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Since last May, possibly even earlier then that, I've noticed that various articles related to The Sims 4 and the newest content packs of that game have been lacking in content. And especially the editors that edit The Sims 4 articles. Many of these pages such as this, this and especially this are honestly just depressing to look at. Many of those articles/sections have mostly not gained any forms of edits since their creation. They encourage people to expand them, but it seems that editors who have access to The Sims 4 don't edit them. I am not blaming anyone here, as people may not have some of the content packs, and/or have real life getting in the way. And this is the reason why I created this thread. We need more active editors, that would edit when our current editors are busy and vice versa.

As the current The Sims 4 editors most likely don't have time to do these enormous edits, together or alone, is the reason why this wiki needs more people familiar with The Sims 4. And not just TS4, some of The Sims 3 articles also don't have enough information. Yeah, every article not having enough information is going to be common in big wikis like this, but when pages that are about the biggest features of a newly released content pack are stub, like the examples I showed earlier, I honestly think there might be a some sort of problem.

The featured articles are back, and while it is great, it also seems that the activity over there is small. The current nomination only has two votes for it and those two votes are from the same users who also voted for the FA of August, which also got two votes only. Again, I'm not blaming anyone for not voting on those featured articles and the nomination for July did actually get a lot of votes, but I just fear that since the past two months have been lacking in other nominations by users other than me, I have a feeling that it is alive only because it is "Featured Article" and that it's important since every other big wiki has it. Many other nice features such as wiki battles and featured fanon have also died, as there hasn't been big activity in them.

If looked into the page views of the most popular articles, it can been seen that there are a lot of visitors here reading our articles. So I think the question that I'm presenting here is "How do we make those readers, editors?" People that would join the current group of The Sims Wiki editors and then would create, expand, and improve articles together, along with joining into important and fun discussions, featured article nominations and more. The current community of this wiki is amazing and do great edits, but I think it could be a lot more.

Since the new infobox design situation is now done, I think this is something that should be talk about. So, let's talk. - SimDestroyer (talk) 16:58, August 26, 2018 (UTC)


Gonna add my input in. I ageee with what you're saying. I have also been expanding some of the pages for Sims from The Sims Pet Stories.

Also TS4 game Page has been a Target to vandalism here. Could you think about protecting the page?

Bubbz3388 (talk) 17:03, August 26, 2018 (UTC)Bubbz3388

The The Sims 4 page has already been temporarily protected; however this thread isn't about that. Page protection requests should be made at the administrators' noticeboard and not the community discussions forum. —k6ka 🍁 (Talk · Contributions) 11:02, August 27, 2018 (UTC)


Yes, those pages are in a sad state and I would help if I could, but I do not have TS4 and buying it isn't very high on my list of priorities (already have Sims 2 + Sims 3, working, caring for family and studying at university). While I have seen some harsh criticism towards TS4, even from some long-time Sims players, there are fans out there. This community is very helpful and industrious, but will these readers actually have the motivation, coherency and maturity to positively contribute to these barren wiki pages? If one thing is certain, a deeper understanding of TS4's mechanics will become more clear to players as they explore every angle of the game over time. --Acherontia Styx (Talk) 15:40, August 28, 2018 (UTC)

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