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Game guide:FFS Lot Debugger options

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====Bad Apartment Residencies====
====Bad Apartment Residencies====
This option resolves issues with bad apartment residencies, such as townies that do not live in an apartment but still have an apartment token signifying that they do. This may occur if an apartment unit they resided in was moved into by a playable household, or if the apartment lot was bulldozed. This issue prevents townies from being re-added to the townie pool and may cause the game to generate more townies to populate new apartments, rather than reusing existing ones. This option will remove the apartment tokens for any Sims that do not actually live in an apartment. It will also remove the NPC token from any playable, non-townie Sims. Players should note that using this option may affect apartment roommates.<ref>,72.msg382317.html#msg382317</ref><ref></ref>
Some glitches may occur with townies that have moved into an apartment, such as the apartments of townies that have been deleted or moved in. If the apartment of the deleted townie still appears as "occupied", use this option to fix it.<ref>,72.msg382317.html#msg382317</ref>
====Disabled Autonomy====
====Disabled Autonomy====
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