after eating one.

The ghost will be purple with blue hair and highlights around the body.


Again, this only works with Supernatural. A Sim may be turned into gold when using the Philosopher's Stone. The ghost is gold and shimmering, and will also leave a gold statue behind that is worth §50,000 to §62,500. A Sim can die this way by turning too many things to gold, and there is a higher chance that it will happen if they have the Unlucky or Loser trait.


You can only kill Sims this way if Seasons is installed. This is best completed in the winter, or with cheats. If the temperature is low enough and the Sim is standing outside, (preferably in Swimwear), they will get the "Getting Chilly" moodlet. This means your Sim is moderately cold. After about 3 hours out in the cold they will get another moodlet, named "Teeth Chattering." Be careful now, because they will try to change into their Outerwear. Soon they will get Frostbite, and after 3 hours they'll Freeze Solid. If their hunger need completely depletes, they'll die of Freezing. The Sim's ghost will be very light blue, and their clothes and hair will be darker.

Murphy Bed[]

The Murphy bed in University Life can crush a Sim, similar to the way it works in The Sims 2. A Sim who survives the Murphy Bed falling will get the "Murphy Bed Clinophobia" moodlet that will last for 6 hours, and during that time they won't be able to pull down or close it.

Crushed By Soda/Candy Vending Machine[]

The Sims 3: University Life is required for this. There is a vending machine found on campus or bought in Buy Mode, and if the Sim slams into it enough, it will fall and crush them.

Jetpack Crash[]

The Sims 3: Into the Future is needed. Let your Sim use the jetpack with low Advanced Technology skill. There is a small chance that the jetpack will severely malfunction, sending your Sim so far up that it's impossible to see them, and they will catch fire when they near the ground, then explode. The corpse isn't rendered until a short time after the explosion.

Time Anomaly[]

Main article: Time Anomaly

This death requires Into the Future. Occasionally, after traveling through the Time Portal, a Sim will acquire a moodlet named "Time Paradox Sickness". If the player chooses not to cure them at a hospital, they will develop a series of moodlets eventually leading to the Sim disappearing, followed by death.

Door of Life and Death[]

The Door of Life and Death, which is part of the "Grim's Ghastly Manor" in The Sims 3 Store, can kill your Sims. At first, the Grim Reaper will entertain the Sim. And when it is done, they will see the trap door, and be caught by a pit monster while the Grim Reaper laughs at the Sim who is about to die. Their ghost will look the same as that of Drowning.


This method requires University Life. Purchase a "Me Too!" megaphone, then force a Sim to rant about death with it. After the Sim has ranted for a good amount of time, they will die of starvation and turn into a ghost. The Grim Reaper will then warn them not to rant about him again. This will give the Sim a moodlet that lasts about twelve hours. If the Sim rants about death again while they still have the moodlet, they will die for good. Their ghost will appear green.

The Sims 4[]


This method requires a lot with no access to food. It's pretty simplistic, just set the game to ultra speed & wait. If you want the Sim to suffer, first of all, that's just cruel, but make them a glutton, and make their aspiration flavor savior under food for irony. Don't use a vampire, pregnant Sim, or any age younger than teenager, as it won't work.

The time the Sims needs to die after you have done it depends on the hunger bar. If it's green or yellow, then it's more than 2 days (48 hours) to die. If it's red then it is more than 1 day. If it's bright red then it is under 24 hours.


Get a Sim into the pool, then build the walls or fences shut around its edge so that no Sims can get in or out. Eventually, the Sim will tire or starve themselves before drowning.

Alternatively to completely closing off the entrance, you can leave some vacant space for a diving platform. This will make the process easier, as you'd be able to setup the deadly trap prior to waiting for Sims to get in.

The time the Sims needs to die after you have done it depends on the energy bar. If it's green or yellow, then it's more than 6 hours to die. If it's red then it is more than 3 hours . If it's bright red then it is under 3 hours.


This time, you'll need a unreliable water appliance. Keep using it until it breaks. This will leave a puddle. Do not mop it if you want to up the chances. It is recommended to turn autonomy off just to be safe. Then, replace the water appliance with an electrical one, and again, keep using until breakdown. While standing on the puddle, click on the broken appliance, and select repair. Just hope that the Sim gets shocked. The Sim will get a +40 dazed moodlet "Seriously Fried". Try repairing again with the moodlet, and the Sim will be electrocuted. Don't use a genius Sim, as this will make the process longer.


For this one, you'll want autonomy turned off. Get 7 kids and 1 adult. Buy 7 chemistry kits and 1 unreliable stove. Make the 7 kids use the chemistry kits while the adult cooks and repeat until a fire starts. When a fire starts get the Sims as close to the fire as possible and wait for it to spread. When a Sim catches on fire wait out their fate and you're done.

It takes around 1 hour to die if the Sim begins to get fire (On Fire!).


This one is the easiest emotional death. You will need 2+ Sims, a sink (optional, but helpful), and a shower. First, keep making a Sim drink water until they pee themself, then make them take a shower, and get the other Sim to catch them. Finally get the very embarrassed Sim to ask the other one for a pick up line. They will likely be rejected, giving the lethal mortified emotion. Repeat the steps just in case, and the Sim will curl up and die.

Cardiac Explosion/Anger[]

For this method to work, you need 3 Sims, 2 having the mean and hot-headed trait, 1 being the husband/wife of the Sim that doesn't have the mean and hot headed trait and having the Hates Children trait. Add 5 children, and make sure they are roommates. After making Sims, get Sim 1 near the children. Get Sim 2 and Sim 3 to flirt next to Sim 1. Have Sims 1 and 3 keep using mean/mischief interactions. Make Sim 1 declare enemy with Sim 3. Have Sims 3 rile up Sim 1. Sim 1 will likely be enraged at this point. Repeat the actions and death will occur for Sim 1.

Alternatively, a quicker method is to have 2 Sims, one hot headed and one lazy. To start, make the lazy Sim sleep and the hot headed Sim would wake the lazy Sim up. Now, the hot-headed Sim will cook angry flaming spaghetti for the lazy Sim. Make the lazy Sim eat while the hot-headed Sim paints an angry painting. The lazy Sim will view it and then use the vent option on the other Sim. One of the Sims should have the "enraged" moodlet now but not enough. Repeat until one dies.


Easy. All you need is 2 elders (spouses) and a bed. Make them WooHoo until death.

Another way to do this is to force an elder Sim to workout without stopping.


You need 1 Sim to go fishing until a Cowplant berry is caught. Plant it, water it, and wait. Once it is matured, wait 12 hours, and select eat cake on the Cowplant. Repeat and you're finished.

Old Age[]

Make an elder and set to short lifespan. Set to ultra speed while avoiding other deaths. Eventually, the sim will die when the age bar stays at bubbly (yellow things flying around the green bar) for 4 days.


This is only possible with Vampires installed. To do this, take a vampire Sim to a lot without any buildings during the day. Since there is no where the vampire can go to hide from the sunlight, they will slowly burn to death.

Spellcaster Overload[]

With Realm of Magic, force a spellcaster to cast many spells to increase their magic charge. This will cause them to die.

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