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The world is a wonderful place, i know that, but what would life be like without The Sims or The Sims 2, for that matter. I don't really understand all the comments of people saying that they couldn't live without Sims. You COULD live without Sims, if you didn't know they even existed. I know where people are getting to if they mean "I was grounded and was banned from playing The Sims for a week! I can't live without it! I understand that but even so..... The broke's, The Goths, it doesn't make sense, why is everyone acting as if the Sims is real - well, don't get me wrong, I KNOW it's actually MEANT to seem real- sometimes, it's a little TO real. I mean there's even theories on the INTERNET about Mrs, CrumpleBottom! She's MADE UP! I'm sure everyone's eager to find out the mystery behind the CrumpleBotton family, but- the interenet- PUHH-LEASE! Even I'm engrosed in it. It's wonderful and I'm interested to find out what happens. Why why don't we just ask E.A on the Sims 2 Official Site! There's Maxiod's on there and all? And I wonder why the Sopcial Bunny doesn't turn up often. Face it guys -NPC's deserve more appearances- we can't just treat them like "Oh she's cute!" and "Eurrghh! The old bag!" Like I mentioned (ther NOT real). If anyone has any complants about this article please post it HERE :

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Q: What do you reckon the world would be like without the Sims 1 or 2? My answer: If The Sims wasn't invented, we sure would be able to cope.

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