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Yūki Otonashi
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Name Yūki Otonashi
Gender TS2 Female female
Age TS3-Young-Adult young adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
TS4 Education career Teaching Assistant
Otonashi Family
Parents Yuzuru Otonashi Deceased, Sakura Otonashi Deceased
Sibling(s) Misaki Otonashi Twin sister
Romances Rohan Hollunder Deceased
Marital status widowed
Child(ren) Karma Otonashi Son
Trait TS4 Cat Lover Cat Lover
Trait TS4 Loner Loner
Trait Introvert
Trait TS4 Animal Affection Animal Affection
Aspiration  Friend of the Animals
Hair color Eye-custom turquoise
Eye color TS2 Green Eyes green
Skin color Skin-light light
Body shape Thin thin
Other Information
Game Sims 4
Playability playable
Neighborhood Brindleton Bay

Yūki Otonashi is a young woman who lives in Brindleton Bay. She is the mother of Karma Otonashi. She is the older twin sister of Misaki Otonashi. Yūki works as Teaching Assistant and is a well-known autor.

Biography Edit

Childhood and Teenager YearsEdit

Yūki and her sister Misaki were born in Brindleton Bay. They lived with their parents and their cats Tora and Dora in a small house. She learned fast and in primary school, she was the best student. Her sister was not as hardworking as Yūki and also wrote worse grades. This made Misaki jealous and began to manipulate Yūki's homework, tests, etc. to make her write poor grades. But this was quickly noticed and Misaki and Yūki started to hate each other.

When they went home from school one day, they were arguing again. Their path led through a forest and in this forest, the two sisters began to fight. Misaki then pushed Yuki into a thorn bush and the thorns scratched Yūki's right eye so badly that she could no longer see anything on that eye. Misaki then panicked and called her parents, who went to the hospital with Yūki.

The doctor could not save Yūki's eyesight, and she went blind at the right eye. Since there would always be some of the scratches from the bush, Yūki decided to wear an eye patch because she was uncomfortable. Her classmates thought her eye patch was cool and it became even more popular, which Misaki didn't like at all.

She was also popular in high school and wrote very good grades. When her parents died in a house fire, she started writing fantasy books that sold very well. She also learned more and decided to go to university and then become a teacher.

Marriage, death and birth Edit

When she moved, Misaki actually helped her. Yūki stayed in Brindleton Bay, but moved to another house. Since Misaki had a cat allergy, Yūki took Tora. She also started planting all kinds of herbs and flowers. Gardening was one of her hobbies.

At university she finished with a smooth 1.0 and quickly got a job as a substitute teacher and quickly worked her way up to a teaching assistant.

She met Rohan Hollunder in a bar. They fell in love that night and got together pretty quickly. But he was hiding one thing: he had cancer. But he couldn't keep it secret from Yūki for a long time. She found out at some point. Rohan then revealed to her that it had always been his greatest wish to marry his great love - and that was Yūki. She asked him how he could be so sure that she was his great love. After all, they were both young. But Rohan replied that his time would soon be over and if he would wait for this any longer, he would likely miss his chance.

So Yūki and Rohan got married. And then Yūki got pregnant. Rohan and Yūki were looking forward to the child. Rohan wanted to call the child karma because he thought the name was beautiful and was one of his favorite characters from a series. Yūki found the name a bit ridiculous and preferred to call the child Mina or Ryoko. They often discussed a name, but couldn't really agree.

But Rohan should not see the birth of his child. His condition deteriorated dramatically from one day to the next and he died in the hospital two days later. Yūki was shocked by the sudden death of her husband. Fortunately, she found comfort in Tora. This cat was a loyal soul.

A short time later, Yūki gave birth to a healthy boy. It didn't take her long to come up with a name. She called the boy Karma. Karma Otonashi.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of her cats Tora and Dora are based on the name of the anime series "Toradora!"
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