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Frights family
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Name Frights family
Members Aghostus Caesar, Joanna Hex, Davey Bones, Gourdon Carver, Smash Boiler, Bash Boiler
Number of generations 4 generations
Other information
Game TS4SS Icon The Sims 4: Spooky Stuff
Playability Gallery

The Frights family is a household from the official gameplay trailer for The Sims 4: Spooky Stuff. The family consists of Aghostus Caesar, Joanna Hex, Davey Bones, Gourdon Carver, Smash Boiler and Bash Boiler. The Frights family can be found in the Gallery where they where they were uploaded by Maxis.[1]


Frights: This ancient surname found in the spellings of Firth, Frith, Fridd, Fryd, Freeth, Fright, Freed, Vreede, Frift, Freak, Feake, Freke, Firk, and many other forms is of pre 7th century Olde English, Scottish and Welsh origins, meaning "a sudden intense feeling of fear".
Aghostus: Derived from the masculine name, Augustus, meaning "majestic", "the increaser" or "venerable".
Joanna: From Koine Greek, meaning "God is gracious".
Davey: Short for David, which means "beloved" in Hebrew.
Gourdon: This name, with variant spellings Gordon and Gourdon, is of locational origin, either from the place of that name in Berwickshire, Scotland, or from Gourdon in Saone-et-Loire, France.
Smash: meaning "violently break (something) into pieces".
Bash: meaning "strike hard and violently".



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