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Welch Family
Name Welch Family
Number of generations 4 generations
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The Welch's have always been the top name in the Nectar making business. But can new husband, Justin, keep the business thriving while maintaining the image of a perfect family?
Members Justin Welch, Celeste Welch
Funds §30,000
Difficulty level Difficulty6
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Fanon:Sunset Valley

This is a family created and played by xLaJay. Based loosely on her life but with name changes, the wife, Celeste, is based on her.

History Edit

The Welch's are a relatively large family from Champs Les Sims. The family dates back almost six generations to Andre and Adeline Welch, who first moved to Champs Les Sims almost 200 years ago. The couple settled down on a farm and slowly started the family business that would thrive and become a multi-million business. Nowadays, all that is left of the Welch's is Justin and Branden Welch. Two brothers both trying to run the business their way.

Justin Welch, getting fed up with his brother antics, moved to Sunset Valley to start his own branch of the family business. Upon buying the land and getting ready to start, He realized that he didn't know anyone in town and didn't know who to ask to help work on his farm. Justin hired Celeste Byrd to be his secretary and help him meet the locales. Over the course of time, Justin feel deeply in love with Celeste but never realized that she was seeing someone else and already had a child named Juliette. Justin, convinced that they were supposed to be together, asked the man to leave Celeste and to take the baby with him.

Celeste, devastated at this turn of events but oblivious of Justin's role in them, ran to Justin for support and eventually fell in love with him. Justin and Celeste live in Sunset Valley. They are married, have two children and are expecting another. The children are Adrienne, and Ronnie. They are expecting another girl. Celeste's first daughter Juliette is now a teenager and is aspiring to become a singer. She will soon come to look for her mother and eventually live with them and her mother's new family.

Family InformationEdit

Justin Welch: A Perfectionist, Born Salesman, Family Oriented, French Cultured, Virtuoso. His lifetime wish is having a Bottomless Nectar Cellar. He loves making nectar but also plays guitar and piano on the side. He has long, blonde hair and blue eyes. He's tan with an average physique.

Celeste Welch (Nee' Byrd): A Family Oriented, Nurturing, Artistic, Bookworm, but Absent-Minded. Celeste does what she loves to do which is taking care of her family. Her lifetime wish is Surrounded by family. She's a little chubby with dark red hair. She has green eyes and is slightly pale.

Juliette Pandio: The teenage daughter of Celeste and her first husband, she is Artistic, Charismatic, Diva, and Social Butterfly. She's very sweet and makes friends with everyone she meets. She lightly tan and has dark brown hair. She has green eyes like her mom and is very skinny and athletic.

(All of the other family members will be born in game and will be added here as they are born.)

Ronnie Welch: A Perfectionist, Disciplined, and Lucky. Ronnie is the first child of Celeste and Justin. He's chubby with blonde hair and green eyes.

Adrienne Welch: A Grumpy and Heavy Sleeper. Adrienne is the baby of the family. She has short red hair and blue eyes.