Fountain of Mirth
Fountain of mirth
This repository of flavor and delightful tastes is stacked and tiered perfectly for a party or ambitious solo evening. With the Fountain of Mirth, you'll have a mouthful to share with others. Now with more flavors!
Game The Sims 4: Luxury Party Stuff
Buyability Build mode
Price in game §265

The Fountain of Mirth is an object in The Sims 4: Luxury Party Stuff. This fountain can be placed on one of two buffet tables or on counter tops.

The fountain features options to fill it with food or drinks. Sims can add chocolate, cheese, or caramel in the food category, and a few different drinks. Their availability are based upon the Sim's mixology and cooking skill levels. If the Sim has level 5 in either, they can 'Improve' food or drinks once it's in the fountain, and cause other Sims to get a +2 happy moodlet for 4 hours after eating or drinking from it. Sims who have level 4 mischief can taint the fountain's contents to give Sims a +2 uncomfortable moodlet.

List of food and drinksEdit

Image Food/Drink Price (§) Note
Fruit punch Fruit Punch §25 No level requirement, but doesn't do anything either.
Chocolate fountain Chocolate §50 No level requirement, but like all foods may give a "Fantastic Food" moodlet.
Sparkling apple juice Sparkling Apple Juice §50 Mixology Level 3, makes Sims playful (+1)
Cheese fondue Cheese (Fondue) §75 Cooking Level 4, makes Sims inspired (+1)
Futuristic punch Futuristic Punch §75 Mixology Level 5, makes Sims focused (+1)
Caramel fountain Caramel §100 Cooking level 8, fantastic food.
Party extender punch Party Extender Punch §100 Mixology level 8, makes Sims energized (+1)
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