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This is my first Fanon, but not my first story. Be patient while i'm making the story. Thanks. :D (I'm sorry i am not good with English Grammar, i'm Dutch.


Hey there! I'm Freddy Night, the storyteller. Today, i'm going to tell you a story of a family who everyone thought was normal, but they were not normal. I'm talking about the Wolff Familu . I was there, when the first Wolff moved to Grais, a village near the ocean. When I first saw him, I thought he would survive less than a week. But that was before I saw his powers.

But I will come to that later. I have seen the first, second, third and a part of the fourth generation. I could, because I have some powers as well. But you will see that while I tell the story.

Chapter 1: Coming to Town[]

I remember the day that Thom Wolff arrived at the apartments. The look on his face when he looked around for the right apartment. There was only one apartment left. The previous owner was kicked out because he didn't pay the rent. I looked out of the window when he signed the paper. I couldn't get out of my apartment, but I will tell you about that issue later.

Thom Wolff

When I first saw Thom, I thought he wouldn't survive a week. He was unemployed and wasn't very rich. But that was before I came behind his secret. I have to admit I wasn't very rich either. Everyone who lived in the apartments was not rich. We all couldn't afford a house. But about the people in the apartments, comes later. I was talking about Thom.

My memories aren't so good anymore. I have been to allot of trouble when I was young. But this story isn't about me, so I won't bother you with it.

When night fell, I came out of my apartment. I will tell you what I am. I think some of you already know it, very smart. I, Freddy Night, am a Vampire. The creatures of the dark. They say that vampires have to stay in their covens, but you can also watch TV in a dark room with the curtains closed. Sometimes, I sleep in my coven, but most of the time. I'm awake.

But back to the story. I came out of my apartment. I walked to Thom Wolff. I introduced myself. But I didn't tell him that I was a Vampire. I wanted to know when he will notice my teeth and white skin. We started a conversation. But when he looked up and saw the moon. He had to go and ran to his apartment. I was surprised when he ran away. My first thoughts were that he was not a night person, but it was something else. But first I want to introduce you to the people who live in these apartments.

From left to right: Valerie Greach, Franky Greach, Flora Greach.

This is Franky, Flora and Valerie Greach. A Family who loves each other. Just like I mentioned, everyone at the apartment are not very rich. Franky used to be the Vice President of NOYIN Cell phones, but got fired because someone has tricked him into it by saying that he was a spy for another Cell phone company. He lost his house and almost all his Simoleons. But the family stayed together. They rent an Apartment and Franky got a job at the Medicine. But that job isn’t paying well so far. So Flora had to get a Job too. She works in the Entertainment as a Mime.

Sasha Zingle and Elisabeth Zingle.

This is Elisabeth and Sasha Zingle. They are the Singles of Grais. Almost every night, they go Downtown and party all night. They have never noticed my vampire look. Sasha works at a bar where she parties all the time. Elisabeth is unemployed, because she thinks that working is for people who are poor. But she didn’t notice that she’s on low budget like everybody else. My opinion is that Elisabeth is just lazy. Did I notice that Elisabeth and Sasha are twins? No? Then you know it now. I ran into Elisabeth lately, we had a conversation and she said that she is tired of the Single life and wants a stable relationship. You can see that the twins are different of each other.

Thom Wolff playing Violin.

Three days after Thom moved in, I noticed that he plays Violin. He is not bad at all, he is really good. I wished that I could play an instrument that good. My parents never stimulated me to play an instrument. I always had to fight to get what I want. My sister was always my parents' favorite; it felt like my parents didn’t love me. Why got my sister everything she wanted, and I got nothing? Like that time that my parents went for groceries and I was standing in the yard. All doors were locked and I was standing outside, couldn’t go in. I didn’t have a coat so I almost froze, it was 25°F/-5°C! Why did they do that to me?!

I'm very sorry that you had to read that. I have some little issues with my past. But back to the story.

It was two weeks after Thom moved in. Every night about 8:00PM, he ran inside. I thought: “This isn’t normal, what is going on with him?” I walked to his house and knocks on his door. No answer. “Thom, open the door! I want to speak with you!” I said. “Go… Go away!” I heard back. That was the limit. I kicked the door open. Then I saw it.

Thom Wolff scaring Freddy Night.

Thom was a WEREWOLF!! Thom got angry and almost attacked me. Franky Greach heard the sound coming from the apartment. I ran away out of the apartment and told Franky that he better not go inside. Franky nods yes and ran to his apartment too. I didn’t remember what Thom did the rest of the night. But the next day, Thom knocks on my door.

Chapter 2: The Talk[]

Thom was standing in front of my door. It was about 7:00PM. I just came back from work. Just will be thinking: “A Vampire working during day? Why didn’t he burn?” Well, as a Vampire. I have some abilities that normal people haven’t. I can change into a bat. As a bat, I’m 5 times faster than in my human form. So I don’t have much problems with that, my boss is known of my Vampire Abilities and is giving me jobs indoors.

But, Thom was standing in front of my door. Only one hour away to change into a Werewolf. He asked me: “So, now that you know I’m a Werewolf, you are going to reveal my secret then?” And I answered: “No. Thom, come with me. Let’s play some Poker while we’re talking.” We walked to my poker table and started to play some Poker.

Thom Wolff and Freddy Night playing poker.

“Thom, I’m not going to reveal your secret. You know, I’m a Vampire. We’re both creatures of the night. We’re beasts, animals, monsters. You must be happy that you can walk on the streets during day. You’re only a monster during night.” And Thom said: “I’ve someone who isn’t a monster, finds out. What happens then?”

And I answered: “Grais is not so different than SimCity. For example, I’ve Franky Greach finds it out. He will reveal it. But you’re not getting arrested for being a monster like in SimCity. If it was, I was not here now. You will be discriminated. It took me three months to find a job. I got a job at the Architecture. People like us, are getting discriminated for who we are. That’s what wrong with the society. We cannot normally walk the streets without people to look after us. Monsters are the outsiders of Earth. We are not normal, and that is where people are afraid of.”

Thom answered: “But we can’t do anything about getting our powers. When I was in college. It was the final year. About 11:00PM. I was about to walk home from the library. When I got attacked by a Werewolf on the street. When it attacked me, I felt like I was getting shocked by a taser on the highest stand. I passed away and about 3 hours later, I woke up. I walked home. When I was home, I looked in the mirror. I was getting hair, everywhere. I became a Werewolf. And three days later, the transformation was complete.”

I heard the story, and I thought that he won’t even be a Werewolf. I answered: “How did your parents respond to it?” And he answered: “When the transformation was complete, I quitted college. I moved to SimCity and never spoke my parents again. They call me sometime, but I don’t respond. But three years later, they found out we’re I lived. They we’re standing before my door. I didn’t know it was them. It was evening, so I was a Werewolf. I opened my door. And they saw me like a Werewolf. They we’re scared and called the police. The police send the Werewolf Hunters. I had to move out of SimCity. I moved to Grais, and here we are. That is my story.”

When I heard his story, I was thinking that he must felt horrible. His own parents called the police to arrest him. That moment when your own parents, are afraid of their own son. I said: “Dude, it must be a tragic for you. Now I know your story, I think that your life has been a living hell.” Thom responded: “Yeah, but I can live with it now. But what is your story? How did you become a Vampire?” I hesitated. Should I tell him that? I agreed with myself to tell him that.

“I was sixteen. I was drinking with my pals at the local bar. I don’t know it very well, because I was drunk. I remember that a white skinned girl walked toward me. We talked. We kissed. And then she bit me in the neck. It felt like poison running through my veins. My friends ran away, to not get bitten by her. She changed into a bat and she got away. I walked home. My body felt like trash. When I opened the door, there was nobody home. Only a note from my parents. It says: ‘We are out of town with your sister for her acting classes. We will be home next week, or later.’ I got mad. My sister was always my parents’ favorite. As a child, I felt like an outsider. I packed my stuff and ran away. When my Vampire transformation was complete. I moved to Grais, people noticed that I was a Vampire. I didn’t care for it much. I started making friends here at the apartment. I got a job; I started to live my life. Now, like nine years later, we’re sitting here.”

After my story. We we’re quite for like a half hour. Then I started talking: “Thom. I will talk to my boss tomorrow to see I’ve he can give you a job.” And Thom answered: “Thanks. I really appreciate it.” After that, he went back to his own apartment and Thom and I became best friends.

Chapter 3: Unknown Chapter[]

Hey there guys. Hope you liked the first two chapters. I'm busy with the third chapter and another project. I will be uploading the third chapter as soon as I can. Thanks.

- DonutWessel