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Westerberg 2
A large and diverse city sprawling across four islands, each with it's [sic] own distinct history, culture and problems. This world requires at least 2Gb of free system memory to run.
Name Westerberg
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
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Westerberg is an empty world made by the owners of Parsimonious. it is where the citizens of the PSVBDR project live (read more about it on their page).

Overview (As Told by Parsimonious)Edit

  • Custom Objects: 0
  • Tree Clusters: 332
  • Seed Spawners: 9
  • Custom Patterns: 2
  • World Decor: 1179
  • Bug & Butterfly Spawners: 22
  • Custom Walls & Floors: 4
  • Elevators: 6
  • Fishing Spawners: 29
  • Residential Houses: 72
  • Subway Stations: 28
  • Gem & Metal Spawners: 32
  • Residential Apartments: 22
  • Number of Sims: (starts with 0, will change when all is moved and done again)
  • Meteor Spawners: 7
  • Community Lots: 101
  • Number of Effects: 65
  • Junk Spawners: 2
  • Empty Lots: 9
  • Sunrise Time: 7 am
  • Sunset Time: 5 pm


Residential lots Edit


See the Families section.


Updated later

Empty LotsEdit

Community lots Edit

Homeless and NPC Sims (aka the forced Service Sims)Edit

Deceased SimsEdit

Families Edit

Main article: PSVBDR and MoreEdit

These sims are all recreations of Sims from The Sims 2 and The Sims Stories neighborhoods.


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