Flamenco Caliente
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Flamenco Caliente
Name Flamenco Caliente
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age TS3-Elder Elder
Life state Alien Alien-Sim hybrid
Caliente Family
Parents Nestor Caliente, Pollination Technician 7 Both Deceased
Sibling(s) Tango Caliente Half-brother, Deceased
Romances Nighat Caliente Married, Deceased
Child(ren) Nina Caliente Daughter, Dina Caliente Daughter
Zodiac sign Cancer Cancer
Aspiration  Family
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Deceased
Neighborhood Pleasantview

Flamenco Caliente is one of the pre-created, yet unplayable Sims featured in The Sims 2 as ancestors of playable, pre-created Sims. Though deceased when the game begins, you can see him in the relationship trees of playable Sims Dina Caliente and Nina Caliente, who are his daughters. According to his daughters' memories, he died when they were adults.

He is the father of twins, Dina Caliente and Nina Caliente. His wife was Nighat Caliente, and he is the result of an alien abduction between Nestor Caliente and Pollination Technician 7. Like his brother, he gets his name from a Spanish folk dance. His name however could also allude to "Flamingo," which suits both of his daughters quite well. Rare for an alien-Sim hybrid, he has human skin and very few obvious alien traits, except for the high cheekbones. Dina takes after him in looks, having almost the exact same facial features, while his other daughter bears more of a resemblance to her mother. Judging from the picture in the Caliente album of him as an adult, he had brown hair before it turned grey.

His daughters Nina and Dina Caliente appeared in Barnacle Bay the Store neighborhood for The Sims 3, though his daughters are not related to him in the family tree.

His name, Flamenco is a kind of Spanish dance and also means the bird, Flamingo.


  • There is a song in The Sims 3 that is playable on the guitar entitled "Flamenco Fever". This could be one of the several Easter Eggs found in the The Sims 3. However, this could just be because it is a type of dance.
  • His name may be a pun on "Flamenco, what a hot dance"
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Resurrection tip
This Sim has no character data and cannot be resurrected in-game. For more information, read this guide.

The Caliente Family
Nestor - Dulcinea - Tango - Flamenco - Nighat - Dina - Nina - Katrina
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