Caring for twins and triplets
New Pleasant
The birth of Angela and Lilith Pleasant.

Having twins and triplets is hard in The Sims. To avoid having the social worker take your Sim's children away, here are some helpful tips to help ease the strain of being a parent to twins and triplets. 

  • Always have one parent stay at home. Using the 'Motherlode' cheat over and over again should put your Sim in a good enough financial position to have one parent stay at home.
  • Create a separate room for the babies. It may seem easier to have them stay in the parent's room, but it's really not.
  • Place a single bed in the nursery. Have the parent who is not working sleep with the babies during the week, and have the working parent sleep in the nursery over the weekends. That way at least one parent will be catching up on some sleep, while the other tends to the children.
  • If you feel like you cannot handle having only one parent at home, call a babysitter or hire a butler. Having either one being with the stay at home parent makes it much easier to manage. That way the parent can focus on not only their children, but other things as well

These next tips are exclusive to The Sims 2. Methods introduced in expansion packs may be involved.

  • Have the household adopt a pet or two and assign them jobs, saving time for your Sims.
  • It is highly beneficial to completely max out the Need column of the Lifetime Aspiration system; this will reduce the frequency those needs are required to be fulfilled.
  • Max out enough hobbies' enthusiasm and their needs will be slowed down regardless of what they're doing.
  • With a good warlock/witch, it is highly useful for said Sim to stock the reagents for the Benemoodus Populus spell as this will boost the motives of toddlers, children and babies. Furthermore, the cat and assistant they can summon will greatly aid the household.
    • Regardless of alignment, their teleport means they can be all the way across the house from a baby and get to them in 10 seconds.

These next tips are exclusive to The Sims 3. Methods introduced in expansion packs may be involved.

  • Use any of the following to deal with the Energy need of the parents: Meditative Trance Sleep LTR, Sleeping Elixir potion or Potent Invigorating Elixir.
  • Make a plumbot, then add a RoboNanny trait chip. The bot will be able to tend to the babies' needs, and parents will only need to care for the babies themselves when the bot needs to recharge.
  • Use Sonic Showers or All-in-one bathrooms to save time tending to those needs.
  • Practice taking care of multiple children at once by taking the daycare profession. This can give you the experience.
  • Make use of Masterful (Master Inventor challenge) Floor Hygienators. Placing two of them under a baby's crib will eliminate the need to change their diapers,
  • Have at least one parent self-employed, such as writer or angler. This way, they don't have to leave the house at inconvenient times and can tend to the children.
  • If there's enough room next door to the nursery, place a tent there for quick response to their needs.
  • Showtime career, like Acrobat, will often get gigs late at night. This can allow the other parent to take a career at earlier hours, ensuring the children are never left alone.
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