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This is The Sims Wiki's main community discussions forum. If you have a matter regarding the wiki that you want to talk about with other members of the community, or want to participate in an ongoing discussion, please use this forum. To start a new conversation, use the 'Start a new thread' button below.

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Collection articles12:24, May 1, 2019SimDestroyer
Migrating from FANDOM to a new host03:57, April 18, 201974.198.131.130
Merging/Separating pages for Sims that appear in multiple games19:53, April 17, 2019Gvaudoin
Name for listing stuff article00:14, April 14, 2019K6ka
Article for boat holders?21:03, April 7, 2019LostInRiverview
Standards for object infobox images03:57, April 6, 2019LostInRiverview
Use of description quotes on motive articles23:48, March 31, 2019LostInRiverview
New Main Page header Image20:11, March 24, 2019LostInRiverview
Premade lots21:26, March 21, 2019K6ka
The Sims Wiki Marketing Ideas18:12, March 21, 2019LaVemNana
SimGuru articles?16:02, March 9, 2019Gvaudoin
Formal request to disable Featured Videos on TSW14:16, February 20, 2019K6ka
Starting a development forum15:48, February 16, 2019K6ka
A New Logo For The Sims Wiki15:34, February 1, 2019K6ka
Small/minor pet cages18:46, January 2, 2019DrakonoSkerdikas
Replacing the help desk03:50, December 15, 2018K6ka
Handling the information of console games and spin-off23:04, December 13, 2018DrakonoSkerdikas
Separating TS4 info from TS1/2/319:51, November 19, 2018LostInRiverview
Regarding The Sims 4 edits and the community in general13:13, September 29, 2018DrakonoSkerdikas
Adding Categories for aspirations.18:36, August 12, 2018LostInRiverview
Replacement filing cabinet
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Closing down Wiki Chat16:27, April 18, 2019K6ka
*Says something unpopular and controversial:*00:45, March 1, 2019K6ka
Battles Revival15:54, February 16, 2019K6ka
Looking to update age icons15:45, February 16, 2019K6ka
A new page category15:44, February 16, 2019K6ka
Just a design question15:43, February 16, 2019K6ka
Christmas theme 201821:05, January 1, 2019K6ka
Autopatrolled user group16:33, October 18, 2018K6ka
Speedy deletion of copycat templates03:44, October 9, 2018LostInRiverview
Template guidelines03:20, October 9, 2018K6ka
Admin elections04:27, August 24, 2018LostInRiverview
Inviting back previous admins04:26, August 24, 2018LostInRiverview
Discussion about Discussions04:25, August 24, 2018LostInRiverview
POV and verifiability policies04:23, August 24, 2018LostInRiverview
Wikia to FANDOM04:22, August 24, 2018LostInRiverview
TS4 pet traits navbox (work in progress)04:22, August 24, 2018LostInRiverview
Power Aspiration19:26, August 12, 2018K6ka
New infobox design22:42, July 22, 2018LostInRiverview
Implementing content mods on TSW13:16, May 21, 2018Auror Andrachome
Fanon for other player's works04:52, May 7, 2018LostInRiverview
Enabling recent changes patrol03:02, April 12, 2018K6ka
FANDOM is researching how fans edit on your community14:44, March 5, 2018K6ka
New Metabox development06:43, February 7, 2018LostInRiverview
Content moderators21:53, January 9, 2018K6ka
Could we reopen fanon battles?21:43, January 9, 2018LostInRiverview
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