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Sims 4 Hostage Marriage Challenge

Hi! Welcome to the Hostage Marriage Challenge!!!!


You were out with your friends, you were going to get something out of the car,but then, you were hit in the head! You woke in a apartment where the Girl/Boy lives. He/She tells you that you are being held hostage.after few week, you start to fall in love with him/her…

                                     Challenge Purpose

The purpose of the challenge is to make your hostage fall in love with you and run a successful family. After you get married,and move to a bigger house, your not a hostage anymore, but that does’nt mean the challenge has ended.


Make a Girl/boy sim, that sim will be your main sim Make another Girl/Boy sims, that will be the kidnapper Both sims has to be young adults Let your main sim make friends before you start the challenge so it follow the storyline The kidnapper job has to be Criminal The trait for the kidnapper are: romantic,mean,Materialistic Aspiration for kidnapper and main sim is soulmate Sim can have any trait they want City Living required Only adopt if try for baby fails 2 times or if kidnapper does’nt want to try for baby Cheats if needed but NO MONEY CHEATS No making your sim or kidnapper cheat on their lover

Hope you have fun! bye! —Preceding unsigned comment added by XboxSimmer4 (talkcontribs) 18:52, June 19, 2018‎ (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~