I have been working on updating/fleshing out articles for Sims 3 characters and I've been running into some questions that may be best answered by the community. The question I have now is what are the correct categories for the Playabaility entry in a Sim's write-up? I have seen "Playable", "Townie", "NPC", "Deceased", "Family Bin", "Unborn baby" and "Foreign Townie".

Is there a place which lists the option to choose from? The only list I can find is in the template for "Sim" which indicates the following: Playable, Family bin or Lots and Houses bin, NPC, Deceased, Townie, Promotional, Downloadable.

My immediate concern is in regards to Foreign Residents. Foreign Residents are those sims who live in foreign worlds (Egypt, China, France, Sims University, Future Town (whatever it's called)) They are not townies although you cannot switch to them because they have residences. Following that, what are roper foreign townies and NPCs  called, if they are called anything different than townie or NPC (I don't think they should be different, just call 'em Townie or NPC).

Any help would be appreciated.

Absimiliard (talk) 22:19, September 10, 2013 (UTC)Absimiliard
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