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Zoe Aisha Burgess is a teenage British Sim who lives in Sunset Valley in the Sims 3 and lives in Newcrest in the Sims 4.


Her mother's name is Freya, her father's name is Lewis, and her only sibling's name is Archie, who is her younger brother.


Zoe has blonde hair, light skin, brown eyes and her body build is thin. 


Zoe is evil and plays mean tricks on her family and other families. She is very disliked by Jaida Page and in the Sims 4, they got into a fight and Jaida won. Zoe is also a romantic and is only into girls.

Zoe is also disliked and enemies with Holly Alto in the Sims 3. It said that Holly did a friendly introduction to Zoe, then Holly argued with her. 

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