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The Sims 4: Discover University

Felix Psyded
Felix Psyded.png
Gender Male Male
Age TS3-Adult.png Adult
Life state Ghost.png Ghost
Education and employment
Career Unemployed.png Unemployed
Marital status Single
Traits Trait TS4 Goofball.png Goofball
Trait TS4 Cheerful.png Cheerful
Trait TS4 Outgoing.png Outgoing
Trait TS4 Gregarious.png Gregarious
Aspiration Aspiration TS4 Friend of the World.png Friend of the World
Hair color TS2 Grey Hair.png Greying
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes.png Brown
Skin color Skin-light.png Light
Body shape Thin Average
Other information
Game TS4 EP8 Discover University Icon.png The Sims 4: Discover University
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Laughter
World Britechester

Felix Psyded is a pre-made ghost from the The Sims 4: Discover University. He died from laughter. He is unplayable, unless he is moved into the world.

Felix was an adult when he died and had the Friend of the World aspiration. He has seven skill points in charisma, four points in comedy and three points in mischief. The player can learn more about Felix by having their Sim research urban legends on the research machines at both of the universities. According to the University of Britechester's description, he founded the university.

He was well known for his enthusiasm for learning and humourously large books. Interestingly enough, Felix's outfit choices are weird and wrong: he wears nothing but underwear for his formal outfit, but wears a suit and tie for his athletic outfit and his party outfit. However his sleepwear and swimwear remain different.


Image Skill Level
Skill TS4 Charisma.png Charisma 7
Skill TS4 Comedy.png Comedy 4
Skill TS4 Mischief.png Mischief 3


  • His name is likely a play on words to the phrase "feel excited."