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Written into the Narrative
Genre: low fantasy, drama, romance (some arcs)
Created by: SingMeloetta
Rating: PG-13
Number of chapters:  ???

Original run: 5/6/2017
Status: Ongoing

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Written into the Narrative is a series written by SingMeloetta. It follows Madeline Sycamore, who has a broken timeline, as she alters the stories of the Sims around her.


Pleasantview ArcEdit

Madeline Sycamore, a lady with a broken timeline, moves to Pleasantview with her father, as she wants to set her timeline straight, one town at a time. However, in order to settle things down, she has to intervene. Of course, this can't possibly get messy, now can it?


Main Edit

  • Madeline Sycamore: A young adult with a broken timeline, she travels all over the world with her father, meeting the people whose timelines have been affected by her, as she's trying to regain memories of the things she's altered with her timeline so that one day she can set things right. 
  • Augustine Sycamore: Madeline's father, he is more than happy to help her on her journey of setting things straight. However, does he have hidden secrets of his own?


Pleasent Household: In this family's timeline, Madeline has replaced Kaylynn. 

  • Daniel PleasantA married man who has a huge, un-hideable flirtatious streak, and has been looking for romantic action for a long while. When he meets Madeline for the first time, he gets the romance that he wants, but can he keep his family away from the truth about his new lover?
  • Mary-Sue PleasantA workaholic who has no time for romance due to her tendencies, the only things keeping her marriage together are her fears of letting go of the memories of her blissful past with Daniel, and her concerns over Angela's health with out her in the house to take care of her.
  • Angela Pleasant: A kind but sheltered girl, her parents are concerned about her future in college, and her ability to take care of herself properly, due to her narcolepsy.
  • Lillith PleasantLillith has always been a rebel: She makes all the wrong decisions, no matter the consequences, and has been doing this since she and Angela were children. Deep down though, she's just looking forward to the day when her parents' marriage either gets better or splits for good, so she can finally have some peace in life.

Lothario-Caliente Household: In this household's timeline, she becomes one of Don's lovers.

  • Don Lothario: The local player, he tends to enter romantic relationships with several women at once, breaking off their relationships once he feels like they've given him the right amount of romance. 
  • Dina Caliente: The more ruthless, cunning and flirty of the Caliente twins, Dina is very clearly a gold digger: She is romantically interested in both Don Lothario and Mortimer Goth, two of the richest men in Pleasantview, and has only a want for the finest things in life.
  • Nina Caliente: The sweeter of the Caliente sisters, she's by no means an angel, though she knows how to be gracious and mindful of her surroundings. Nina knows about Don's womanizing streak, but she still is romantically involved with him anyway, for unknown reasons.
  • Katrina Caliente:

Goth Family: In the Goth family timeline, she interacts with the family due to her interest in investigating the disappearance of Bella.

  • Mortimer Goth: Mortimer has been grieving ever since the morning he found out that Bella had disappeared, which was almost a year ago. 
  • Cassandra Goth: Wanting a break from her father's constant sadness and the pressure to become a figure of respect for her younger brother Alexander, she is mostly focused on her "steady" romance with Don Lothario. Will she ever find out the truth about her beloved partner?
  • Alexander Goth: He doesn't like to bother Cassandra, but, after the disappearance of his mother, his father desperately wanted Cassandra to take an authority figure role. So, how could he say no?

Dreamer Family: In the Dreamer family, Darren wants Madeline to become his muse by starting a relationship, though Madeline does not return his feelings.

  • Darren Dreamer: An artist who desperately needs a new muse after the death of his wife, Darleen.
  • Dirk Dreamer: With his father busy at work creating enough artwork to keep the family afloat, Dirk has been hitting the books as much as possible after his mother's untimely death,

Broke Family: In the family timeline, Madeline is a close friend of Brandi who helps her raise the children, as well as helping with providing the family with some income.

  • Brandi Broke: A recent widow who lost her family's source of income when her husband passed away, she's been doing her best to get back on her feet with Madeline's help.
  • Dustin Broke: A rebellious teenager who only got worse with his rebellious tendencies when his father died. 
  • Beau Broke: A young toddler, one that the whole household is helping to raise.
  • Rich Broke: A baby who is born into the family about midway into the Broke arc. Upon his birth, Brandi becomes determined to get him a paternal figure.




The train chugged towards the small, almost abandoned looking station, soon coming to a complete stop. Noticing the sights and signs from one of the train's window seats, two people stepped off the train with only two small suitcases. "Madeline, this is the place. Are you ready?"

"Yeah, or, at least, I think I am. I'm glad we came here first, it seems like a nice place to stay for a while. And, about the house...?"

"Don't worry about it, princess, I've already got it covered. It's on the other side of town though, so I hope you don't mind walking today."

"Excellent! Thank you so much, father. I never would've had the opportunity to do this if-"

"It's alright, darling. I don't mind at all, as long as we're still traveling together." With that, the two began their walk through the suburban neighborhoods of their new home: A small town, that seemed like the cliché town that wasn't notable for anything unless you lived in it; Pleasantview.

Timeline 1: PleasantEdit

Surprisingly, it wasn't Madeline herself who was the first from the Sycamore's household to meet Daniel; Instead, it had been Augustine, as he had been working away in his front yard: The house itself had been so much smaller than the plot of land that he now owned, so what to do with all that extra space had become a question.

"Hey there! Are you new to the neighborhood?" A redheaded man jogged up the paved stone path leading to front door. 

"Yes, in fact, we just arrived here this morning, my name's Augustine Sycamore. Pray tell, how did you find that out so quickly?" 

"Well, you didn't look like a familiar face," Daniel regained his breath, "And Pleasantview's one of those towns where everybody knows everything about everybody else." With that last part of his sentence, Augustine was clear on the fact that this town wasn't all full of smiles and rainbows like the street decor had made it out to be; But what should he expect from a town that looked like it jumped straight from a movie set?

"I noticed that you said we. Where is this beautiful family you must live with?"

"Well, I wasn't expecting guests so early, so excuse the mess inside, but I'm sure my daughter would love to meet you. She's been looking forward to meeting new people ever since we began to plan the move."  So, still wary, Augustine opened his door to the man, and, almost like she was on a cue, Madeline came down stairs, taking each step gracefully.

As soon as Daniel caught sight of her, Daniel knew something had come to light within him; He could just imagine her in a beautiful dress, him showing her off to other party goers whenever they were invited to a social event. Age difference wasn't an issue, something inside of him just needed her as much as a child needed a toy on Snowflake Day. Love could be there, the actual romantic feelings, which he was so desperate for.  But Augustine had just said that this was his daughter, and so, for now, Daniel decided to respect Augustine's wishes and not pounce on her just yet. One day though, he'd be able to catch her alone, even if it was the last thing he did.

"Madeline, this is one of our new neighbors." 

"Hey there. The name's Daniel Pleasant. I live on the other side of town, but I was just out for a jog and I couldn't help but notice this beautiful gi-garden of yours." Sure, he had to bite his tongue to keep him from flirting and scaring the girl off from him for good, but he had been trained in the art of smooth recoveries.

"Madeline Sycamore. It's my pleasure to meet you." She reached out to him for a handshake, and he had to resist with every fiber of his being to not pull her in and kiss her. As for Madeline's reaction, as soon as he said his name, she could sense a slight amount of what was going to come up during this timeline: They were going to end up falling in love, and there'd be a lot of tension, though she couldn't sense from where.

"Well Madeline, I hope I end up seeing you around town, but I need to get going. My wife tends to get stressed if she's left alone for five minutes. And thank you, Augustine, for letting me meet your beautiful daughter." With that, he jogged out of their foyer and continued to make a lap back home.

"Could you feel what was going on?" Augustine prompted her. "He does seem to be rather interested in you."

"Yeah. Something tells me I'm not going to be off to as good as a start as I thought I was here in Pleasantview."

"Do you think you're going to have to reset after you're done with him?"

"I'd say it's about a 50/50 split."

Daniel and Madeline soon proved that they had the uncanny ability to sense each other while they were enjoying Pleasantview's surprisingly large amount of nightlife. The first night they had seen each other after they had met was at the Blue Velvet; a local nightclub that Daniel had frequented whenever Mary-Sue was looking the other way, though he had never seen anyone who had caught his eye there before now.

"Oh, Madeline. I didn't expect you'd be out tonight; Of course, though, you still look as gorgeous as the day we met. Is your father around, by any chance?"

"No... why do you ask?"

"Well, I'm just saying maybe that's a good thing." As she sat down on a nearby loveseat to watch the club move around her, Daniel began trying to make his first moves on her: Wrapping an arm around her, going in for small kisses on the cheek, doing whatever he thought would make a good impression. Thanks to Daniel's natural trait of being naturaly alluring towards women, though, Madeline reacted well to his attempts at wooing her, and the situation between them had soon become a romantic one.

Daniel didn't seem to notice or care how he was still out and about during the quiet hours of the morning, even though he knew Mary-Sue would never willingly give him that freedom. Still, it's not like Mary-Sue would ever take notice, considering she was always stuck hunched over her desk with some documents. As he watched the nights go by, he wondered how he ended up with the most unromantic wife in the world, and all the while, watching Madeline fall in love with him more and more was his new favorite pastime. He spoiled her constantly with gifts and trips to "accompany him to their games" Of course, he had to stratigically all of plan this without Mary-Sue's knowledge, but that was half of the fun to him.

It was one frigid autumn evening, the streetlights burning a bright orange, looking ready to replace the setting sun. Daniel was walking Madeline back to her house with his coat covering half of the petite woman's body. "Say, Madeline, why don't we take a detour to my house tonight? I'm sure your father won't mind if you called him to let him know." So, she took out her cell phone and texted her father as they walked to his house, knowing that he was going to approve of their late night plans.

Madeline: Father, I'll probably be back late tonight. Daniel wants me to go over to his place.

Augustine: Alright love, you two have fun now ♥

"So he's agreed to it."

"Excellent, just as planned! And perfect timing too, this is my house right here." Being a gentleman once more and opening the door for his lover, he was unfortunately greeted by one of his daughter's being the more social and cheerful Angela, who had appeared like she had just woken up from resting her head on the dining table.

"Who's this lady, Papa?"

"Angie, this is a new friend of mine." He tried to explain himself to his daughter as innocently as possible, as it was a well-known fact within the  Pleasant household that Angela got quite childish whenever she woke up from a sleep-attack. "Madeline, this is my daughter, Angela. You see, the reason why she's so tired is that she has narcolepsy. I hope you understand."

"Oh, no, Daniel, that's no issue, I understand completely. My dad used to worry sick about my illness when I was a kid." Madeline smiled, looking at his daughter one more time. She seemed like she'd be easy enough to get along with.

"Oooh, Daaad!" His other daughter came barreling down the stairs to mock him, still in her full face of makeup. "Tsk tsk. Are you really cheating on Mary for somebody hotter? What about always staying true? For shame, Daniel. For shame. I guess it's all up to me to bring justice to this family now."

"Lilith, please! Madeline is just a friend!"

"Right, because I see friends dancing around the living room together all the time."

"Just, please don't tell your mother, okay? You know how she feels about me having friends over."

The older twin rolled her eyes. "Fine. But if this gets you two separated, it's on you."

Daniel huffed as she went up stairs, glad to finally be out of that awkward conversation. "Now that I've introduced you to my daughters, who are both princesses themselves, would my princess of a lover accept this dance?" Daniel wrapped his arms around Madeline's waist as the romantic station on his stereo was cranked up about eight notches. He spun her around, laughing and flirting with Madeline as if they had never left the club. And then came the kiss. It was a sudden but passionate kiss, smack on her lips, as if though Daniel had somehow planned it perfectly and wanted to surprise Madeline.

"I'm back from work! It was a..." Another woman, who looked to be much older than Daniel's mistress had frozen her train of thought to stare her down, and Madeline could practically see the fire in her eyes, a bright red heat lighting her face and a special place that she had reserved in hell just for Madeline. It seemed that the radio had turned itself down upon her arrival, and Madeline just wanted it to suddenly blast back on and distract them all as she quickly dodged their line of sight; Of course, she knew that wasn't the way this confrontation would end.

"Daniel Pleasant, who is this woman, and what is she doing in our kitchen?" She spoke as her right foot was beating down on the hardwood floor so hard that the couple could feel the floors shake slightly beneath them. Her dark brown eyes were forcing her gaze at Daniel. As Madeline turned her gaze a little to focus on Daniel, it was if though he had just been cornered by the police after a prison break.

"Relax, Mary. She's just a friend. Madeline, this is Mary-Sue, my wife."

"Yeah right, and you would take a friend and dance with her to romantic music all over the kitchen? Seems kinda fishy to me, Daniel."

"I should probably be going now. Thank you for such a fun night, sir." Madeline faked a smile as she made sure her gingerly sprint towards the front door wasn't too obvious, as she had already started unnecessary trouble, and she did not want to get involved in Daniel's family matters more than she already had.

"Wait, Madeline, I could walk you-"

"No, you can't walk her home because you are absolutely not going to leave this room until you explain to me every word of what the hell is going on!"

"Alright. See, Madeline and I were dancing because we were having fun, and the romantic music was playing at the time, so, I know it looked strange, but it's not what it looked like."

Through the kitchen window, she could hear the unfolding argument as they aired their dirty laundry for the whole neighborhood to hear. "Daniel, how could you? I thought when you said I do, that meant I could trust you!"

As Mary-Sue turned over in their now half empty bed (Of course she had forced Daniel to sleep on the couch until further notice.) She had time to review in thoughts what she had done during that day. It had been really stressful at work, maybe she had just overreacted to Madeline, and she really was just a friend of Daniel's who he wanted to show a good time? It must get really lonely with him having the house alone half the time. As her eyes blinked shut and lulled her into dream land, she had made her decision; She'd give Daniel another chance.

Waking up the next morning was an ironically unpleasant experience for everyone; Lilith hated school so much that she screwed up on every test she took just to make the teachers yell at her even more than she actually had too, Angela was a heavy sleeper, so getting herself up in the morning had always been a challenge. As for Daniel and Mary-Sue, he wasn't looking forward to the morning's scolding for his affair with Madeline, and Mary-Sue wasn't looking forward to the conversation where she'd inevitably have to work their romance back up again, which was guaranteed to be a steep, awkward climb. 

"Daniel." Mary-Sue gave a whisper as she sat down at the kitchen counter with a bagel and cream cheese, her focus being split between her husband and watching the clock to time her commute right.

Daniel feigned regret, begging on his knees for forgiveness."I know exactly what you're going to say, Mary. What happened last night will never happen again, I promise." Mary-Sue smiled as he gave her a small, soft kiss on the lips. Little did she know, that for the sake of himself, he had been crossing his fingers behind his back, so the show went on.

For a few weeks after that, everything went well, and everyone thought the drama was over and things had finally been restored back to normal."Daniel, I'll be home late tonight, I'm having dinner with one of my bosses." Mary-Sue said, Daniel failing to notice that her face was full of much more makeup than what was usual for her.

"Alright, have fun."

After her usual workday had come and gone, Mary-Sue drove to her boss's house that evening, with only the faint musing from the radio keeping it from being completly silent. "Hello, Mr. Sycamore, how are you?" 

"Oh, I'm doing wonderful, thank you! And please, don't hesitate to call me Augustine. I want this to feel as laidback as a business dinner can possibly be. Come in, sit down." After a while, when Augustine and Mary-Sue both had what he considered to be a "couple" of drinks each (For Mary-Sue, this was a couple more drinks than her body could handle.) Madeline came through the door wearing a long pink dress, her lips glossed with a slight rose-colored shimmer."Ah, bonjour, ma petite princesse! Est ce que ça va?" 

The two would've preceeded to have an all-French conversation had Mary-Sue not intervined with her half-drunken slurring of "Ah, so I see that little miss homewrecker is off to ruin yet another life. Augustine, for the sake of your family, don't do it." Augustine and Madeline eyed each other, their eyes carrying most of their silent conversation for them. 

You two have met before?


So from what she's saying, I'm assuming this is Daniel's wife?

Yep. And she wants to kill me...How do I explain that this isn't my fault?

Relax, princess. That's what I'm here for. You just go on upstairs, alright?

Thank you, father.

With that, Madeline retreated upstairs, leaving Augustine to fend for himself in the awkward remains of the conversation. "You do realize that Madeline's my daughter, correct? And I'm sorry about your husband, and I know what he did was definetly wrong, but Madeline geniunely didn't know he was married when they first got together."

"Well, she knows now, doesn't she? Can't she just leave?"

"Well, no, she can't just leave because-" Augustine cursed in his thoughts, having backed himself into a corner. If he told the truth, he already knew she wouldn't believe him, but how could he lie his way out of this one without making his daughter seem like the villain? "Because they both seem to love each other very much and it's their desicion if they want to end their relationship."

Mary-Sue's tone went dark. "He loved me first, and he still loves me, and he always will, he's said so himself. I still love him. That's why I'll do anything to keep him safe from her. I know what's best for him, but she just won't stay away."

"From what I've heard, you two don't seem to have a very safe relationship."

"What do you mean, sir?"

"Do you think I couldn't see the bruises that you gave Madeline last night?; In fact, I was the first person to see them. And why did you fight her? All because Daniel gave her a hug? She practically had to drown her face in concealer and foundation to hide them. Augustine sighed. He really had wanted this dinner between the two of them to go as smoothly as possible, the only thing they would discuss being their plans for the next business quarter, but instead he had turned into Mary-Sue's bartender. "I think you should leave. Consider leaving your husband, too, while you're at it." Augustine snarked a bit as Mary-Sue walked out after thanking him for the dinner.

Another lonely afternoon went by in the Pleasant household, with nothing to occupy Daniel except the few menial tasks that kept that house's technology running smoothly. After this, he decided to jog to Madeline's house, the one place where he would have no chance of running into Mary-Sue.

So, when Daniel reached his lover's house, the usual flirting ensued, but Daniel had decided that he wanted to get things more passionate that night...Madeline did look so beautiful, and the irresistible opportunity was just right there, so he took his chances. Mary-Sue was at work, and even if she wasn't, she was decidedly nowhere around here, so there was nobody that he needed to be on the lookout for here. For a while, all was right in the world.

Later that night, he hoped and prayed that Mary-Sue would excuse the pep in his step as a celebration of actually getting work done around the house. Until dinner time, she had, and everything had been smooth sailing.

"Ah. A nice dinner with my two loving daughters and my lovely wife. I couldn't have asked for anything more peaceful." Three loud thumps struck on the family's front door. "I'll get it, Mary." As his hand reached for the doorknob, another set out loud knocks, this set even more frenzied. Opening the door, he saw Augustine; Madeline's father, face burning red as his hands violently shook by his sides, slowly opening to make out the shape of a deformed choke hold. Inviting himself in, he soon backed Daniel into a corner, both literally and figuratively.

"Pleasant, I want you to know that I consider myself a rather reasonable man and that I even doubted myself while coming over here. But I now find it necessary, to tell the truth. At first, I had been beyond pleased that my Madeline had found you so quickly, but I think you've done enough with her, considering how far you went to nearly kill her this afternoon."

"Murder her? Mr. Sycamore, I love Madeline with all my heart, and never in a million years would I want her dead." Daniel watched with an uneasy stare as the other man's eyes went blank, then transforming into a glare once more. 

"Then why did you make her do it?" Augustine raged as his fist collided with Daniel's jaw. Daniel knew what he had done with Madeline that afternoon, but he still didn't know why he was being accused of attempted murder. "As soon as you left, she had a panic attack on the bathroom floor, and now has a fever of 103. You're just lucky you didn't get her pregnant or I would've been the one to murder you."

Mary-Sue stared blankly at the kitchen wall in horror before turning to yell at Daniel herself. "You tried to get another woman pregnant? Daniel Pleasant, I just can't believe you! Just this morning you said you'd stay faithful to me, but it looks like it didn't even take you a day to break that promise!"

As Augustine was focused on biting Daniel's head off downstairs, Mary-Sue stormed up to their room, laid down on their bed, and sobbed, begging to God to just get her out of their lives. Looking into a scrapbook that she always kept under the bed only made things worse, but that was just an impulse whim.  She wanted that woman, the other woman to be out of her life. She just wanted things to go back to the way they were, was that too much to ask? With her in the picture, it certainly was. 

So, Mary-Sue looked to a briefcase that had been stuck below their wardrobe, gently sliding it out handle first, fiddling with the old, worn straps until they came loose.

At any rate, she found a device that was untouched by anything but dust, along with the faded sticky note that came with it, which read:

Mary-Sue, thank you so much for agreeing to test the SimRay for me. This is one of the very first fully-developed models, so I really appreciate the help. Be careful, though; use it on someone too much and the effects could end up doing permanent damage.-Adam Thomson.

Of course, now was when she really had to be careful with planning. But no matter what the cost, she needed to get her Daniel back on her side, loving her and only her.

It had been about noon when Augustine had noticed his daughter's unusually long rest. She hadn't been downstairs all day, and whenever he went to her bedroom to check on her, she was still peacefully asleep as if it were during the early hours of the morning. Of course, considering her fever that she had last night, Augustine sat by her bed, watching over her at all times for any and all signs that she was waking up.

"Madeline, just hang on. I'll know you'll be coming around soon." He placed a hand on her burning forehead, and he could practically feel it throbbing and pulsing. "Don't worry, love. Soon, that boy is going to pay big time."

Removed from his train of thought, he heard his door swing open and instantly knew who it was as he rushed up the front stairway. "Daniel, she's asleep. She has been all day." Augustine called to the man.

"And about her fever?"

"Slightly better, but she's still warm. Thank you for checking on her, Daniel."

As he left her manor in an attempt to clear his thoughts, Daniel stared down at the sidewalk. He was, for the first time in a while, walking this street by himself. Still, he had his memories to keep him company during the walks, so he ended up thinking. The last time he had been actually happy to be with Mary-Sue had been when Angela and Lilith were maybe 3 years old, and they were both high school juniors now. The last time he had been happy with Madeline? Every time she was by his side.

So, he finally made up his mind, and after all these years, he was actually going to divorce Mary-Sue.

Though he father was the only one by her side to hear her read them aloud, a set of anticipated words floated across her line of vision: TIMELINE TERMINATED: IRREPARABLE RELATIONS DAMAGE. CONTINUE TO NEXT TIMELINE?

Giving the okay to the magic force that was controlling her life, her eyes snapped shut, and soon, she could feel her memories rushing together into an indistinguishable blur. All she could remember was the sound of the train rolling into Pleasantview.

Timeline 2: Lothario-CalienteEdit

A knock at the door in the middle of the night wasn't an unexpected thing for the Caliente household, as they liked to think of themselves as being quite popular around the small town of Pleasantview. Of all the strange things that had ever been said before coming into their house, however, the next one had to be the strangest. "Hello... my name is Rosa Caliente."

"How do you expect us to believe you? Rosa has been missing for twenty years."

"I never expected you to believe me. But if I'm not Rosa, then how come I know her deepest secrets? Like the fact that you two are both quarter-alien?"

"That... was something only Rosa knew."

Suddenly, Don came bounding down the stairs. "Oh la la! ¿Quién es esta belleza?"

"Don, this is-might be our cousin, Rosa. Don't mind him, he flirts around with all of us."

Even with just that statement, Rosa was immediately put on edge. If her previous experiences with flirty men got her anywhere, it was usually feverishly passed out in the maternity ward. 

Soon, she was proving herself right; In about a month or two, he had managed to get both of the sisters pregnant, and, from the way they'd interacted from then on out, it looked like Don Lothario was setting his sights on her next; It was creepy, of course, but then again, the guy was known around town for doing anything for a good Woohoo.

So, Rosa, knowing what was coming, scribbled down a letter, packed her things, and ran.

Dear Nina, Dina, Katrina, and Don

I'm sorry for suddenly leaving, but I couldn't stay any longer, knowing the truth about Don, and I know I could never handle the stresses of having a child. I know this letter may be kind of confusing, but for reasons I can't explain, we need to end all contact here.

I wish you all the best in the future,

Rosa Caliente

Timeline 3: GothEdit

When she was back home, she knew she was going to get swept up in yet another person's whirlwind, so random phone calls in the middle of the night weren't unexpected.

Is this Detective Madeline? You've been assigned to investigate the disappearance of Bella Goth. Luckily, you are currently stationed in Willow Creek, so we will not have to do anything concerning your location. From now on, you need to visit the residences of the Goths, as well as a list of suspects that we have provided for you through an email.

Surprisingly unlike what their names suggested, the Goths were actually a family of happy people who were simply mourning the loss of a relative, who had no problems with compliance. "Oh, about my Bella, she just up and left, we haven't seen her in three days!"

"Does she work?"

"Yes. An Intelligence Researcher for S.I.M.S."

"I see. Do you know if she was ever injured on the job? Would they have any reason to not tell you where she was?"

"No, they're always on top of things, considering the risk that each of the employees goes through."

She nodded and turned to her briefcase, pulling out a small device and tying it to his wrist. "This is a lie detector with 100% accuracy. Keep in mind that we still have a search warrant on your house if the need to do so arises. Now, tell me about her relations with her family."

"Each and every one of us loved her. The kids love their mother, and I love my wife. We'd have no reason to do anything bad to her." Her eyes were then locked on the pen, with his eyes sliding over subconsciously, as the line remained perfectly still. "Thank you for your compliance, sir. We will contact you if anything comes up."

When she got home, her father was quickly swept into a panic; Daniel was at the door, and that was not a good sign; If they really had jumped timelines again, how did this Daniel know where they live? Even so, Daniel wasn't supposed to be at the door, Madeline barely even remembered him thanks to Rosa's two-month takeover. What was even more shocking to him, however, was that Daniel hadn't just dumped her yet, considering the whole scuffle with Mary-Sue.

To make things even worse, Daniel's probably still head over heels for her, which would not be a good combination unless they wanted to get themselves roped back into the Pleasant family's dramas. "Daniel, Madeline is sick right now, and she needs rest, give her some time alone."

"She's disappeared from the face of the earth for 2 months and you still want me to stay away from her? Sir, I can't go any longer without seeing her face, I need to talk to her."

"No, Daniel, she's sick! Leave her alone!" Still, he barged through the door and rushed up the stairs, desperate to be reunited with his lover, with Augustine chasing after him in an attempt to stop him.

The fight that was unfolding right outside of Madeline's door didn't help her concentration, but neither did the odd, sudden wave of warmth that was flowing from the other side of the door. She knew it wasn't a fire, there would've been crackling, a smoky smell, and the harsh beeping of alarms, but this was just a strong but comforting warmth. Still, she knew if she went outside she'd kill her train of thought, and, not wanting to risk it, she just stayed put.

I just can't stay away though. It's so warm and familiar...Irresistible warmth and happiness. But who could it be? I don't know anyone who's that warm, other than Father... It felt like her father, yes, but it was also very different. Needless to say, the jiggling of the doorknob caught her attention, as she was suddenly unsure if she should stand at a fighting position or just let who-or-whatever was on the other side come in.

"Madeline, it's been so long, I've missed you so much!"

The look in her eyes soon folded into a mixture of curiosity and fear; It felt like lighting was flickering across her vision, as if though she was trying to fall back on her memories, and yet they refused to come out all the way; Who is this, why does he miss me, and why does he feel so warm? "Who are you? Do you have anything to do with the disappearance of Bella Goth?"

"What? No...honey, I just wanted to visit, you've been gone for two months." He started to make his way over to her to comfort her and worry over her, but not before Augustine had blocked it all from even happening.

"See, Daniel? I told you, she's sick, she can't remember much from before the fever."

"But what is she doing investigating-"

"Son, that's none of your business. Now go home and don't tell anybody that you saw her today; I will find out if you do." The door was quickly shut in his face and Daniel was immediately hushed by his threats, making his way downstairs and out the door, not to tell another soul that he had found Madeline Sycamore.

"Father, who was that man?"

"That was Daniel Pleasant. Your relationship is... rather hard to describe, but you did have a romance going on before you got that fever. It's nothing to worry about, sweetheart. You just focus on the case."

It was definitely a hard to solve case; They had investigated everyone Bella knew, and yet, they all had no reason to kill her. Maybe she was just that nice of a woman? That was the situation until a suspicious artist stepped forward and linked himself to the investigation.

4: DreamerEdit

"Hello, young miss. Would you mind coming this way with me?" If there was one phrase that had she never heard anyone call her, it was young miss. Still, that doesn't mean she was uninterested. He lead her to a house, showing her up the staircase and into the study, asking her to sit down in the small wooden chair next to an easel. "Let me paint you."


"It'll just be a simple portrait. All you have to do is sit still for me."

"May I ask why you're doing this?"

All Darren said was "Because I think your beauty deserves to be captured." And though 


There a couple major differences between the Canon universe and this one:

  • Over time, traits can change.
  • There are more traits than in canon: Traits from 3 and 4, as well as fan made traits are given.
  • Sims can have more than the 3 traits they are limited to in-game: The three they have in-game are their Major traits, while the ones listed in the text are called minor traits.
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