Sorry for the delay here. But, it there is some good news as well as semi-bad. At the moment, I'm staying with family, I don't have access to the two files I use for this legacy, because I left my sims laptop at home. But, there is some very good news. My cousin has some expansion packs that I don't, like Showtime and Late Night. She has let me try out these expansion packs. Since I adore Showtime, and she hates it, she says I can keep it. Naturally my go to for sims families is making Goth families. I have already some sims for Bridgeport, and started a fun legacy for Starlight Shores.

It inspired me to make a Goth family for each neighbourhood that I have access to, when I'm back on my own sims laptop. I can't upload anything right now, but I am writing everything that happens in my gameplay down. When I'm back at home, I'll start making pages. They won't be singular for each sim, because I have started to find that quite tedious. Perhaps a page for each neighbourhood family.

I am considering also doing this for the legacies I already have. The pages I have made already will stay there, but there likely won't be any more singular sims pages.

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