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I was looking at this forum here and I found this forum rather fun to play. So I thought "Hmm why don't we make another new forum game, related to the Sims?"

It's called "Which Sim are you?" game and it's obviously a guessing game (looking at it's title). It's pretty straightforward. You got to choose a Sim that you want to be and other people have got to try and guess it. You describe traits that the Sim has to help people guess which Sim it is.

It should preferably be a Sim from a base game (e.g. The Sims 2), or a playable Sim, or a Sim that is well known.

Players should note that one round does not necessarily need to be finished for a new one to start. So there can be several threads going at once.

I don't know how popular or fun to play it will be, as I'm not psychic, but I'll create it anyway. Well, best of luck.

C.Syde (talk | contribs)

Im a male sim. I have black hair black eyes i dress up in black everyday. I am Self Assured Jealous Romantic and i live in San Myshuno

This one should be easy if you have city living Josh was here (talk) 00:51, July 16, 2017 (UTC)

I live with my family. I am a teenage male sim who had a medium dark skin, dark brown eyes, and a black hair. I am a singer and student. I am very skilled at everything like Painting, Dancing, Singing, and more. In both TS3 and TS4 I am mostly Hot Headed, cause everything gets on my nerves so bad. And I also live in grassland/town worlds in each games, Oak Town, Custom City in TS3 that I have made and Newcrest in TS4. Jeremia-Lecato (talk) 05:27, July 16, 2017 (UTC)

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