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Washer Village
Over the years, several families have migrated to Washer Village, hoping for a better quality of life. However, with the new generations, some drama and gossip has spread around. Hopefully, the future generation will bring peace once again to the once peaceful Washer Village.
Name Washer Village
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
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Washer Village is a custom The Sims 2 neighbourhood made by user Lokiisntsolucky. There are 12 families. All families and sims have unique bios. There are few aliens and vampires and in the neigbourhood but most of families are non supernatural. There are few special lots like hospital and homeless shelter.


Murphy Stephenson
Murphy is an active Sim. He loves jogging and watching sports. He wants a successful life with a job and six dogs.
Belle Murray, Unborn baby Murray
Belle is a lovely Sim, owner of the clothing store. She dreams of owning six cats and growing old by herself. She also wants to have a career and maybe adopt a child.
  • Jones 169 Michael Street
Priscilla Jones, Willow Jones, Unborn baby Jones
This lovely lesbian couple just moved to Washer Village. Can they get over their differences and remain a happy couple? Will they split up and lead different paths?
Jimmy Richman, Tasha Richman, Unborn baby Richman
This poor couple is basically homeless and jobless. They seem to be expecting a surprise, and it may not be a good one.
Gwendolyn Williams, Prescott Williams, Unborn twins Williams
Raising an alien baby alone is difficult, but Gwendolyn manages just fine. She has recently fell in love and hopes to marry soon, but she wonders if she's moving too fast.
Nathalie McLoughlin, Juliette McLoughlin, Unborn twins McLoughlin
Nathalie lost her husband and is trying to raise her daughter Juliette. Will she be able to do it successfully? Does she have more than she can handle?
Blake Norman, Charles Norman, Lena Norman
Charles and Blake had always wanted a little girl to spoil. How will they feel when they find out Lena has fallen in love with an alien? Can this vampire family accept their daughter's choice?
Abhainn MacDonald, Baigh MacDonald, Graeme MacDonald
After adopting a young boy, the MacDonalds moved to Washer Village in hopes of giving their son a good life. However, they don't seem to quite agree on the number of children to raise.
Franciszek Nowak, Zaklina Nowak, Zofia Nowak, Zuzanna Nowak
After the death of his wife, Franciszek found the love of his life. Will he be able to convince her to move in? WIll he be able to raise the triplets?
Joseph Barnes, Kate Barnes, Elliott Barnes, Emmett Barnes, Thomas Barnes, Timothy Barnes, Unborn twins Barnes
Joseph is secretly cheating on his wife. Kate is cheating on her husband and has multiple children that aren't her husband's.
Meat Pie Green, Horseshoe Green, Benadryl Green, Goodbye Green, Very Helpful Green, Dishwasher Green, Grass Green, Nostril Green
The Green family immigrated among Simkind in hopes of leading a normal life. They chose interesting names, but they hope that they can still make friends and raise their family normally.
Heather Lincoln, Sheldon Lincoln, Gordon Lincoln, Steve Lincoln, Veronica Lincoln, Chastity Lincoln, Destiny Lincoln, Joshua Lincoln
The Lincoln family has always been rich and they regularly make investments. They hope to be able to have more heirs to pass down the businesses to.

Deceased SimsEdit



  • Washer Village can be downloaded here (link be added later)
  • Some sims and families have in their descriptions that they own lots or businesses. The neighbourhood was made without The Sims 2: Open for Business, so no community lots are owned by any sims. With OFB installed the player can buy these lots for them.
  • This neighbourhood was created with default Pleasantview townies and NPCs, probably because by then creator didn't know they generate in every newly created neighbourhood.
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