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The Friend Gifting feature is a game gifting system introduced in The Sims 3: Supernatural. Players must have a working internet connection in order to have this feature.

It lets players who each has an account from The Sims 3 community website to send gifts one another. Gifts can be from furniture to elixirs.

Once Player A sends a gift to Player B, Player B can check the gift at the "Gift" tab via the in game profile system. The most recent gift will be on top of the gift list. To receive the gifts, Player B may have to click the "Accept" button. After accepting the gift, Player B has the option of sending a gift back to Player A or other players.

Big gifts such as décor and furniture will be automatically placed in the Family Inventory. Small gifts such as elixirs will be placed in the receiving Sim's inventory. Some gifts may be sent in a surprise gift box, which may rarely include Simoleons.

If Player C wants to send a gift to Player A, Player C should select Player A's box at the "Select Friend" tab. Then, he should select a gift at "Select a Gift" tab, either one of the elixirs from his Sims' inventory or the surprise gift box. It is optional for Player C to give a special note at "Special Note" tab. Once sent, Player A will be notified.


  • When sending an object that requires a certain expansion pack, the receiver of the gift must have that expansion pack registered in order to receive the gift.
  • A player is only allowed to send five gifts per day. Receiving is, however, unlimited.
  • Any objects that the player sends to other players will be removed from his Sim's inventory.
  • Each gift you send will add 600 Lifetime Happiness Points to your household.
  • This feature is also available for players who does not have Supernatural, but have updated their game to Patch 38.
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