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I've been trying to make some updates to the wiki by following what's been done before as a guide, (improving where I can). I have a problem when it comes to making new articles for Sim families. When should they be called a "family" and when are they a "household".

Besides the obvious situations where either everyone is related (family) or nobody is (household) there has been little consistency. Here are some of the problem areas:

  1. What if a sim is the sole member of their household?
  2. What if the household is clearly a family but has a single non-related member living with them? (ex. Littler family)
  3. What if there's a household of room mates but within that house there are a pair of siblings? (ex. Caliente household)
  4. What if a situation exists like the one above but the related sims are cousins?

I think there should be some standard for this but I cannot find it. (If one gets decided from this discussion, the decision should be posted on the Template:FamilyInfobox page.

It seems to me that the rule should go something like:

  • If the household's name equals 50% or more of the inhabitants' last names, the household is a family.
  • If the household name does not equal 50% or more of the inhabitants' last names, it is a household unless the household name is clearly a variation of its inhabitants.
  • The household or family name should be as the game presents it with only "family" or "household" appended to the end.
To clarify, the Jones-Brown family would indeed be called a family as, although only one of the three inhabitants has that last name, it it clearly derived from her parents' names. However the Bird Sisters Household (which is called the Bird Family on this wiki) should be called the "Bird Sisters household" as there is no "Bird" household in the game.

I'm asking this to clarify (especially for single member households, which I think should be "family" in case there are other members elsewhere, they can be added to that family page) as I am in the process of updating Midnight Hollow and I want to get things in line for ITF when it comes out.

Any thoughts?

--Absimiliard (talk) 05:08, September 27, 2013 (UTC)Absimiliard

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