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The good, the bad, The could be better and the wrongEdit

The goodEdit

1. Living City
Everyone lives and breeds. It's great.
2. Going outside
3. Customizing
Do I need to say more?
4. Traits
Evil, Loner, Brave and many more!
5. Ghosts
Interact and play with a ghost.

The BadEdit

1. Living City
Everyone lives, even your own people that you created. It can be a problem when you want to marry one you just made and end up discovering a baby.
2. Crashes
When you're lucky, it doesn't happen that often. When you're unlucky, it happens a lot! Most sucky when saving, which corrupts your saved games...
3. Code 13
Prevents you from saving your game.
4. Some bugs

There are some bugs that can be irritating. Don't know if it's a bug but some people get 4 traits or less.

5. Rabbit Holes
Prevents Building Different Types of Lots.

The could be betterEdit

1. Some people stuff
People won't use hats, beards, earrings and so on.
2. Limited amount of hair
Really want to see more. But you can find more in the store, and maybe one day on Exchange.

The WrongEdit

1. Come on! Cabbage, garlic and onions growing on bushes!
Come on! That's just stupid!

What are your thoughts? Let people know :D -- 19px † The Falling Øne© 16:31, 12 June 2009 (UTC)

The game's not anti-gay. I have gay sims already. Whatchoo talkin' bout, Willis?

- Anonymous user that doesn't want their IP address shown to the entire internet, thanks.

The most annoying thing is how your sims, which you have spent ages playing with, just disappear! DISAPPEAR! What?! When you're not playing with families sims or whole households can just disappear from the game, and they don't change in the family tree view! Is there a reason for this? Can it be fixed because for me this problem has ruined the game, completely ruined it! For example Michael Bachelor disappeared, Agnes Crumplebottom, her husband and her daughter disappeared. Claire Ursine and here children ALL disappeared...etc etc...I lose more and more sims everyday! I actually lost a household of SIX sims! Please can anybody explain this?? awnser: there can only be so many people in the town. Only so many toddlers some many boys girls. so every time you put a sim in a neibor hood you have the chance of bumping another person out.

I think its because the story progression is moving them out.- Someone

Alright, i dont own the sims 3 recently, but i have and idea, well here i go. I think that it can be glitchy but at the same time would you rather it not glitchy without the joy/sting or would you rather it glitchy with entertainment and a mysterous "WOW" in the middle of it. I've also noticed theres some  "Cheats" Which i think is *Fantastic* especially when you need "Money" and what type of game do you know that doesnt glitch nor has cheats (If you have and idea of a game please list it down below). I also think the amount of outfits you start out with is alright because why would you want and "over load" when you can have the  simplest things that can become the biggest things. Also the 3D is fantastic, you could barely tell if their even animated. The amount of space given to you is bizarre but GREAT, feels like you re-living your "Dream" life in an actual world put into a game made just for you. Yeah well thats my oppinion and if you agree like,Like,LIKE. -From: Feminem (12/6/2013) XOXO

Really Bugging Me... (Families/Neighbourhoods etc)Edit

Hey guys,

Anyway, something has been bugging me. The Sims 3 boasts this whole "living neighbourhood" thing, but how comes Sims that you haven't played with do not remember the people they've met? I'll put it into an example...

In my game, I've been playing with the Goths, particularly Mortimer, and he's visited Bella's house and talked to her dad. When I go to play with the Bachelor family, he doesn't know who he is and has never talked to him - when he has when playing with the Goth family.

Also, one of the main features that made The Sims good was that, if you talk to someone new, that Sim will remember you when you go to play with them or gain them into a family. Has this feature been removed for the Sims 3? Because if so, the game is a major let down - I hate how save games have replaced Families. Is there a way to let aging Sims show up as aged on the Sims 3 in neighborhood/town view? Because Gunther (I think - Mortimer's dad?) is now an elder and he's not showing up as an elder on town view, in fact the family has appeared unchanged and I have to play with the "save game", which again bugs me because in Sims 1 and 2 you could play with families and shape the neighborhood and other families will be aware of you - EA seems to have touched something that wasn't broken.

If there is a way to implement it, or disable save games so that families are saved in the neighborhood (and not separately as saved game). Because I'd rather play with my neighborhood, not individual families like the Sims 3 is currently forcing me to do, making it pointless to interact with anyone. Please tell me!

Thanks, MerrytonRyan 22:41, 27 June 2009 (UTC)

It's not a glitch, it's because it's a completely different household. If on a different household, say the Goths have Mortimer an elder and Cornelia is long gone. On another household it's exactly how the game first started, with Cornelia an adult and Mortimer a kid. :) I don't know if you can make it how you want it, but I doubt it.

  • One thing that really bugs me is the "supposed" ability to live out any story you want. I created my mother as a child, so I naturally I also had my grandmother as a young adult as well as my uncle and aunts. I switch to another family only to come back and find that my grandmother was pregnant. I had story progression turned off and low free will. Another thing is that I had a son and father playing chess, and came back several hours later to find that they were still playing. The father missed work and the child skipped school.-- 03:30, 11 July 2009 (UTC)Bella Goth Awnser:the free will setting only works for the family you play as. And the chess thing if low free will was on than there's your awnser. If it wasn't then they just didn't stop playing chess for stuff like that and watching tv you have to exit it out for them.

I Have sims 3 and i made a family, 1 young adult, 1 teen and 1 child, the teen grew up and i moved her out but the really weird thing was... she was at work and there was this person standing outside, i realised that, that sim had the exact name as my sim and the exact clothes my sim was wearing when she grew up, then i talked to her and found out she had the exact traits as my sim and she was living with my grown up sister (that my sim didnt even know) Its Weird! Can Someone help me? - MadBoutSims x

For my family, my sim had a bunch of meteorites in his bag along with some deathfish, death flower, and some other stuff. For some reason when I play another character in the same neighborhood and return to him....ALL OF HIS STUFF WAS GONE EXCEPT FOR HIS GUITAR!!! Even the leftovers I had in the fridge and the books I bought for him are gone! What is up with that?! Could someone please help me?!-- 23:11, 27 July 2009 (UTC)

Why did Will Wright and Maxis have to Depart from The Sims Project and work on Spore?Edit

The Sims 1 and 2 were funny because of Maxis but Maxis is now working on sequels, extensions, and stand alone games for Spore. Now Sims are less rude and no jokes. If EA asked me to work on The Sims 4 I make it like Th Sims 1 and 2 some elements from the shelved game Simsville and The Sims 3.

The Slow Decline of the Originality of this Series Edit

Remember all the AWESOME stuff in the original Sims and its expansions? Things like cake-dancers, Drew Carey, GIANT aquariums you could swim in, MAGIC, genie lamps, Frankenstein! THAT was a great game and yes, I know I've mentioned about $100 worth of expansion packs in there as well, but really, what's the problem with including some of those features that we all loved? Even the Sims 2 came with great stuff that the Sims 3 is currently missing. Hot tubs? Come on now EA, that's a no brainer. And Career rewards? They were so cool! Having these big contraptions in your house that did all sorts of crazy stuff, trying to collect them all by exploring the different careers, that was great! THATS the sort of stuff we want to do! I guess my point is that this series used to do all sorts of crazy, original things (can you remember how you felt the first time Drew Carey showed up at one of your house parties?) which made it fun, but now it seems as though they've lost their creativity and really just made it a second life. Go to work. Do homework. Get Rich. Get Bored. That's how I'm feeling about this game to be honest, nothing really fun and original. We don't want to go to Egypt and France in the Sims, EA, we want to do stuff we could NEVER do in real life (once more, Drew Carey :p). Please, if anyone feels the same way about this as me, expand on this post. 02:54, 5 August 2009 (UTC)MDS74.12.46.73 02:54, 5 August 2009 (UTC)

You're not the only one who feels that way and I think that EA has noticed. There's going to be Egyptian mummies in TS3 World Adventures, one of the reasons I'm buying it.

I reckon just stick with TS2, I haven't heard much good feedback about TS3 and with it's release all the expansion packs etc. for TS2 are getting a lot cheaper, it's win win for TS2 players.

I Really Don't Understand Those People Edit

Well, to begin with, everyone has been saying that the sims 2 is better in playability and there's people that says that the graphics in the sims 2 are better than in the sims 3... I'm really impressed. There's even a comment up there that says the sims 1 is beter than 2 and 3... Well I don't understand why. Lets begin: The whole purpose of the sims is SIMULATE LIFE of course since it's a fictional universe it's okay to have ghosts, zombies and other "paranormal" things, but IT ISN'T IT'S PURPOSE. If you want a game full of witches, genies, vampires (and the sims have those) and adventure, things that completely are unexistent in real life like the power of flying go play an RPG or somenthing. The sims is a simulation game and it's more than apropriate calling it a second life. If you say that you want to do things you shouldn't do in real life like flying or get a genie or even Drew Carey Showing up to your party, don't you think that doing this kind of thing is a little crazy? And if you tell me you can be a rock star, or an 5 star chief, or even go to egypt, china or france when you want... Neither the president of United States could be all of this when he want. So, if you're telling me that in the sims you can't do stuff that you could never do in real life, think before saying anything. Well, now I want to talk about all of the things that keep getting better in every the sims that is launched: In the sims 1 you could be an adult, a child ( that is the same as playing as an adult ) or an baby that you cannot control. Only baby get to grown into a children but children and adults don't age and only die from accidents. In the sims 2 your sims age from toddler to baby, child to teen, teen to adult,etc. and they die of old age with let's the game more dynamic not boring as in the sims 1 that you live forever and when you get everyhing that you have to get you have nothing more to do. In the sims 3 all of the ages have are an unique experience and more improved than the sims 2. If you already played you know what I'm talking about. Even if you get rich in the sims 3 ( and it's really hard ) you are not going to be bored. You can go to the city meet people, go fish, partner with other business, own another business and you will have to have somebody to take the inheritance unless al of your efforts will be for nothing. You can be of the criminal carrer and can actually Steal in the sims 3. If you are a journalist, you can really interview people or get bad things from their trash. If you're a cop you can really arrest burglars. And if you want some paranormal experience you can even get a controlable ghost. and you can talk date and even have baby ghosts! If you want to maintain a friendship you have to talk, meet give attention to this friend. THe sims 3 is the MOST REAL AND DYNAMIC simulation game that exists these days... The detail is that the more the game develops the more hard it gets. If you consider that a bad thing you're completely mistaken. What fun wil a game have if it's far to easy? And one of the first post here they talk about the sims that disappear it's to maintain the balance of the city. they move for another town. Basically they are deleted.if there are to many peolple the game was going to work really slow. Abot the sims that disapear EA already made an actualization that didn't let the sims that you creeated disapear and the sims you know too. You can download it at he oficial sit or when you are opening your game it will say that there is an actualization to be installed.. That's my opinion about the sims 3, hope i get to be of help ( and if my english is bad sorry because i'm brazilian).

response: no, that's almost perfect English! Good job! :)

Response 2: Yep, you're right, TS really is the best game ever and if they think the image is bad, just adjust it at the options screen. The only problem is that here in Brazil the prices are way high!

The Problems with The Sims 3 Edit

Problem 1: Lack of objects Edit

For music skill there is only a guitar. What about the classic piano from The Sims 1?

I could stay all the day talking about objects that I would like to see, like cars or whatever. However, I know what's the problem: EA Games.

EA Games is like a restaurant that serve food, however you must pay a tax to use the fork. EA Games wants for you to have the obligation of buying objects from the online store of Expansion Packs. Pretty $mart, huh?

Problem 2: Sims now live for their own... however they don't live for their own Edit

This is quite a problem, as you don't really feel your Sim is living. And it should in The Sims 3, differently from 1 and 2.

  • Sims don't visit lots for themselves.
  • Sims don't complete their wishes for themselves.
  • Sims don't work skills for themselves.
  • Sims don't (really) keep friendships and romantic relationships for themselves.
  • Sims don't (really) have family for themselves.
  • Etc...

You know what I am talking about. Maybe in some rare ocasions a sim will go to the restaurant, or have a baby, but it's very rare! At least half of people have a son through the course of their lives, don't?

Problem 3: Wishes system Edit

Seriuosly, why do you need to select each wish for your Sim?? It can be fun at the beggining, but it turns quite annoying after some time since you must stay monitoring if a new wish show up...

It should have a huge list of wishes, each one with a lifetime (I.e. "eat in the restaurant in the next 1 day", or "get a promotion in the next 7 days"), which you (or even your Sim, see problem #2) would release whenever you feel.

Problem 4: Cars that serve for nothing Edit

If you don't have a car in real life, you can't go to work. In Sims 3 there is always a carpool for you.

And not to forget that there is free Taxi everywhere in the city!!

Problem 5: Expansion Pack compatibility Edit

This problem is a left-over of The Sims 2. Your wish/aspiration list is flooded with expansion pack annoying things! I.e. "Use a bathroom in France."

Ilovefoxes 01:37, August 23, 2010 (UTC)

Problem 6: OpportunitiesEdit

In China, one of the Visa challenges is to bring this guy a bottle of nectar from France. Three days to go home (unless you leave early, which is a waste of cash), two day wait, France for five minutes to get bottle, go home, two days, come back. Is it just me, or is this anal retentive?

Also, opportunities come EVERY FIVE SECONDS. Sometimes they're neat and useful, but mostly they make you wanna rip your hair out.

Fivefoursixtyseven 07:14, February 25, 2012 (UTC)

Living Neighborhood? Not Really Edit

Yes, sims grow up and have kids and die and get promoted and ect. when your not playing them, but some small things just aren't right. For exmaple, a sims I was playing on had called another sim on her cell phone. While she was talking, I scrolled around the neighborhood, and I saw the person she was talking to on another lot. However, the person she was talking to was NOT TALKING ON A CELL PHONE! And when I went back to my sim, she was still talking to the person. Even though he was not actually on his cell phone.

Yet another opinionEdit

Well, I played all three main games in the series, and I think that each one of them was way better than the previous one. I TS3 case, it's huge! I mean, I know it's buggy (to start up I've got to CTRL+ALT+DELETE, then I'll get a message saying something along the lines of "You're playing with a mod uncompatible with your current version of TS3. Want to go on?". Gettin' that ever since I installed Into the Future. Not to forget my oldest family somehow got stuck in the future), but really, it's great. I mean, it could more realistic (free taxis? LOL I wish that was real) but the Create a Style, the great EPs (Supernatural, although not a new idea, is AWESOME!), the CAS, are just a few examples of how the game got better. If you ask most of the people who played it for a while, they'll say something like "I can't play TS2 now"(or was that just everyone I personally met? Nevermind). That fact speaks for itself.

I don't expect much more from TS4 other than low bug-crash-lag-whatever rate. And a few new things right? Mwahahahaha! Baluar (talk) 16:43, March 19, 2014 (UTC)

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