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This article is about a neighborhood. The Sims Castaway Stories

Felicity Island
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Very little is known about this remote tropical paradise. Its location isn't recorded on any chart or map. Wild animals prowl its dense jungles, from the ominous volcanic crater to the wide sandy beaches. Lost and alone, can you survive long enough to find other castaways and meet island natives?
Name Felicity Island
Game TSCS Icon.png The Sims Castaway Stories

Felicity Island is one of the neighborhoods shipped with The Sims Castaway Stories, where the Shipwrecked and Single story takes place. The neighborhood becomes free play mode once the player competes the main storyline.


The lots on Felicity Island all have travel portals instead of the normal roads seen in all other neighborhoods. Each lot has at least one, although many of the community lots have several that lead to specific areas on the travel map (the image in the gallery below). During the Shipwrecked and Single story, some of the community lots temporarily become residential lots.

Residential lots[]

The following lots are not on the Felicity map and thus are not visitable during the story.

Community Lots[]


Playable families[]

Resources: 2,530
Food: 149
Ahio Heimata, Rainui Heimata
The Heimata family are among the most notable people on Felicity Island. Rainui is famous for her drama queen ways, and Ahio is famous for being able to put up with her.
Resources: 3,015
Food: 200
Kiri Roimata, Orama Herenui, Tumata Tehea
By custom, the unattached women of the tribe live in huts in this jungle clearing. This fosters a sense of sharing and community, and makes lighter work out of daily living for all.
Resources: 2,515
Food: 250
Fangaloka Manave, Huhana Manave, Nanihi Manave
The Manave family are close-knit, loving, and easygoing, despite bearing the weight of leading the tribe. Luckily, Fangaloka has developed a good relationship with all known predators over the years.
Resources: 3,000
Food: 245
Amanaki Tama, Urari Tama, Afi Mohea, Patariki Hina, Winford Rhinehart (optional)
The Tamas were Felicity Island's shamans, herbalists, and all-round mystics. Amanaki Tama appointed a heroic outsider to succeed him as shaman, since no one in his own family was suited to take over the role.
Resources: 3,015
Akolo Mamanu, Emobi Whetu, Timoti Fekitoa
By custom, the unattached men of the tribe live together in this hut. The friendship they share as a group alleviates their individual loneliness... for now.

Family bin families[]

Resources: 6,000
Rarahu Anuata
Felicity Island's resident nomad Rarahu doesn't have a home, because he didn't want his prey to get familiar with his scent. But he's getting tired of carrying his collection of blankets everywhere, so he has been reconsidering his lifestyle.
Resources: 5,000
Hugh Bailey
After Hugh nearly crashed the escape helicopter in a struggle over the radio, the pilot dropped him back off on Felicity Island. “You’ll be hearing from my lawyer!” Hugh shouted after the pilot, and he still plans to make good on that threat -- right after he finds a telephone, and calls his broker.
Resources: 5,250
Sandra Barnham
Sandra means well, she’s just a little out of touch with the lives of workaday Sims. Unfortunately, she mentioned her prize begonias once too often for the escape helicopter pilot's liking. Now she'll have plenty of time to cultivate the native flora of Felicity Island.
Resources: 7,500
David Bennett
Your mechanical skills were good enough to earn you a working passage on the Solomon Queen to the hottest singles resort in the world, Club Meet Your Mate. Now that you're shipwrecked, your survival skills are going to require as much work as the ship's engines did.
Resources: 5,500
Gina Gibson
Rescue had arrived, but Gina and the other castaways had a little difficulty staying on the pilot's good side. Before being dumped back on Felicity Island, Gina learned an important lesson -- when asking a helicopter pilot for "lessons," always wait for his answer before grabbing the control stick.
Resources: 7,500
Jessica Knight
Writing an article on Club Meet Your Mate for "Going Places" magazine was a great opportunity, until that unfortunate shipwreck incident. If you can improve your survival skills enough, and hang in until rescue, you might be able to sell this story as a movie of the week.
Resources: 6,000
Robby Smith, Emma Langsford
Much to their surprise, Robby and Emma found happiness on Felicity Island. Now that they've decided to stay, will they grow closer to one another or will they simply drive each other nuts?




Deceased Sims[]

Unplayable Sims[]