This is the basic tutorial to create a family.

The SimsEdit


The Create-a-Sim screen from The Sims.

Steps to create a family in The Sims.

Creating a family
  1. Click 'Create A Family' button, which is located at the very top left of the Neighborhood Screen.
  2. Click one of the tabs that reads 'Create a new family...'.
  3. Choose a family name for the Sims. All Sims created in this household will share the same last name.
  4. Click the plus button (represented by a 'plus' symbol) to add a Sim to the family. (To delete a Sim, click that Sim's thumbnail and click the delete button which is represented by a 'trashcan' symbol. Sims can be edited by clicking on the thumbnail for the desired Sim and then clicking the 'pencil with eraser symbol' located between the 'Add A Sim' and 'Delete A Sim' tabs). A maximum of eight Sims can be created for each household.
    Creating a Sim
  5. Click 'Add A Sim' button. You are now in Create a Sim.
  6. Choose a first name and enter it in the text box at the very top center of the screen.
  7. Assign the Sim's personality be adding 25 points to Neat, Outgoing, Active, Playful and Nice. (Not all of the them need to be assigned to a Sim). This determines the Sim's zodiac sign. Players can also cycle through the 12 zodiac signs which will automatically assign personality points to the Sim, based on their chosen star sign.
  8. Use the buttons in the middle of the screen to choose the basic appearance of the Sims. Select their skin color (light, medium, or dark), their age (adult or child) and their gender (male or female).
  9. Use the left and right arrows on either side of the displayed Sim to choose the Sim's head and body type.
  10. Optionally, use the large text box at the bottom of the screen to write a brief biography for the Sim.
  11. Click the 'Done' button to save the Sim to the family screen.

The Sims 2Edit

Steps to create a family in The Sims 2.

  1. Once in Neighborhood view, click the 'Families' icon and select 'Create a Family'.
  2. Enter the family's last name and select 'Create a Sim'. A random Sim model is shown.
  3. Enter the Sim's first name, indicate whether the Sim is a male or female, choose the skin tone and the Sim's fitness.
  4. Click on the 'Step 2' button to choose a pre-made head.
  5. Click the 'Step 3' button to change the Sim's hair style and color, choose face shape and change the shape of face parts, and choose eye color.
  6. Click the 'Step 4' button. Choose the Sim's make up, glasses[1], facial hair, and or jewelry, [TS2:BV]+ etc.
  7. Click the 'Step 5' button. Choose the Sim's everyday, formal, swimwear, PJs, underwear, athletic outfits, and outerwear [TS2:S].
  8. Click the 'Step 6' button. Choose the Sim's aspiration and personality, and select his/her Turn Ons and Turn Offs [TS2:NL]+.
  9. Click the 'Accept Sim' button.

    Creating a Sim by genetics.

  10. Once two adults of opposite sexes are created, a child using the adults' genetics can be created by clicking the 'Create a Sim' button and select 'Make a Child'. The two adults' DNA are inherited by the child and a random model of a possible child is shown. Click the 'Make a Child' button again for another random possibility.
  11. Pets can also be added to the family and created in Create a Pet. [TS2:P]
  12. Click the 'Family Relationships' button, and drag the family members' portraits onto another to select the Sims' relationships, and then select accept.
  13. Click the 'Accept Family' button. The family is now in the family bin waiting to be moved into a home, and is already attached to the player's cursor. Select the home to move into (make sure it's outlined in green so the family can afford it) and then click 'Accept'. Now they can enter this new world...
  1. Jewelry and other accessories are often classed as glasses or head accessories. Prior to Bon Voyage, that was the only way it could be done.
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