The FFS Lot Debugger (AKA The "Batbox") is a debugging object created by J. M. Pescado. It can be downloaded here. The debugger was designed to fix several in-game issues as well as provide many methods of fixing or reducing corruption, as well as the correct way to delete Sims. The options, however, can confuse newbies, and not all of them are described in the lack of documentation. This article attempts to identify all the options provided by the debugger, and a short description of what they do.


FFS Lot Debugger options

These are the options that appear when you click normally on the FFS Lot Debugger.


This category contains options for removing (or nuking) objects, such as game controllers (which control the outcome of events and scenarios) or for tokens. Use these options with caution as they can cause corruption if improperly used.

Note: Not all of these options appear when there is an issue. You should use these options only when you think there's clearly an issue with the lot and you suspect some of these to be the culprit.

Stuck Spaceship

A spaceship appears when a Sim is about to be abducted by aliens. Occasionally the spaceship may become stuck and fail to exit the lot. This option will remove the spaceship. It may also be used as a "cheaty" method to save a Sim from abduction, though this has not been tested. It is recommended that you do not use this option while an abduction is taking place, and use it only when the spaceship is stuck on the lot for hours when it was supposed to leave.

Stuck Airplanes

When a Sim plays with a paper airplane, the game reserves a few tiles for the Sim to play freely. Normally, when the interaction ends or is cancelled, the game will relinquish the reserved tiles and make them vacant again. Sometimes though, the game will fail to unreserve the tiles, leading to "stuck invisible tiles", in which Sims cannot walk on and objects cannot be placed on. This option removes those broken tiles. Don't use if there is a Sim playing with a paper airplane.

Stuck Poobags

Occasionally the game will fail to properly remove the "flaming bags of poop" delivered after a bad date. This option will remove the poobags, so your lawn doesn't need to smell like a toilet.

Stuck Fridge Tiles

Attempts to remove tiles that may be blocking fridges from functioning properly.

Stuck Move-Out

This option deletes the "Move out" controller generated when a Sim prepares to move out of a lot. Occasionally, this controller can become corrupted and prevent Sims from moving out of college.

Ghost Emitter

Deletes the "haunted" emitters which cause Sims to freak out at random objects, even if ghosts are not present on the lot.

Offworld Loiterers

Off-world Loiterers are Sims that are technically on the lot, but do not appear anywhere in sight. Off-world loiterers include Sims that are on the phone (the non-resident is the off-world loiterer. The resident Sim on the phone is still an "on-world loiterer"), Sims who are at work, Sims who are bug collecting, Sims on a jog, etc. This option will remove the off-world loiterers, which may sometimes remain on a lot, especially if you save with Sims on the phone and the lot gets reset.

Do NOT use this option while Sims are on the phone. It may cause issues in the long run. ONLY use this option when there is an actual problem!

Stuck Bills

Deletes all the bills on the lot. Sometimes, bills can get stuck or hide under objects, to which both the player and Sims cannot see or access. These bills will continue to count down until they eventually summon the repo-man. This option will remove those bills, preventing the repo-man from showing up for an unwanted visit.

Stuck Kicky Bags

When Sims play kicky bag, the game reserves several tiles around them so Sims cannot walk into their game. Normally, when the interaction ends or is cancelled, the game will unreserve these tiles. Occasionally the game may fail to correctly remove such tiles. This option will remove any reserved kicky bag tiles. Don't use unless there are no Sims playing kicky bag.

Stuck Party Controller

When Sims throw a party, a controller is generated to handle and determine the party score and outcome. Occasionally the controller may become corrupted, resulting in parties that never end. This option will destroy the controller. Any parties in progress will end immediately, with no memories or scores granted. Don't use unless the party is glitched.

Scenario Controller (+AWOL HM)

This option will remove the controllers for any scenarios that are taking place on the lot, such as the headmaster scenario. If the controllers become corrupted, it may result in scenarios that do not end or fail to begin.

Junk Pregnancy Controllers

A bug exists in the Pets expansion where pet pregnancy controllers will not remove themselves after the pregnancy is conceived, resulting in a mass build-up of unused controllers. This option will delete the controllers.

Note: This mod automatically removes any redundant pregnancy controllers, effectively fixing the issue.

Stuck SFX

Removes any special effects that are stuck on the selected Sim, such as the "In The Zone" effect that won't go away, sleeping ZZZs that emanate from a Sim that's awake, Smart Milk glows that won't go away, etc.


Turns a twin pregnancy (natural or gained through eating cheesecake or use of the forcetwins cheat) into a single pregnancy.

Forced Visitors


Lost Sandcastles

Removes any sandcastles that are stuck and forgotten, a common issue on beach lots.

Rain Puddles

Only appears in Seasons. Removes any puddles created by the rain. Won't affect normal puddles created by broken plumbing or sloppy Sims after a shower.

Sim Schedulers

Will cancel any visitors that are about to spawn, and terminates the contracts of any hired NPCs.

Lost Fishing Spots

Sometimes, fishing spots may be considered "in use" by the game, even if the fishing Sim cancelled or ended the interaction. This may prevent any other Sims from being able to fish. This option will remove the fishing spots so Sims can fish again.

Global Urnstone Tokens

When a Sim's grave is moved to another lot via the "Move this lot" interaction, the game gives the deceased Sim a "Global Urnstone Token". This token effectively prevents the object from being deleted. The game typically assigns this token to graves that are "in transit" - that is, in the process of being moved from one lot to another. The game will remove this token if the destination lot is loaded and saved by the player. This ensures that the tombstones have reached their final destination and are no longer "in transit", which means the token can be safely removed. If you remove this token while the tombstone is in transit, the tombstone will be deleted. If you do not have the No Unlink on Delete mod, do not use this option.[1]

Dream Trackers

Dream trackers are produced when a Sim is asleep, and it basically controls the dreams they have. Occasionally this tracker may become corrupted, or may attempt to track the dreams of a Sim that's not on the lot. This option removes these dream trackers.


This category contains several bug fixes to many in-game bugs, glitches, and issues. The majority of these options will not appear until the debugger detects that the glitch may be present.

Broken Grades


Bring Out Your Dead

There are dead Sims still pretending to be a resident of the household. Bringing them out kicks them out.[2]

Werewolf Hairiness

Attempts to fix a glitch in which a werewolf would always remain hairy during the daytime.

Regenerate Portraiture

Generates a new portrait for the selected Sim (appears in the bottom HUD). Useful for regenerating the portrait if you find the current pose is bugging you, or if you just don't like the pose the Sim has.

Note: If Apartment Life or later is installed, the Sim's portrait will always regenerate on loading the lot, and whenever they change into Everyday wear.

Work State

Fix Work State removes the perma-penalty bit for being Late (being late is worse than not going at all!), and set the "Doesn't Need To Go To Work" bit. This is used when your sim gets reset following a patch or a complex mod being installed and isn't at work anymore as a result.[3]

Note: Cyjon's Less Late Penalty reduces the incredibly severe penalties Sims get for being late at work.

Broken Selectableness

Fixes broken selectable bits occasionally found on newly moved-in sims.

Retrieve Missing Sim

Attempts to retrieve a missing sim which is stuck off-world by teleporting it to the mailbox and forcing an error.

Broken Mood Boosts

Fixes the platinum-asp mood boosts for all Sims on the lot. You'd want to use this if a Sim isn't getting 100+ mood with a platinum aspiration bar (You can use the "Info.../Motive Report" function to check their mood in numbers).

Reenable Controls

Attempts to reenable build/buy/save/exit, which can sometimes be locked during an event, such as a burglar or fire.

Unfreeze Visitor Motives

Removes "static motives" flag from all visiting sims and dormies, so their motives will drain like normal.

Rerandomize Sim Generator

This option attempts to fix the first-born effect, in which Sims born in-game are given identical personalities if a Sim is born, then the game is saved and exited, and in the next play session, another baby is born and has the exact same personality as the first. This is not a bug, but a "coding laziness" on the developer's end. This issue can be resolved by going into Create a Sim and clicking on the pacifier icon several times to roll through the combinations and randomize the personality generator. This option basically does the same thing, except it can be used on lots without the hassle of going to CAS. Use before a pregnancy comes to term.

Note: This option will quit your lot without saving, in order to avoid committing to the pile of NPCs it generates. Save before using this option.

Invisible Sims

The exact nature of this option is unknown, though it attempts to correct Sims that have gone "invisible" for some reason. Invisible Sims may be marked with "floating glasses" or "floating wedding ring".

Bad Apartment Residencies

Some glitches may occur with townies that have moved into an apartment, such as the apartments of townies that have been deleted or moved in. If the apartment of the deleted townie still appears as "occupied", use this option to fix it.[4]

Disabled Autonomy


Stuck Diners

This option attempts to free restaurant diners that have become stuck in their seats, or unable to stop dining.

Buggy Paintings


Missing Hobby Memberships

If your Sim has over 5 points in a hobby and hasn't received an invitation to join a hobby club, you can use this option to try and fix it.

Note: There is a bug in apartments that have been modified, such as custom-built apartments and default apartments that have been edited by the player, in which Sims cannot receive hobby club memberships for whatever reason. This option doesn't appear to be able to fix this problem. The solution would be to load a normal residential lot, use a teleporter to force the affected residents over, and make the Sims selectable, either with BoolProp testingcheatsenabled or a hacked object. The hobby instructor should then show up to grant the Sims their membership cards. Once that is done, make the Sims unselectable and save the lot.

Tans & Burns

This removes the "Tanned and burned" effect Sims get if they overheat. Useful for clearing the effect if it glitches up and doesn't go away.

Reset Bigfoot Controller


Flashing Blue

This option attempts to fix the "flashing blue" graphical glitch that may appear on some Sims. Can fix any Sims that are on the lot.

Dead Romances

Appears to fix corrupted memories of dead romances.[5]

My Want Slots & Locks

If the selected Sim has more/less wants/fears/locks than they are normally supposed to, this option will give them the correct amount of wants/fear slots and locks. For example, if a Sim graduated college but does not receive their addition want slot, this option will give them the correct amount they should have.

Stupid Expressions

Sims can have two kinds of expressions on their faces. One is the "default" expression, which Sims use while they're interacting with an object. Examples include the mouth moving while talking, eyes closed while asleep, etc. The other is a "secondary" expression that overrides the default one. Sims may gawk, smile, or smirk. Normally, the secondary expression will reset itself after a few moments. If you're noticing Sims that are talking while smiling, or awkwardly walking around with a gaping mouth, this option should reset their faces to the default expression. Useful for movie makers and for those who get irritated with Sims that act as though they want a fly to fly into their mouth.

Dangling Furiousness

This option removes any fury aimed towards other Sims, which can be useful if you want to restore the relationship, or to fix glitches with Sims staying furious at others indefinitely.


This category contains simple fixes for issues regarding Wants and Fears. They can also be used as a "cheaty" way to get a Sim a full aspiration bar.

Toggle LTW Satisfaction...

Toggles whether the Sim has satisfied their Lifetime Want or not. This can be used as a "cheaty" way to get Sims their permanent platinum aspiration[TS2:U]/long-lasting permanent platinum aspiration[TS2:FT], or to remove the LTW achievement flag, if you think having such a long-lasting aspiration bar is cheap.

Reroll LTW

Re-rolls the selected Sim's Lifetime Want. Randomly selects from the possible LTWs the Sim can have, depending on their aspiration.

Cycle LTW

Same as above, except that it cycles through all lifetime wants available to the Sim in a fixed order.


Re-rolls the selected Sim's Wants and Fears. In the majority of cases, however, the wants and fears will not change. This option is primarily used to fix the "blank want/fear slot" bug, or to re-roll wants and fears if you kept your Sim up all night using the "maxmotives" cheat and want to re-roll them.

Make Me...

This category changes your Sim in various different ways, namely their astrological signs, life state, and playability.


Applies the "Smart Milk" effect to the selected Sim, so they learn faster.


Removes the "Smart Milk" effect.


Turns the selected Sim into a witch. Choose from Good, Evil, or Neutral.


Turns the selected Sim into a PlantSim.


Turns the selected Sim into a zombie.


Turns the selected Sim into a werewolf.


Changes a Sim's zodiac sign. Does not affect the personality of the Sim, just changes their sign.


Unknown, though it probably turns a Sim back into their normal form.

Force Errors...

This category provides options to automatically force an error on objects on the lot, either all or some. Do not use this option with BoolProp testingcheatsenabled enabled! Normally the game automatically selects the "Reset" option when an object error dialog pops up. With testingcheatsenabled turned on, it will prompt the player for every single error that it encounters. Using these options with the cheat enabled will result in hundreds of error dialogs appearing.

On In-World

Forces an error on all objects that are visible on the lot.

On Off-World

Forces an error on all objects that are not visible on the lot, but are considered by the game to be on the lot.

On All

Forces an error on every single object on the lot.

Upgrade Sim...

This allows you to upgrade your Sim to a later expansion pack. Useful if you had Sims before installing University but want those Sims to have a college degree as well.


Allows you to give the selected Sim a college degree, regardless of whether they actually went to college or not. Diplomas, certificates, and memories are assigned, and your Sim will be able to get the jobs in the associated careers. Useful for Sims that were created before University was installed.


Upgrades Sims created before FreeTime was installed. The option searches through the Sim's memories and assigns any Lifetime Aspiration points the Sim deserves, such as for Sims that have the "Have a Baby" milestone but were created before FreeTime, thus never receiving the points they deserved.


Reports on information about the selected Sim.

Test IQ

Reports on the selected Sim's learning rate. 100 is normal. Number should change if the Sim's on Smart Milk.

Show Plague Info

Appears when a Sim is sick, and displays their illness statistics. A description of what the values mean is available here.

Temperature Stats

Reports on the selected Sim's current temperature. 0 is normal, 30+ is hot, 100+ is heatstroke, -30 is cold, -100 is freezing. Sims have a 1/100 chance of bursting into flames once every 15 sim minutes if their temperature is greater than 70, if a mod is not installed that removes this behavior.

Sort To Family Display End

Re-arranges the family member bar on the left. The oldest is placed at the top and the youngest at the bottom.

Tour Info

Lists the tours the Sim has taken.

One True Hobby...

Allows you to change a Sim's predestined hobby. The option that's greyed out is the Sim's current predestined hobby.

LTA Milestones...

Lists the Lifetime Aspiration Milestones the Sim has achieved. Greyed-out entries are milestones that have already been achieved.

Motive Report....

Can report on the motives of any Sims on the lot. -100 is the lowest, 0 is in the middle, and 100 is the highest. Does not support the motives for PlantSims, pets, and Servos - use Cyjon's Debugger instead.

Favorite Food...

Allows you to change a Sim's favorite food. The greyed-out option is the Sim's current favorite food. Each restaurant podium has their own set of favorite foods.


Reports on and allows you to instantly complete a vacation collection.[TS2:BV]


Allows you to change a Sim's turn ons. The greyed-out entries are the Sim's current Turn Ons.


Contains options for managing the memories and gossip of Sims.

Wipe Mystery Sim

This option removes any memories involving the Mystery Sim. These memories are not needed and can safely be removed.

Wipe Corrupt

This option removes any memories that it thinks are corrupted. This option can play a crucial part in keeping a neighborhood clear of corruption.

Note: Some pre-made Sims may have this option. Use the fixed templates to correct this.

Clear Trash

Removes any useless, safe to remove memories. The most notable ones are the "Met Sim" memories.

Note: You cannot individually choose which memories to delete - any memories that meet the criteria are removed via this option. See this thread for instructions on removing memories manually in SimPE.

Nuke Attraction Markers

Attraction markers are simple triggers for relationship-related wants and fears.[6] Occasionally they may become corrupted and bloat character file size. You lose nothing by removing them and they can be deleted safely.[7]

Clear Gossip...

Gossip are mini-memories for your Sims. Gossip is typically spread when two or more Sims chat with each other. Memories from one Sim are spread to another Sim in the form of gossip. Once gossip reaches another Sim, it can jump to other Sims that they converse with, and so on. Gossip only appears in-game through the form of speech bubbles. To view gossip, you will need a tool such as SimPE.

These options will remove gossip from the neighborhood. Cleaning out gossip from a neighborhood on a regular basis is strongly recommended for a healthy neighborhood. Gossip is literally the "super-highway" for corruption to spread, so cleaning it out is very helpful. Removing gossip is safe and will not affect gameplay.

There are four options to choose from:

From Me: Removes all gossip from the selected Sim only. Doesn't affect other Sims.

From Dead: Removes all gossip from deceased Sims.

All Boring: Removes any pointless gossip that will rarely, if ever, be selected during a conversation.

From All: Removes all gossip from the neighborhood. This option is recommended.


Not really a debugging option. "Smiting" a Sim will send a bolt of lightning to zap them. Their comfort and hygiene motives will drop to -100 and their clothes will be charred. If they are a visitor they will automatically leave. Only teenagers and older can be smited, and they must be outdoors for the option to appear. Useful for getting rid of unwanted visitors, or showing the potential trash can kicker who's boss.


Not debugging options either. These provide some options for controlling the weather, though none as useful or descriptive as the Weather-controlling machine.

This category has two additional options:

Snow: Choose from "Clear" or "MOAR!"

Temperature: Choose from "Grip of Winter" (temperature at -100), "Heat From Hell" (temperature at +100), or "Normal".


Has two options: "Extend", and "Satisfy Events". Only appears during a party.

Walk to Lot...

Option only appears if Bon Voyage or later is installed. Allows a Sim to walk to another lot. It functions the same as the option that appears when clicking on the selected Sim. Interestingly it appears for children as well, though it doesn't work.


Only appears on an owned business. Contains some fixes to the many things that can go wrong in businesses.

Reset Decays

Businesses slowly decay over time if not checked in regularly. This option should reset the decay timer.[8]

Clean Up Orphaned Data & Dupes

This option should be used when moving a business from one lot to another.[9]

Clear Restock Signs

There is an infamous bug in which restock signs are misplaced (e.g. appearing at the far corner of a lot).[10] This option will delete all restock signs on the lot.

"Debug Mode" options

These options only appear if boolProp testingcheatsenabled is enabled. You must Shift+Click on the debugger for these options to appear. Please keep in mind that most of these functions are unknown.


Unstick Me


Funky Movement (experimental)

Attempts to force a Sim to walk normally and break the "icebreaker" effect.

Age Body

Fixes cases of "bad aging", such as when a toddler ages up but still has the appearance of a baby.

Flashing Blue...

Attempts to fix the "flashing blue" graphical glitch, as mentioned above.

Bugged Greet State



Has two options: "Sync To Current" and "Restore Original". "Sync To Current" changes the genetic personality (the underline) to the current personality the Sim has (the highlighted pills). "Restore Original" resets the Sim's personality back to its genetic personality.

Note: Genetic personality is the personality that is passed down to the off-spring if the Sim has babies. The current personality points determine the Sim's interactions and reactions to certain behaviors.


Contains two options:

Re-Give Diploma

Re-issues the selected Sim their university diploma if it ever gets lost for some reason.

Respawn Tombstone

Attempts to generate tombstone for the selected Sim. To make this work, you somehow need to spawn the dead Sim, make him/her selectable, and then use this option.


*Decimate Neighborhood (WARNING: DO NOT USE)

Randomly gives 10% of the neighborhood the I Am Dead Token. DO NOT USE THIS OPTION. A warning box will appear if you click the option. Performing this option has a high risk of causing corruption!

*Remove CLP

(Only available on community lots) This option will remove the Community Lot Populator (CLP), which generates Sims to appear on community lots. If you remove the CLP, the lot will function like normal, except new townies will not appear on the lot. Reload the lot to restore the CLP.

*Instance Cycle All Sims


Marriage Split


Force Food Stamp Delivery


Break Inducer

This option creates a break inducer. Once a break inducer is created on the lot, all objects will repeatedly break.


Orphaned Teaching Social


Lost Accessories


Pregnancy Token

Unknown, probably terminates a pregnancy.

Rename Me...

Allows you to change a Sim's name.

Set Firstname - Cancel Error

See Game guide:Changing names. Once you click on this option, an object error dialog will pop up. Click Cancel, and then enter your new name.

Copy First to Last

Copies the first name into the last name.

Clear Witch Name

Removes the absurd witch titles, such as "The Evil Witch".

Note: This mod from Cyjon prevents such names from appearing in the first place.

Prep Sim For Delete

See Game guide:How to delete a Sim correctly.


Unknown. Do not use if you have no idea what you're doing.[11]

Instant With Errors





List Buggy NPCs

Unknown, seems to scan the lot for any NPCs that may cause trouble.

Lot Class

Allows you to change the lot classification of the lot. The option that's greyed-out is the current lot class.


Removes the "Friends" flag from any Sims that you are friends with. Also allows for clearing out "BFF" flags.

Make Me...


Turns the Sim into a witch.

Toggle Social Debug Mode


Force Error

All objects in the game have this option. Clicking this will force an object error dialog to pop up on the object, which allows you to reset or delete the object. See testingcheatsenabled for more details.


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