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The Sim's bio templates are getting too large and the main body of some Sim pages is very sparse. I am asking for ideas on how to shift the information around to get a well-balanced page. --a_morris (talk) 19:20, 10 April 2009 (UTC)

User:Sprite7868's example Edit

You can edit this. If you want to make it better dont put a bunch of stuff to ruin it though just put some information for The Sims.

When you first play a sim from The Sims 2 you'lle notice his Aspriration, Zodiac Sign, First Wants, First Fears, and his memories so far. So you can also learn about the sims past, present, and maybe there future. And you can also learn alot about dead sims who have past away. All you have to use is Simpe. If you want to download Simpe go to it's website.

Im using Malcolm Landgraab IV as an example

His first wants include: -- Earn Some Money, Buy Painting's, Reach Creativity Point, Buy Sculptures - Change first to last if the sim is deceased

His first fears include: -- Repo Man, Fire, See Vermin - Change first to last if the sim is deceased

Personality: -- Neat () Outgoing () Active () Playful () Nice ()

Memories: -- The way a sim lives there life.

Standard Memories -- Every CAS Sims gets these memories when they are created. So they have some memories to start out with.


  • Met Mystery Sim
  • Made Best Friends with Mystery Sim
  • Had Very First Kiss with Mystery Sim
  • Kissed Mystery Sim


Job/School_and grade: None -- If your sims has a job put this tab mark and if your child, teen sim has a school put this

Business: Electronics Supercenter, Club Dante -- If you have Open for Buisness installed and your sim has a businees put this.

Turn On's/Turn Off's This could be put in. Its what your sim doesnt or does look foward in another sim

Comments Edit

I would change "Character" to "Personality". I don't think we need to put all of their memories. Malcolm's are just the standard memories that every Adult CAS starts with. --a_morris (talk) 14:47, 11 April 2009 (UTC)

Allison Sim
TALK - 21:09, 14 April 2009 (UTC)
Since Personality in The Sims and The Sims 2 is based on their Zodiac Signs I was hoping we could expand on the traits for each sign rather than put the exact numbers on each Sim's page.

Other Suggestions Edit

Allison Sim
TALK - 21:09, 14 April 2009 (UTC)
Check out this new layout. I have moved the Templates for each game to the left in their proper section and removed the images, which will have to go in a gallery at the bottom.

Residence, career, etc. Edit

I suggest a few addition to the simbios:

-Residence: shows either house name and address, or "the bin" for those who don't have default residence, or "tawnie", etc. -Career: the sim's starting career, if any, and her current rank/title. For non-adults it shouls show which school they go to and/or their major study. For NPC's that have special careers, it would say "maid", "police", "private school headmaster", etc. -Affiliation: so far only applicable to some Sim2 EP's, this would show the sim's membership in certain clubs, fraternity or secret society. -Version: specifies which version or which game the sim appears in, as we talked about in the "version labelling" topic. It should say something like "The Sims: Unleashed" or "The Sims Bustin' Out". Additionally, it can also say things like "downloadable content" and other info outside of the game world. -Relations: shows relations outside of the family: lovers, steadies, crushes, best friends, enemies, roommates, pets. -Business ownership: if any. -Lastly, more detailed skill, badge and personality stats can all be included. These may be considered too detailed, but if these info are readily available, why not put them in anyway? You could put them in a collapsable tree so that it won't clutter up the page by default.

I also suggest getting rid of the image on top, it's just redundant. Since no image is version-independant, the one image for each version should suffice. If anyone wants to have more images, they should just put it in a gallery at the end of the article.

Secondly, the family info should be redone somewhat. Either it can stay in the current top box, in which case it should include all family info across multiple games, and get rid of "deceased" labels since that's version-specific; or the family info can be specified for each version. I think a distinction should also be made between birth parents and current parents. Uly 14:30, 25 May 2009 (UTC)

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