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|[[Smoothie stand|Fruitally Perfect Smoothie Stand]]
|[[Smoothie stand|Fruitally Perfect Smoothie Stand]]
|Banana Berry (§5)
|Banana Berry (§5)
Apple Combination (§10)
Apple Combination (§10)

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The Sims Hot Date The Sims Unleashed The Sims Superstar The Sims Makin Magic

Food Cart
Ts1 smoothie cart
Game The Sims
Buyable Community lot
Type Needs
Size 2x2

Food carts are community lot objects appearing in several expansion packs for The Sims. They can be found on various default community lots.

Sims can purchase food or drinks from these stands, and can choose from up to three different types of foods, depending on the cart. Some food carts, however, have only one type of food. The Sim will watch as the vendor prepares the food before handing it to them, after which they will either find a place to sit and enjoy their food, or consume it standing up. This provides a slight hunger boost.

Types of food carts

Expansion Image Name Price Hunger Food Served
The Sims Hot Date Slush Queen Ice Cream Counter §3444 3 Ice Cream (§10)
The Sims Hot Date Cheap Eats Counter §4800 4 Hot Dog (§15)

Hamburger (§35)

Pizza (§25)

The Sims Unleashed "Pasticcetera" Pastry Cart §4700 4 Pastry (§15)
The Sims Unleashed Travelin' Joe's Espressso Cart §4900 3 Espresso (§12)
The Sims Unleashed Ts1 shrimp cart Hellfire Hot Shrimp on a Stick §4800 4 Shrimp Skewer (§25)
The Sims Superstar Ts1 smoothie cart Fruitally Perfect Smoothie Stand §1800 10 Banana Berry (§5)

Apple Combination (§10)

Strawberry Freeze (§15)

The Sims Superstar Ts1 sushi cart Sushi Yatai §6714 5 Maki Sushi (§25)

Nigiri Sushi (§35)

Inari Sushi (§20)

The Sims Makin Magic Deluxe "Air Puft" Candy Floss Cart §342 2 Cotton Candy (§15)
The Sims Makin Magic Popcorn machine The Sims Makin' Magic Pops O' Corn Deluxe Stand §519 2 Popcorn (§6)
The Sims Makin Magic Madame Magyar's Gulyas Goulash §4545


Goulash (§12)
The Sims Makin Magic Ghoulish Graveyard Gumbo §5555


Gumbo (§18)
Mcdonaldskiosk McDonald's Food Kiosk §4900 3 Big Mac (§10)

Quarter Pounder (§10)

French Fries (§10)

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