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Why didn't she ask Bella?
Name: Why didn't she ask Bella?
Genre: Mystery, Drama
Created by: Vss2eip
Rating: PG-13
Number of chapters: 9 (with an epilogue)

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Why didn't she ask Bella? is a fan fiction that deals with the mysterious disappearance of Bella Goth and unusual death of Skip Broke. The story is set in Pleasantview. Some details are different from the original The Sims 2 story.


  • Sven Aspen - the main character; he investigates the strange happenings in Pleasentview
  • Mortimer Goth - a well-known sciencist and a resident in suburban pleasentview
  • Don Lothario - a suspect
  • Dina Caliente - a suspect
  • Nina Caliente - a suspect
  • Bella Goth - Mortimer's wife
  • Skip Broke - a victim
  • Brandi Broke - Skip's wife; a suspect
  • Colonel Hans Aspire - the chief inspector, former military agent


Chapter I: PleasentviewEdit

How peaceful. It's raining... quietly. The beautiful hills surrounding this town... The sun is clearly struggling to escape from the clouds. Perhaps a rainbow will appear? You can't see such dazzling effects anywhere else in SimNation.

I am Sven Aspen, a 28 year old enthusiast from Twinbrook but living in Belladonna Cove. The industrial city wasn't really good for my health. I like to play the part of the detective, but I didn't have the opportunity to work with the Law Enforcement. I have a part-time job in the local library down in the Cove.

With great pleasure I am visiting Pleasantview. I am travelling by train. What wonderful choo-choo noises it makes. It has been quite some time since I last visited Pleasantview, but I couldn't turn down the offer of my old friend, Mortimer.

Pleasantview is big, but where Mortimer lives... It is a quiet suburban spot, perfect for runaway couples and retired elders. So, not for me.

The sky is already clearing. I am passing through Sunset Valley, the 'urban' part of Pleasantview. What a strange atmosphere. I feel like I am not wanted here. A few hills more, and - I'm here.

This town is so quiet, so peaceful... But even in the most friendly neighbourhoods there are people who are most evil, who want revenge on someone else. I couldn't even imagine what was waiting for me there...

Chapter II: Nice to see you again!Edit

- Finally - I said to Mortimer.- What a pleasure to be here again.

- I am so happy that you could make it. - he answered. - How was the trip?

- Oh, it was absolutely terrible. A dreadful crowd in the train. Though, never mind about that. How are you after all these years?

-I am doing nice. I have a beautiful house, a god job, wonderful children and a great wife.

- The Simian dream. Your home hasn't changed a bit, you know?

It was a quite large house with very classy furniture that hasn't really changed in years. I sat on a couch which was most comfortable.

He seemed very worried about something, but I didn't want to trouble him anymore. Bella Goth suddelny appeared. She was stunning, as always, wearing a modern red dress.

- Oh, Sven, it is so nice to see you again! - she greeted me, with a smile on her face. - I am so sorry I can't stay, but I have to leave. I have some business to attend to. When I come back we'll have a nice old chat, Sven.

She was also mysterious, but it would have been rude to ask questions. She left quickly, disappeared like the wind.

Mortimer decided to take me on a house tour, even though I remembered almost every detail. I had the opportunity to meet Cassandra. I recall her as a toddler. She was a very modest and friendly child, but a true loner. She kept herself to herself. I also met Alexander, but he was still a toddler. A very clever toddler, much like his father.

Mortimer and I went on the roof, sat on a hard bench and talked for a while. We talked about thousands of things. He said that everyone from the neighbourhood still remembers me clearly. He even said that everyone knows that I came. It felt nice, but a bit uncomfortable. We talked about the weather, our families, SimNation's debts and even about llamas. When the topic of romance came, I  asked him the quite normal question:

- Mortimer, how is your marriage with Bella going?

He appeared to be frozen. He turned pale immediately. I knew there was something there that was wrong, but I didn't know what. I realized how upset he was by the question, and right when I wanted to say that I was joking we heard a screaming voice:

- Mortimer! Mr. Aspen! Come quickly!

Chapter III: Where's Bella?Edit

I didn't even think for a second. I ran out of the house immediately, and so did Mortimer. We were both puzzled and excited. What has happened.

Outside the house was Don Lothario. I remembered him as a very shallow person, very confident and a bit stupid. He was the town Cassanowa in Pleasentview - every woman liked him.

-What's the matter, Don? - Mortimer asked. -Bella came tonight. She wanted to see mee. We were talking... uh... I went to pour some drinks... uh... When I came back she wasn't there... oh... you have to help me find her. - said Don. He was out of breath, clearly traumatized by the events.

-Mortimer, telephone the police. Mr. Aspen and I will look for Bella.

Off went Mortimer, and so did we. I saw him entering to the front door. He was running to the back of the house where the telephone is. Infact, he was running so fastly - I was surprised. He was always a good athlete. ______________________________________________

I don't know where Don's house is, but it was significantly further than Mortimer's house. While we were running, whe saw something like a green light and we heard a woman scream.

-Bella! - screamed Don out of fear.

We finally arrived. His house was a small condo, perfect for a bachelor such as himself.

We searched the whole house and the garden, but there was no one. Then two women appeared - Dina and Nina as I recall. I didn't remembered them from before. They just moved in, I guess.

-What's all the shouting? - Dina asked.

-Bella, she disappeared. We can't find her. - Don answered.

-Who are you? - a question from Nina meant for me.

-I am Sven Aspen, a guest here. Who are YOU?

-I am Nina Caliente, a resident.

After a bit of talking, we heard police cars. The whole house was completely surrounded by them. The house was a crime scene.

Chapter IV: The Investigation Edit

As I said, we heard police cars. I was surprised to find out my old friend was in charge of the case - colonel Hans Aspire. He usually works down in the Cove, so I was surprised to see him here. But then again, it's probably normal, I guess. I asked him:

-Colonel? Is that you?

-It's me alright. - he said, with a devilish smile on his face.

-What the hell took you so long?! I though the police station is two blocks away? - I said.

-What do you mean 'took you so long'? We received a call 3 minutes ago!

- 3 minutes ago? But at least 10 minutes passed...

- What happened here, Aspen?

- A woman disappeared.

- Then why are you all panicking?

You now that at least 24 hours must pass to report a missing person.

I could see Mortimer coming.

- Yes, colonel. But the missing person in this case, Bella Goth, disappeared in suspicious circumstances.

- What suspicious circumstances?

- Let me show you.

We went to the top of the house. I wanted to show him my observations which I didn't mention before.

-What did you notice here? Everything seems normal.

- The forensics will prove othervise.

-The forensics? Are they really needed?

- Yes. Observe the floor.

We then looked at the floor.

- You see, there is a black spot. About 15 centimetres in diametre. And some powder on the top, along with a burned string. Please analyse it. Now, please look at the telescope.

- I see nothing unusual.

- This is a special telescope. As you can see, it is in a locked position. It cannot move unless someone moves it.

- Okay... so what about that?

-Do you see where the telescope is pointed?

-Umm... It's pointed at the house next door! At the window of a bedroom.

-Exactly! And I think it is the house of the two young women downstairs. That reminds me - what's going on with them?

-They are all going to be questioned. Will you care to join me?

-Of course. But not until I show you the third evidence. I pulled out a silk, bright pink handkerchief, which I put in an evidence bag.

-Is that a handkerchief? - Hans asked.

-Yes. See it for yourself.

-Yuck, it has some slime on it!

-Read what it says on the handkerchief!

-I will read it then:

Dear Mortimer, I am so lonely. I have lost faith in everything. I am so afraid for myself. People from the neighbourhood look at me strangely and wierd things are appearing in the night. If anything happens to me, say to Cassandra and Alexander that I love them. Don't forget - I love you too. Wish me well.

Your's truly, Bella

-Do you get it now, Hans?

-It's a goodbye note. Yes, she did disappear suspiciously.

-I still you still don't get it.

The colonel has a disappointed look on his face.

-Have you noticed something strange about the note?

-Well, we'll run a handwriting test if needed but...

-Smell the handkerchief, colonel.

-You are weird, Aspen. But, alright. - he smelled it. - I don't sense anything at all.

-Exactly! Do you recognize the ink?

-Yes. It's industrial ink from Landgraab industries. It smells like hell for a long time. What's strange about it?

- You basically answered your own question. But now we must question the witnesses!

Chapter V: The WitnessesEdit

Don was the first one to be questioned. He still seemed distressed.

-Why did Bella come to you? - Hans asked.

-She said that she had something important to talk about with me.

-What was it about?

-I don't know, we never got to talk. I poured some drinks and when I came back she was gone.

-Did you... admire Bella? - I asked.

-If you must know, we were just friends. Ask anyone.

-Do you have your own theory about what happened? - I asked again.

-Isn't it clear? She was abducted by aliens!

The colonel and I looked at each other, thinking - what is this lunatic saying.

-Oh, come on, Aspen! You and I saw the green light! I guess she was afraid, she hid somewhere, went out again and she vanished!

That was strange and peculiar.

-I only have one more question: How was Bella and Mortimer's marriage? - if you remember - the same question I asked Mortimer, though I didn't get a response.

-How should I know? Is this all?

Dina was next. Like with Don, I am only showing the important questions.

-I was watching TV when I heard a scream. I didn't pay much attention since this whole is weird - things like that happen all the time. Nina and I only came out when you were making such a fuss about a disappearance.

-So you believe that this whole event is a set-up? - Hans asked.

-Not necessarily. Maybe the woman just went Downtown and will come back tonight.

-What was your relationship like with Bella Goth?

-I didn't like her, nor did she me. I think it's because she has always been jealous of me and Mortimer - you know we're quite close... but you know... just friends.

Mortimer was the last one. I didn't want to write about what Nina said since it wasn't relevant. Mortimer seemed devestated.

-I realise this is hard for you Mr. Goth, but I must ask you a few questions. - Hans said. - When did you make the telephone call?

-I ran immediately into the house, but I got nauseous from the breath outage and I needed a minute to calm down. I telephoned then.

-Mortimer, I asked you earlier this night and I will ask you again: How was your marriage with Bella?

-It was quite well okay! - he shouted.

-Uh! Very well, how is your relationship with Dina? He almost jumped to the question.

-Dina, why... It is normal. We are close. Bella couldn't understand that.

Those were the important questions. After the interrogation, I spoke with colonel Aspire.

-Colonel, I need you to pay a visit around this block and question the residents about this event. Here is a list of questions that you will ask.

-Weird questions. And what will you be doing, Sven?

-I will pay a visit to the library. I always wanted to visit it.

We said goodbye and then we left. The atmosphere at the Goths' was so sad. Mortimer had a tough time explaining to the kids that their mother is missing.

I spoke to Cassandra and found out that she and Don were in a relationship. When I spoke to Alexander who could barely talk, he said the most interesting thing - he saw Dina and Mortimer kiss.

Chapter VI: A New DayEdit

A new day. I am fully rested, and I can continue with the case. So far, it feels straightforward, but as I said, I wanted to visit the library. I am absolutely fascinated by them. So I went. I passed near the house of Don Lothario. It was still a crime scene, but I think they were finishing up. And yes, Bella was now officially missing, though we couldn't declare it a murder.

I saw the house of the Pleasants. What an eery atmosphere there. I'm having chills.

Finally I arrived. I love the smell of old books. I sat down and wondered which book to read. I looked at some books and found something interesting. It was a book called "Pleasantview Family Trees". I looked at some. The Goths' is quite impressive. Then I found the Caliente family tree and found something interesting. In her family tree, there were known kidnappers, golddiggers... She was even of alien descent.

At one moment I remebered something. I didn't know what, but I knew that I missed something important at the interrogation. Suddenly, Aspire turned out of nowhere.

-Oh, hi there. What have you found out? - I asked.

-Tons of things. For example, I found that Don was flirting with virtually every woman in town.

-And yet he is to be married with Cassandra. Hmm...

-As we found out, Dina and Bella were not in a good relationship. In fact, we are searching her house later today. Some witnesses claim that she is responsible for the disappearance, along with Nina.

-Please continue.

-The most interesting thing came from Skip Broke. He said that he saw everything. He knows who kidnapped her.

-What did he say?

-He didn't want to say. I could have easily arrested him, but I think we have something interesting here. He said that he wants an interview later this day.

-Very well done, colonel. I am impressed.

-Oh, and by the way, I think that the forensics are leaving Don't house. The results of the analysis should come tomorrow.

-Excellent... Wait a minute.

I recalled the important thing, but, alas, it was probably too late.

-Colonel, quickly, take me to Don't house!

He was driving very fastly, but it wasn't enough. I needed to get there before the forensics leave. When we got there, by some miracle they were just about to leave. I went into the house.

-Good, they didn't leave.

-What was all that about, Aspen?

-Look at the bar, colonel. What do you see?


-Exactly! Don't you get it? It's beginning to make sense... Uh, no!

I realized something, but this was too late. Perhaps there was a small chance.

-Quickly, colonel! To the house of Skip Broke before it's too late!

We were probably going up to 150mph. The house was just there, very close. We arrived, and were greeted by Brandi Broke.

-Why were you going so fast? - Brandi asked, surprisingly.

-Your husband, where is he? - I asked. I was out of breath.

-He's in the back yard. Why are you...

We didn't even listen to her. I ran to the back of the house. Skip was in the pool. He was... stiff.

Skip wasn't moving. I was wondering if he was alive or dead. Aspire then came. Skip wasn't responding. He took his last breath. But before he passed, he said:

-Why didn't she ask Bella?

Chapter VII: What just happened?Edit

This all happened to fast. I am having trouble understanding this. Everything seemed so clear. The death of Skip Broke just complicates things. Why did he have to die? What did his last words mean?

The police and paramedics arrived, but there was no hope. Skip was dead. Brandi and her teenage son were absolutely devestated. Before we could comfort them, colonel Aspire and I needed to sniff around the house.

We searched around the pool, but we found nothing. About five meters from the pool, there was a table with a glass on it. It contained some kind of alcochol, probably a coctail. Aspire and I sent it for analysis, but it was all we could find.

We hald a talk with Brandi. I think that inspector Brandi found her to be suspicious. She was very strange, indeed. But I think it was because of the shock. No one expected this.

Skip was a good person. He was friendly, hard-working and a devoted husband. So why would anyone wish his death. When we asked Brandi who would want to murder her husband, she hinted at the Caliente sisters. Colonel Aspire was pleased with that response. After the small interrogation was over, Hans wanted to search the Calientes' house.

So we went there. I didn't expect to find anything, but I respected the colonel's decision. We searched and searched, and it payed off. How we found a light red handkerchief, more similar to Bella's that the pink one. We sent it for analysis, but it was cleared that the handkerchief was dipped in chloroform. The colonel arrested Dina and Nina for the kidnapping of Bella and Skip's death.

For me, everything was fairly clear, but Skip's question was very puzzling. What did he see? For the answer, I needed to talk with Dina again.

Chapter VIII: Results of the AnalysisEdit

I went to the Pleasantview Burrough Prison to talk with Dina. I knew she was innocent. Skip's last words do not fit into the story, and I have a theory myself to test out with Dina.

When I met her, we were seperated by a glass, and we just stared at each other. She seemed sad.

-Dina, you must tell me what did you really do on the night of Bella's disappearance.

-But I already told you. I was watching TV... with Nina.

-Your sister disagrees. She said that you went out.

That was an obvious lie, but I needed to confront Dina to tell the truth.

-Uh, Nina, Nina... OK, I went out for some fresh air. So?

-I don't think that you did that. You see, I have a theory. I see you, Dina Caliente, a very jealous woman, hunting for men around town. You have many interests, but only two are special: Mortimer and Don. However, a woman is always with them, a woman they both admire. A woman which you didn't like at all. Bella Goth.

-Where are you going with this?

-I think that you saw Bella Goth approaching Don's house last night, and it was bitter for you. Jealousy has overcame you. You went out and started a fight with her.

-How do you know that?

-It's not unknown that you don't like Bella. Plus, Skip's last words helped out. "Why didn't she ask Bella?". It is puzzling. However, he also knew of your hatred. I think he saw you arguing last night. When he heard of the disappearance, he connected two and two and concluded that you are guilty. He was puzzled why couldn't you come to peace, because the problem - it didn't really exist, didn't it? Therefore, his last words make a little more sense.

-If you know all that, you know I didn't kidnap her.

-I know you didn't. You will be released shortly.

That was it. The case is almost solved. I had only to read the analysis.

The results came. First was the powder residue. It was a compound of chemicals used for fireworks. The string was a fuse. The red handkerchief had some chloroform on it. Enough to make a person pass out. Last, but not the least, was the results of the glass. According to the results, there was a concentration of 0.05% of a dangerous chemical. I think it was arsenic, but it was not fatal. So Skip didn't die because of poison. It didn't fit in once again. I was fed up with this, but a strong smell of industrial ink changed my mind.

Chapter IX: Sven Aspen ExplainsEdit

A new day. The moment of truth has came. I have gathered all the important people in this case. They are the residents of the neighbourhood, but the most important ones are Don, Nina, Dina (who has been released yesterday by my order), Brandi and Mortimer. The colonel was also there. We were at the Goth Manor, and I was ready to unravel the case.

-Good day, residents of Pleasantview. We've gathered today to talk about the events of the past days. When I came here, I noticed that the atmosphere is tense. There were lots of fights, affairs here, and of course - mysteries...

-Why don't you get to the point? - Nina said.

-Fine, Nina. Let's start with a simple question: what was your relationship like with Bella Goth? Let's start with you, Mortimer. You and Bella were shared a big passion once, but after your children grew up, the flame went out, didn't it?

-It's true. Bella and I weren't quite close these past few months.

-And I believe you have a satisfactory relationship with Dina Caliente?

-Aspen, please!

-Oh, come on, Mortimer. - Dina interrupted. Enough is enough. Mr. Aspen, yes, we were having an affair. But nothing serious, just pecks...

-You yourself Dina did not like Bella at all. You often started, arguments with her. You even got yourself convicted because fighting with her on the night of the disappearance. Finally you, Don. You also shared a passion for Bella, didn't you?

-Yes, but I didn't try anything with her.

-No. You didn't. I won't beat around the bush any longer. It was you who kidnapped Bella. I'm talking about Don and Mortimer.

-What? - Don shouted.

-That's outrageous! - Mortimer said.

-No, it is the truth. I know what happened. You see, for some time now Bella knew about your affair with Dina. She confronted you often, and you were fed up with it. Don, on the other side, is to marry Cassandra. However, her mother threatens Don that she will reveal his true identity. That the was having an affair. Not one, but many.

-This is rubbish. - Don said.

-Here's what I believed happened on that night. Eventually Don and Mortimer would come to an agreement to kidnap Bella. On that night, the stage was set. Bella has came to you with yet another threat. But this time, you weren't just going to listen. You took her red handkerchief and put chloroform on it. You used it to make her pass out. Then you waited for your assistant to come and take her away. When he came, you handed her over.

-Did I? - Don said ironically.

-Yes, you did! At the interrogation, you said that you poured drinks. There were no drinks at the crime scene (that was the thing I remembered). You then placed the bright pink handkerchief with the obviously fake goodbye note where you knew that it would be found. I knew it was fake, because it was written in smelly ink. Had Bella wrote it at the time it disappeared, it would still be smelly. The fact that it didn't smell told me that it was written a long time ago, and was just waiting for it to be used. The telescope was in a locked position. I think that Bella spied on Dina she probably thought that Mortimer is cheating on her, so she wanted to check. Next, you lit a long fuse. At the end of that fuse was a substance that producec light, similar to a firework. Now, you needed to be fast. You ran to the Goth Manor, alarmed us. I found it weird that you were so upset about a simple disappearance and your long explanations, where you should have been fast. You needed to gain time, enough for Bella to get out of the suburbs. Your poor acting betrayed you, I'm afraid. While you and I are running, the fuse burned up. The firework contraption went off, and we saw a green light, which you used to convince us that she was abducted by aliens. At the same time, Mortimer is waiting for a few minutes to call the police - he also wants to gain time. You ran to Don's house and imitated the scream. You were able to get there before us since you were a good athlete. And only after you did that, you called the police. Now it's all very simple. You had the opportunity to place the red handkerchief into the house of Dina as you visited her often. You wanted to blame her. And you poisoned Skip, since you thought that he knew about your crime.

-This is all made-up. Fairy-tales! Maybe Don did it! - Mortimer said.

-He's lying! We did it together! - Don shouted in his defence.

-Aspen, find one piece of evidence against me!

-You want evidence? The silk handkerchief didn't have Bella's handwriting. It resembles, but I recognize the curves in the letters. One can never change their handwriting.

-Mortimer Goth and Don Lothario, I am arresting you for the murder of Skip Broke and kidnapping of Bella. - Aspire said.

They left. They were pretty mad. Everyone was surprised.

-Aspen, where is Bella? - Brandi asked.

-Ah! And now dear residents, I present you the lady that made this all happen - Bella Goth!

Bella appeared. They were all stunned.

-Bella! - someone shouted.

-We found Bella in a testing facility in Strangetown. - I said.

Everyone was so happy that Bella returned, even Dina.


After two months, life was normal again in Pleasantview. Brandi managed to overcome her husband's death, and now raises her two children alone. Bella is happier now. Cassandra has married the town's artist - Darren, and Alexander's doing well in school. Dina and Bella became best friends. Don and Mortimer got 20 years in prison, and they regret what they did.

What about me? Well, I got back to Belladonna Cove, but this was just a start of the horrific cases that I will see.

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