Curing the Mummy's curse
Being cursed by a mummy is not a premature end for your Sim.

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Defeated by a Mummy and your Sim got cursed? This guide will show you how to cure the Mummy's Curse. There are three main ways to cure the curse. The curse is fatal and kill your Sim if it is not cured within 14 days. Note that this guide applies to The Sims 3: World Adventures expansion pack. Mummies are not present in the base game or other expansions.

Method 1: The Sphinx[edit | edit source]

Travel to Al Simhara, Egypt if your Sim is not there yet. If your Sim is cursed you may get the "Cursed!" opportunity by searching for adventures. You do not have to go complete the opportunity to cure the curse, but if you chose to perform the adventure all you have to do is to give a relic to an Egyptian Sim. Go to the Sphinx and click on the Sphinx and choose the interaction "Plead to the Sphinx" and the Sphinx will open the door for you. In the first room of the tomb there are fire traps blocking your way. Use the pushable statures to disarm the traps. You may need to swim across the pools on both sides. Once all the fire traps are disarmed, push two statues to the floor switches to reveal the floor holes. "Inspect" the floor hole on the right to uncover the stairs. Go down the stairs and go through the door straight ahead. There is a door that is locked up ahead, read the inscripion next to the door and it will unlock. Go through and there is a room with four dive wells. "Explore" the dive well with the purple water. This will open a wall on the other side of the door you entered. Do not explore the wells with dark water, as it will cause a mummy to appear from a sarcophagus in the same room. Go through the opened wall and through a door, this will lead to a room with a table and 8 chairs. There is a locked door that requires a star keystone. Get the keystone by inspecting a wall on the semicircle floor. and the section of wall will open. The star keystone is on the pedistal. Get the keystone and open the door with the keystone. The next room is a puzzle.

To solve the puzzle follow the steps:

  1. Push statue up one space
  2. Push the other statue that is 2 spaces to the right 3 spaces to the right
  3. Pull the statue that is 3 spaces down to a set of statues 1 space to the left.
  4. There is a group of 5 statues laid out like this (Letters A-E are the statues, (T) is the electric trap):
    (T) B   C   D (T)

(T) A        E (T)

  1. Push statue A 2 spaces left, disarming the trap
  2. Push statue E 2 spaces right, disarming the trap
  3. Push statue C 1 space up
  4. Push statue B 2 spaces left
  5. Push statue D 2 spaces right
  6. Pull statue C 1 space down, then push 1 space left or right
  7.  Up ahead, there is another statue. Push it 1 space up
  8. Activate the floor trap, this will disarm the electric traps in front
  9. Go up the stairs

After going up the stairs, there is a wide set of stairs, go up the wide stairs and through the door. "Inspect" the wall in front, and the wall will open. Go through and there are open doors, go through and at the end there is a statue that look similar to Anubis with a bowl of fire. Click on the statue and meditate. After about 1 sim hour, the mummy's curse is cured and your Sim will recive the "Blessing of the Sphinx" moodlet that last 7 days.

Method 2: Snake Charming[edit | edit source]

Get a snake charming basket and charm to increase your snake charming skill. Once you gained enough skill, purchase the King Cobra for 1,000 Simoleons. Charm again with the King Cobra in the basket. The curse is cured once the corbra kisses with the Sim. Sometime the snake can bite the hand or on the face.

Method 3: Mummy Transformation and Back[edit | edit source]

Get 5 pieces of both the Blessed Sarcophagus and the Cursed Sarcophagus. They are both found in tombs around Egypt, so it will take a lot of time to find the pieces. Reconstuct the Sarcophagai and place them as close as possible. Have your Sim sleep on the Cursed Sarcophagus, which will turn your Sim to a Mummy, and that cures the curse. Then sleep on the Blessed Sarcophagus to turn your Mummy Sim back to a regular Sim.

If you have Supernatural installed, you can do this with Alchemy. Have your Sim get 7 Alchemy skill points and the required ingredients to make the Bottled Mummy Curse and Potent Cure elixirs which turns your Sim to a Mummy, and back with the Potent Cure elixir, curing the curse in the process.

Other methods[edit | edit source]

  • The cheating way is to use "testingcheatsenabled" and Ctrl + Left click on the "Mummy's Curse" moodet and the moodlet disappears. The sound effect of the moodlet expiring will play, but your Sim will not be killed.
  • Take advantage of the game's death limitation  and have your Sim outside of a lot area. Sims do not die in areas outside of lots. A road is best to stand on. Let the "Mummy's Curse" moodlet expire. It is best to do this when the moodlet timer is 2 hours or less. Note that this will replace one of your Sim's trait with the "Evil" trait.
  • Have the Sim affected hold a Death Flower, so when your Sim is dying, your Sim is revived by the flower.
  • Sims with the Unlucky trait will be revived when dying from the Mummy's Curse.
  • Have your Sim use the moodlet manager rewards object that can be purchased with 60,000 lifetime happiness points, to remove the cursed moodlet.


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