The Floor Hygienator is a new object that can be constructed by sims in The Sims 3: Ambitions with the Inventing skill and will often be the first of the Big Invention class of inventions to be created. Like their name suggests, they are put on the floor and can restore a small amount of Hygiene every couple of seconds to those in a nearby radius around it by releasing an aromatic mist in one of three selectable scents that each have a unique color. They can be placed almost anywhere, including under objects and can even be grouped in a tightly nit formation for additional effect. It is highly recommended to place Floor Hygienators in places where your sim crosses often or spends a lot of time, however, there is a certain risk in this as Floor Hygienators that are not of the Masterful level can backfire and make your sim naseous, causing them to vomit shortly after as well as noticeably lower their Hygiene.

For most sims, along with being in a perpetual state of Squeaky Clean they also get the New Car Smell and Minty Breath moodlets from being around a Floor Hygienator. Some sims with certain Traits even get a bonus moodlet such as those who with the Genius trait getting the Fascinated moodlet. On the other side of the coin, there are also Traits that react negatively to Floor Hygienators such as Neurotic sims who get a Scared moodlet from them.

Floor Hygienators are completely portable and your sim can lay them down at home or on community lots alike so it is always handy to carry around a few spare, however, they tend to be unreliable for long term exposure until your sim is capable of building a Masterful one. Masterful Floor Hygienators are of incredible use to those training on exercise machines or when breaking boards as two to three Floor Hygienators under them can completely offset the Hygiene drain that naturally results in participating in those activities with no fear or backfiring and in general can be placed all over your house with reckless abandon to the benefit of your sims.

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