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Zavidah Bramblerose
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Professional criminal mastermind who is specialised in sunstone heists.
Name Zavidah Bramblerose
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult.png Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Human
Education and Employment
Criminal career icon.png Bank Robber (8)
Sword family, Bramblerose family
Parents Marleante Morganthe, Zygo Bramblerose
Sibling(s) Margot Bramblerose Sister, Tyron Bramblerose Brother
Trait Kleptomaniac small.png Kleptomaniac
Trait Handy small.png Handy
Trait Brave small.png Brave
Trait Computer Whiz small.png Computer Whiz
Trait Daredevil small.png Daredevil
Hidden traits
Trait Burglar small.png Burglar
Trait Future Sim small.png Future Sim
Zodiac sign CancerLN.png Cancer
Lifetime wish
LTW Become a Master Thief.png Become a Master Thief
Fav Egyptian.png Egyptian
Fav Dim Sum.png Dim Sum
Fav Grey.png Grey
Hair color Eye-custom.png Light Brown and Blonde
Eye color Eye-hazel.png Hazel
Skin color Dark skin-TS3.png Dark
Body shape Fit Fit
Other Information
Game TS3ITF Icon.png The Sims 3: Into the Future
World Oasis Landing
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Zavidah Bramblerose is the future daughter of Marleante Morganthe and Zygo Bramblerose, younger sister of Margot and older sister of Tyron Bramblerose.

Descendant of Corvia and Cyclone Sword.

Have you heard about the Kingnappers? No? Oh well, you’re probably not from the future then. The Kingnappers are notorious criminals who once kidnapped a king. Get it? But why are we talking about these people now? Because Zavidah is one of them and her siblings are the rest of the gang.

The Shadow[edit | edit source]

We could say Zavidah is the mastermind behind everything. She is a professional bank robber and her hacking skills are also promising. She came up with the perfect plan to abduct George IX. First they needed him to leave the Underground Palace, secondly they had to make sure that no one saw them while performing the action and „C” they needed someone who could get close to the king himself.

Zavidah was informed that the king loves her sister’s, Margot’s music, so the plan was simple.

Invite him to your concert, turn off the lights and bam, there we go!

There are only two questions left: who will be there next to the king? And how? And why did Zavidah wanted to kidnap the king in the first place? That was actually three questions.

The answer for the first two questions is simple: Tyron.

The last question is a bit more complicated. Let’s just say the king had something that belonged to the Brambleroses, so they thought they might take it back. And that something was a rare and shiny and pretty and powerful stone: a sunstone. That’s enough information for today.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Zavidah and her siblings are not future sims, they lived in Sunset Valley and I used the portal to get them to Oasis Landing.
  • She inherited her maternal grandmother’s hair colour.
  • I’m not sure where she got her eye colour though. Probably from her maternal great-grandmother, Magdalena.
  • She also inherited her kleptomaniac nature from Magdalena who was a naughty one too.
  • She looks a lot like her mother.
  • Zavidah and her siblings were not born, they were created in CAS. Fun fact: I mixed Marleen’s (their grandmother’s) genes with Zygo’s because I couldn’t save Marleante into the SavedSims folder (disadvantages of being a mermaid) and Marleen looked a lot like Marleante, so I was like meh, whatever.
  • She has a beauty mark under her right eye, just like Marleen had, her grandmother.
  • She has several tattoos.
  • She mastered her Athletics and Handiness skills.
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