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These are questions for Mother Nature. If you are not this user please do not answer these questions.

Yeah this is Mother Nature, or as Susan, or Sunny. But I will be busy on April 4, 2009- April 6, 2009. Got Some some serious simming to do. Please, don't expect answers for this period for The Sims 3 doesn't create itself! Hello, please list all The Sims 3 questions here! I will give you all The Sims 3 information, Ben allows me to, (Ben Bell, executive producer allows me to give.

If your questions isn't here check the archives.

Sunny has not been active for some reason. If you want answers, users with Sims 3 can answer your questions for you.

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General Questions Edit

Sorry to Sunny, but if you would like these questions to be actually answered, go on the offical UK Sims 3 forums and ask. :) You get a much quicker reponse :D

Is Strangetown gonna be in it?
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  • Q: Can Sims move out of the current neighborhood and move to a different one and still be able to remember everyone? I would love that!

A: No. One nhood (Sunset Valley) ships with the game and another will be able to download.

  • Q: Is there a seperate body slider for hips,wasits, and chests?

A: For fitness and fatness only.

Q: can you concentrate on the family aspect of sims 3 like just having kids dieing your kids having kids etc

A: Of course!

  • Q: Will we have weather in the sims 3?

A: Only rain. Nothing else.

Q: will it be realsed on wii and will it be similar to on pc!!!

A: No, it will only be released on iPhone, Blackberry, PC and Mac.

Q:How many families will live in Sunset Valley? User: Alexpn

A: About 60 sims in total.

Q: This is about the second Neighborhood Riverview,is it a town that will be attached to Sunset Valley that our Sims can drive to, or is it a totally separate Neighborhood? I hope its attached instead, so we can have all our Sims together.User: Claramj

A: It's a completely different neighbourhood, just like two nhoods in TS2

  • Q: Are the clothes from the sims 2 and 1 gonna be inti or will there be entirly new ones? Will pets be avalible in the base game? Will you have the option to change seasons? Can you go to university? User:Jace10

A: There will be similar ones and completely new ones. There will be no pets, and no university. Only rain will feature.

A: She will.She and her husband are both deceased,biried in a private Goth Graveyard.

  • Q: Are there any hairstyles that weren't used in the base game of the isms 1 or 2 featured in the sims 3 create -a - sim? i.e many of the elders in futher in family tress ahbve distinct hairstyles you can't find anywhere else in the game. will those be included?

A: Yes there will be completely new ones. They've all been basically redesigned. And there are no elders in the BG already pre created.

  • Q: Why can we find [Tragic Clown's] tombstone at the graveyard? --Aster09

A: You can't.

  • Q: WOW! hes not dead! 1. I was wondering if you could tell us some of the buildings for the less obvious careers (e.g. Music/Entertainment/Journalism/Military)?2.Also is Nude a personality trait (theres never nude so y not)? 3.If you ressurect a sim do they look normal or still like a ghost but playable? (I know u probably cant answer the last Q but u cant blame a guy 4 trying!) thanx again Matta jr 23:04, 3 April 2009 (UTC)

A: 1. They basically look like what they would be. Music is a theatre, Space is a Space Dattion, Law E is a court, etc. 2. No, nudist is not a trait. 3. Yes. Ghosts are completely playable, can marry other sims and have ghost babies!

  • Q: Will all the families from the Sims 1 and Sims 2 appear younger in the Sims 3? Random Ranaun 23:13, 3 April 2009 (UTC)

A: Yes! There's Bella and Mortimer as kids, Malcolm Landgraab as a kid, and Mrs Crumplebottom as an adult.

  • Q: Will there be: 1. peeeping toms? 2. tea parties?3. green facial masks?

A: 1. No. 2. Not in that sense. 3. No. You can have entirely green face paint or even green skin! But there is a spa!

  • Q: Can sims own more than one house?can you confirm that the Snooty Patooty Family will be in Susnet Valley( I HAVE TO KNOW in order to make palns accordingly. its like,, very vital i know. so..pretty please)?

A: No Snooty Patooty and only one house.

  • Q: are there landlords? can you rent? are there revolving bookcases? are there clubs(ie. Sim City Bridge Society,bookclub, gardening club,evil club,etc.)sims can join? can you make clubs?

A: No, you buy a house and pay bills.

  • Q: Since Sims 3 is a prequel, this won't be revealed in the sims 3. So I was wondering if you could expalain their mysterious deaths. How & where did Malcom Langraab III and Margret Landgraab die when adults?


  • Q:In The Sims (the sims 1 that is) Exchange, there is a family created by maxis called the Jones Family for download. Are they included in the sims 3? if are there any family ties between them and Chris Jones and her family? Can you confirm what those ties are? Are they realitives?FREEDOM 55


  • Q: Can we still write a sims bio in create- a-sim?

A: Of course, they actually said it.

  • Q: Will the other Sims 2 neighborhoods (Veronaville, Strangetown, Riverblossom Hills,Desiderata Valley,etc.) be added to The Sims 3 in expansion packs? Random Ranaun 01:42, 5 April 2009 (UTC)

A: No. Only Sunset Valley and Riverview.

  • Q: Can you confirm that the following famalies make an appearance in susnet valley: 1. Maximus 2.Mashjuga 3. Charming 4. Hicks 5.Hatfield 6.Valentino ? I kinda HAVE to know... pretty please...

A: None of those are in the Sims 3.

  • Q: So, I well aware Sims can have favourites, so do they have dsilikes too?(e.g hate a certain food or music.)

A: No.

  • Q 1.Are babies controllable now? 2. will all babies (except identical twins of course) look diferent and and distinctive? As in, they won't just ahve a different skintone like in the sims 2.

A: No, babies are not. Toddlers are.

  • Q Can toddlers climb up stairs? Is there a baby safety gate for stairs(I forget what they are actually called but it prevents babies from falling down the stairs)?

A: Not at all.

  • Q In some of the very first previews of the sims 3, they stated that sims will not look for cars when crossing the street. Can they still do that? Deos this mean they can get hit by cars?

A: No, a car will stop for a sim.

  • Q: Can you create new neighborhoods in the sims 3?

A: Not at first, but EA hopes to release a Nhood tool.

  • Q 1.When sims cook can they cook a specific way. e.g if a sim cooks egss, can they cook it overeasy, well done ,sunny side up, etc.? 2.If so, will they have a prefrence of the way a certain food is cooked? 3.Or An intollerence, like if its not cooked they way they like they might not eat, be displeases, or get sick? 4. Can sims ahve allergies? 5. Are there any new sicknesses and diseases sims can get sick from?

A: 1. No. They will be seperate dishes. 2. Yes. Sims will have favourites. 3. Vegetarians will not eat meat, and if they do, they get sick. 4. Sims can't have allergies. 5. No.

  • Q:1.Will there be water hoses? 2.gangsters? 3.yatchs? 4.bumblebee attacks?5.any animals(bears in the forest, birds for bird watching, squirells, crabs on the beach. I know probably not , but another of my great expansion ideas:P)?

A: 1. No. 2. You can make one, but he won't actually BE a gangster. 3. No. 4. Yes. 5. No.

  • Q: Counted The Fact The "Landgrab" Family Appear Within This New Saga Of Sims 3 Characters, Would This Mean That The Landgrab Family Will Do What They Did In "The Sims: Bustin' Out" ? (i.e Destroying Rare Items, For Quests).

A: No. They will merely operate as a regular family. Also, Malcolm is only a child.

  • Q: Ok, Gunter Goth And His Family are The Founders Of Sunset Valley. And Look At all The New Places In The Game, Theres A New Graveyard, And A Beach, And A Museum. But my questions is If Sunset Vally Is Pleasentview A Few Years Back, The Why Don't These Places Appear In The Sims 2 Pleasantview? (NOTE: This Game Must Be Dated Back Very Far, Because The Bridge In Pleasentview Doesn't Appear In Susent Vally, am I right?)

A: Sunset Valley and Pleasantview are completely different nhoods.

  • Q:I Have Noticed All The Premade Sims On The Box Art Seem To All look-A-Like, Is This Going To Effect Every C.A.S? (i.e When I Create Something, will it be able match an NPC with the tools given?)

A: No, they don't actually.

  • Q:If All Of These New Families Appear In The New Game, Then How Come Mortimer Goth Cannot Remember?, There Is A Brand New Family The Game Called "Altos", And There His Parents Arch Enemy, How Come Mortimer Has No Memory Of Them In The Sims 2? (My Guess: They Might Have Been A Spoiler If They Where Remembered But Not Featured. Is that a good guess?)

A: No, you're wrong. The Langraabs are at war with the Altos, and Mortimer is completely unlrelated. Also, remember that the Sims 3 was created AFTER the Sims 2. The devlopers making the Sims 2 wee not concentrating on the Sims 3's story when making it.

  • QThere Was A Mysterious Fire In The Sims 2, Within Mortimers Memory's Ad Least, Acording To The Memory, And The Articles. Mortimer Burned Down His own House By Cooking, If So, Did That Fire Spread?, Because Most Of The Buildings In The Sims 3 Don't appear In The Sims 2, Could this Be The Cause? ...

A: No. Nothing like that will happen.

  • Q I have a few questions that came to me. 1)Will there be churches that Sims can attend? 2) Will teens be able to have tattoos? 3) Will the Caliente, Lothario, Newbie, and Oldie families be returning? 4)Can we create custom neighborhoods like in TS2, or is Sunset Valley going to be the only neighborhood in the base game? I understand if you can't answer some of these, but any answer is fine with me! Mattlovesthesims 16:34, 5 April 2009 (UTC)

A: The answer to all your questions is no.

  • Q:The Sims 3 is so amazing that this all I need you to confirm that wil be in the game: lemonade stands, golf, bowling aleys,food & eating

contests,sewing,volins,kites,ballet,a wishing well, murphy beds,pillow fights,elevators,a slidding closet door,plastic sugery machine, antfrm, mimes or money contiffiters? thank you:) A: Yes, those will be in it, to a certain extent.

  • Q: Many ppl forget that the sims is such a step from the sims 2,making it such a large game that any previews we have now can only cover a small sample of the gaming experience, since many of these previews are on the incomplete game and they arerestricted on not nearly enough time. Especailly since people have to try to get use to the new exciting foreign game,in order to even attempt to compare it to other previous games of the sims genre. keeping that in mindmy question is: Can sims influnce other sims like in the sims 2. If not, how can they? 2)Is there a flowershop? If not can I make one?

Thank-you so much!Its realy appriecated. A:

  • Q:Is there a walk of fame? Is there the law career track?


  • Q: Two questions.Do Sims walk or dance difrently with different traits? 2) Do certain locations spawn certain townies and npcs?for example, at afancy resturant you will see arsticrats and ppl in formal wear.


  • Q:1) Will the family trees be larger, deeper, and more complex than we remember them to be in the sims 2? 2)if so,will Simon & prudence crumplebottom's parents and other unknown realtives be shown? 3) Robert Crumplebottom died of a chandeliere falling on him.Does this mean sims can now die by chandeliers falling on them?!FREEDOM 55


  • Q:I realize not all the features of University Exp. will be added to Sims 3 but I was wondering if added waht features are they? 2)Are there stiil universities & colleges? 3)Can sims gradute? 4)Can Sims streak? 5) Can Sims get drunk off" juice"? 6) Can sims get high offf bubbles?FREEDOM 55thnkx


  • Q:Will the hidden items my sim finds, be around (in diff. places of course)for other sims after to find ?Once I find something can I go back to the same place and find it again? or these items are totally unique? esp. in the cases of the death flower? BASICALLY my question is once an item is found can it be found again?


  • Q: Are there apartments? can you live in them?


  • Q: this one is personal,ie more about you and less of the Sims 3. there are lot of skeptics ( for good reason) of your actual validity on a database anyone can edit. most ppl think you do not really work in the sims 3 team b/c of your suprising and vague answers. Not everyone believes this, of course, but i was wondering what reassurements can you give to belivers like me? are you real? My question is what do have to or want to say to the disbelievers? Or what can you prove that you actaully work on the sims 3 team.
  • this of course, is no way ment to be taken offensive. many members are very thankful of your answers. its just a question to give you a gateway to clear things up;D


  • Q: is the fancy hydromatic toliet from the sims 1 going to be in the game?


  • Q: Can grass grow in the sims 3? if so how tall?does this mean there will be lawn moyers?


  • Q: Is it easier to woohoo with the grim reaper now? can you even do that? is he still an Npc? will we see a storyline for the grim reaper in the sims 3?


  • Q: How can sims from strangetownor veronaville be included in sunsetvalley when the storyline is based on past pleasantview?


  • Q: In the sims 2,Does the Roth family have any connection to the Goth family? if so are they featured in the sims 3?


  • Q: will gooby Gilscarbo make an appearance in the sims 3? he is such a famous townie! if so will other sims that were townies make an appearance in the sims 3?


  • Q: 1)will any residents or ancestors of downtown and other districts, and sub neigborhoods make an appearance in the sims3? 2)more specificlysims from: blue watervillage,or simstate university? 3)will there be any secret lots? 4)will there be the downloadable (from the sims 1 and 2 exchange sites) maxis made familes featured in the game? 5)like the jones family or the snooty patooty family?


  • Q: Sims have no comfort or envoiroment motive? how will they be able to experience my nice items I just bought? Or feel the difference from sleeping on the floor or a nice expensive bed? can sims sleep on the floor? How wiil sims recognize diffrent envoiroment condtions?


  • Q: what connection deos Belldonna Cove have to the Bella Goth mystery? in the sims 3 will we find out?


  • Q: Can we make sims taller in the sims 3?


  • QAre there life guards? what about clouds? shooting stars? astertoids? comets? do clouds make shapes?


  • QAre babies finally playable? are there new interactions for babies? can babies crawl?


  • Q': Cans sims go in a resturant? whatt about a space/ science centre shown in recent pictures?Can they go there? may books plie on one another? can sims create mess? i.e turning over furniture, throwing clothes on the floor, etc.


  • Q:1.can young adults have children?2. is the social worker still an npc? 3.can you make women with big boobs? 4.can you get arrested/go to jail? 5.if so what can you get arrested for? thanks for answering all my q's


  • Q: hopefully the game doesn't featured 'Unused Accessories" like the Sims 2. Some unused accessories are in this link here: Will there be unused accessories from the Sims 1 and 2, featured in the Sims 3? Meaning, that players can actually find them in the game AND USE THEM? thankx


  • Q: What are the names of the members of the alto family? Is it true one of them is running for mayor? Against Gunther Goth?


  • Q: 1)Will Sims have memories still? 2)Will they have diaries they can put their thoughts and life in? If so can we read them?! 3)Can other Sims read them?


  • Q: 1) can parent read to their kids a bedtime story? 2) Can Sims roughhouse among family members? 3) Will there still be the socialite trait? 4) What about the tramp trait? 5) Do sims have fight/karate moves? 6) Can they still kick each other in the shin? 7) Can sims swing kids in arms? 8) Can toddlers huggle?


  • Q: can sims get kidnapped? can they get held for ransom/hostage? Can they walk the red carpet?


  • Q: Can sims watch movies on tv? Can ism s make pottery? Can sims train other sims? i.e. for fitness ,sports, etc.?


  • Q: Cans sims make their own custom recipes for food? Can sims change the shape ans size of their hair, like they can for their body? ie. Start with a premade hairstyle, and add volume?


  • Q: Can sims do handstands? I know the Sims 2 and the Urbz are two different games. But the urbz had some cool interactions, will any of them be featured in Sims 3? :D


  • Q: In future expansion packs will there be Halloween, where sims (kids) can now go trick or treating ,door to door?


  • Q: Will certain mayors influence how the town is , works, and feels? E.g: rumour has it, one of the altos are against gunther goth for mayor. If one of the altos wins, will crime rise? Will evil sims benefit more than nicer sims? Can sims vote for their mayor? Is there Election Day? Will the mayor chosen change the future of the town visibly? Does this mean mayors can place certain policies? Does it matter which mayor is in charge? Please explain. than-you!!!!


  • Q: Can sims blow fire? Can sims partake in pixelated boob flashing? Hey the Sims 2 trailer link above is the one that advertises it....I just am curious to know: P


  • Q: 1) Can sims still sissy fight? 2)paly rock paper scissors? 3)Play tag or red hands? 3)cheer up/entertain with puppets, jabber, perform tricks, kick shins, or play jump rope?


  • Q: Is there still flaming bags of poo, available to be placed at hated sims doorsteps?. Is the more ways sims can vandalize property? Can they still vandalize?


  • Q: 1) can sims get stood up on dates?2) will dating me a mini game like in nightlife? or something different? Can tell us the process? 3) Can sims bribe, sneak out, runaway, or play peek a boo?


  • Q1)can sims play kicky sack?2) Is there drag racing? 3)Can you see sims eat in a resturant?4) Is there a 50s style Diner, we can see sims inside visit?


  • Q:after a while with there create an Object type mod or program? Off topic: waht s your job on the sims 3 team? Is it fun?


  • Q: Is Render Girl (the render on the frontpage of with her hand out) going to be included in the game, if so what's her name? 10:21, 5 April 2009 (UTC)



  • Q: Bella and Mortimer are kids, how can they have a crush? They are just best friends. --Aster09 11:37, 4 April 2009 (UTC)


  • Q: Im curious why is there no education career? Ive seen lists of careers and things no education, there is a school so why no education????? Also is there anywhere that proves that you work for EA like credits or something not that I dont beleive you It would be easier to make people beleive then?


  • Q: can sims can get wet?like will thre be visble signs like the appearance of being sims willshine,glissen,refelct, they'll look moist , matted down hair? 2. can sims get a job as a fireman?


  • Q: is ther a romantic trait? is there an unromantic trait?2) can we see sims eat in a resturant?


  • Q: traits. is there still: 1) the conversationalist ? 2)tramp? 3)adversial?4 cursed?)5)gloomy?6)insentive?8)nosy?9)parnoid?10)playful? 11)shy?12 )unforgiving?13)vegan ?14)whiney? 15)worrywart 17))sweet talker 18)good at massages ?* a simple yes or no to confrim for each trait is fine. than- you asnwering ALl these questions . i know its lot..


  • Q:About the Stangetown families, will any of the Curious brothers be on it or arn't any of them born yet?


  • Q:Will the Capps and Montys be on it (so we can find out how their feud started)?


  • Q:What if, I fill all townie houses will my sims. Will the computer generate new houses for townies? or will the townies be homeless?Where would they be put?


  • Q:Will family trees go back even further that what we kinow of from the ims 2? Is it possible to ressurect sims back to huamn form? what abojut zombies? are there zombies?


  • Q:Can sims die of embrassement, quite literally? there are would be quite funny actually


  • Q:Will we be able to make our own neighborhood? will there be aliens because of the delay ?
  • Q:Are there family tree's in this one, if so when a sim dies will he/she still be attached to their widow, 'cos i found that extremely annoying last time


  • Q: Will there be a Sims 3 Body Shop and on the trailer for stealing candy from a baby, was that person Cronelia Goth?

A: No due to all of the Body Shop controversy with TS2. I'm not sure about stealing Candy. GEORGIEGIBBONS 13:50, July 22, 2010 (UTC)

  • Q:Will there be young adults in the sims 3? If so, can they go to college or a university??


  • Q:What will the censor system look like? Will it be the same as The Sims 2, but a little different or what? Kuzlalala Squee! 00:52, 23 May 2009 (UTC)

A: Yes.

  • Q: It looks like the entire neighborhood age with your lot. That looks very very hard to keep up, especially if I am not the only one playing in the same computer. Does all them age simultanious and my Sims will die of old age because I use to play with another family? Or there are different space times? Ilovefoxes 21:22, 12 April 2009 (UTC)


Sims 3 Edit

Hi! I've never bought a sims game for PC (I only have bought them for ps2) and I was reading about the Sims 3. Does it include eveything? Or is it just specific games? Also, which sims do you recommend? I guess this is mostly advice. Thanks, Jenny Vincent♣ 02:41, September 18, 2010 (UTC)

Help in my sims islanp paradise Please Edit

Do i have to BUY the sims 3 to play the sims 3 island paradise or can i just download a cracked version of the sims 3 and that would work just as fine??, i have the CD for sims 3 island paradise and it doesnt say expantion pack at the bottom, Just sims 3 island paradise.

And if i ordered the sims 3 island paradise expantion pack, Do i have to still get the sims 3 island paradise that doesnt say expantion pack at the bottom—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 09:59 2 September 2014 (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~

my sims 3 is super slow and only my gamplay mods are working not my content mods! Edit

Hey guys! So I've had Sims for more than 10 years and I love this game but ever since I got a new computer the problems have started. SO its now a Sims 3 and the so slow i mean its ridiculous! It pauses for about 30 seconds and then gives me about 5-10 seconds of normal gameplay, that drives me nuts! So anyways my mods are so crazy now too so only the mods that affect gameplay are working but not my content mods and not only that but my load up is horribly slow about 100-160 min? so anyways I have tried deleting the folders and putting them back and deleting the resource.cfg file and redownloading and absoutlely nothing is helping I actually didnt sleep for 3 days because i was trying to figure this problem out! i finally gave up until yesterday when i was playing one random little clothing mod popped up and the reignited the flame. so now i am determined to now fix this problem! SO please guys im begging you please help me fix this lagging and why are only the gameplay mods working and not content?! does it have something to do with windows 10? also i know that it can sense it because when i take them out and only have like 50 mods it takes like 10-30 min to load but if i have my mods then it takes 3-4 times longer to load up so I know it reads them yet theyre not showing up. And i know im kind of on the right path because for the longest time neither types of mods would work but now i have atleast the gamplay mods working. Thank you sorry this is so long!

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