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Above: sponge bathing, playing with fridge, turning into bat without becoming a vampire, loving flour sack baby, kicking trash can, learning from Prof. von Ball, smashing urn, and stomping flowerbeds.

This article describes features that are only available in The Sims 2.

The Allmenus cheat is a hidden cheat that will unlock all possible interactions of a Sim or object regardless of the current conditions. It allows the player to perform interactions that are normally unavailable through normal means, interactions that are normally hidden under certain conditions (e.g. The "Hug" interaction being unavailable on a Sim that has a poor relationship with the initiator), or interactions that can only be done as autonomous reactions. Some examples of the cheat in action are shown in the picture above.

All interactions will be available in the pie menu when clicking on their respective objects, and all means of transport (e.g. Run Here, Skip Here) will be available when clicking on the ground. Additionally, all Sim-to-Sim interactions are available as well regardless of relationship. The allmenus cheat is primarily used for storytelling purposes, although it can also be used as a "cheaty" way to play the game.

How come I've never heard about it?[]

The allmenus cheat is locked and hidden by default. The only way to enable it is to edit a few core game files. This procedure is easy and quick, but should be avoided by users who are not familiar or comfortable with tweaking the game files, as a mistake could render the game unplayable. This cheat is also not recommended for players who are not familiar with testing cheats.

Follow the instructions below to activate the cheat:

  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\LATEST EP\TSData\Res\Config, or the directory where you installed your game. To see the latest expansion pack/stuff pack you have installed, see Game guide:Which disc is used to start?
  2. Open the GlobalProps.xml file in NotePad, EditPad Lite, or your favorite raw text editor. Back up the file first by making a copy of it on your Desktop!
  3. GlobalProps Allmenus.png
    Insert <AnyBoolean key="testingCheatsEnabled" type="0xcba908e1">true</AnyBoolean> between the lines with "allowCustomContent" and "animationLOD". Refer to the image on the right (view full sized image)
  4. Save the file
  5. You're done! Please note that testing cheats will be enabled by default every time you start up the game. You can disable it in-game by typing boolProp testingchestsenabled false into the cheat console.
  6. The cheat is "off" by default. To turn it on, press ^ Ctrl+⇧ Shift+C, and then type in allMenus on. To turn it off, type allMenus off.

Other cheats[]

Two other cheats are also unlocked when you enable the allmenus cheat.

  • Money [amount | +amount | -amount] - Allows you to either directly specify the exact amount of money you want the currently played household to have, or specify an integer value to add or subtract the desired number of funds. It is easier to use than the familyFunds cheat in that a household name does not need to be specified; however, this cheat will not work in the neighborhood view.
    • Examples:
      • Money 500 - Changes the amount of money the household has to §500.
      • Money +500 - Adds §500 to the total number of funds.
      • Money -500 - Deducts §500 from the total number of funds.
  • DebugSocial [on/off] - If this cheat is enabled, the player will be prompted for the outcome of social interactions. For example, if a Sim initiates the "Hug" interaction on another Sim, the player will be asked whether or not the interaction should succeed or fail. If the player chooses "Accept", the interaction will be successful regardless of the Sims' moods and relationships, and if the player chooses "Decline", the interaction will always fail.

Debugsocial 1.jpg Debugsocial 2.jpg
The outcome when choosing "Decline" for the "Leap into Arms" interaction.


  • Turning on the Allmenus cheat will disable free will. To re-enable it, the cheat must be turned off.
  • The cheat also works for pets, provided that the boolProp controlPets true cheat was also used.
  • The Allmenus cheat can be placed in a Userstartup.cheat file, and can be used as an alias.


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