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This article describes features that are only available in The Sims 3.

This game guide explains the steps involved in building an underwater room. It is based on this video by YleniaGrech on The Sims 3 Forums.


1. Firstly, create a large pool on your lot. You must remember that the room will be smaller than the pool itself. You don't have to add any accessories.

2. Use the Sledgehammer tool ( or by pressing SHIFT+Click ), make a form of anyway you want. This will be the room that will be under the water's surface.

3. Press Control+Shift+C and the cheatbox at the top of the screen will appear. Type in: moveObjects on. With this cheat, you would be able to put furniture anywhere you like. Put some windows and make it however you desire.

4. Using the Lower Terrain tool, lower a part of your terrain until you reach EXACTLY the bottom end of the window. DO NOT LOWER IT MORE THAN THE WINDOW! This will be our new floor.

5. Using the Level Terrain tool, click on the box which you lowered before and drag it into the whole room until you get the room all flat.

7. If the pool floor isn't straight, open the cheatbox (Control+ Shift+ C) and write: ConstrainFloorElevation False. When you get the right, flat shape, go to the cheatbox again and write: ConstrainFloorElevation True (this will turn the cheat off.)

8. Apply some walls around the room. Walls need to be applied also for the windows- so you need to put the window in a place, make the wall and pop it back.

9. Time to decorate and furnish your room! Pick any type of furniture you want; just remember to place a second floor, otherwise you will not be able to get out (unless you teleport by SHIFT+ Click in the room and select Teleport Me Here, but that will be quite annoying.) And also, remember to put some stairs in!

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