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Ran Away
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Villiane family
Name Villiane family
Number of generations 5 generations
Family connections Howe family, Comesqui family

The Villianne family is a highly esteemed family, with over thirty members distributed throughout Twinbrook, Sunset Valley, and Riverview. The predominant traits passed down throughout the generations are Evil and Mean Spirited, though there are few exceptions. Predominant traits passed down throughout the generations are brown hair and dark or green eyes. All sims with light hair (except for Tracy Villianne) are married into or adopted into the family.

There are a total of 13 sims (7 deceased, 6 living) in Twinbrook. They live in Sofia Carlton's old mansion after she died in a fire that also killed DeAndre Wolfe. The current members of the Twinbrook division are Thaddeus, Isidore, Ciolena, Sierra, Wolff, and Benji.

There are 6 sims living in Sunset Valley (2 deceased, 4 living). They live at 365 Oak Grove Road, an originally empty lot built up by Chess before he died, and now inhabited by his daughter's family. The current members of the Sunset Valley division are Nadia, Liam, Tracy, and Roxanne.

There are a total of 12 sims (1 deceased, 11 living) in Riverview. There are three separate households in the Riverview division. Living at 300 Riverblossom Hills Drive is Stefan, Pandora, Kingsley, and Bigonia. At 320 Riverblossom Hills are Remington, Helenore, Tyler, and Johan. And at 340 Riverblossom Hills are Gaston, Courtni, and Valeri. Those inhabiting 320 and 340 Riverblossom Hills kicked out the previous residents. It is likely that Kingsley and Bigonia will kick out Jebidiah Wilson to move into his house.

Some new Villiannes were recently discovered in the sleepy town of Moonlight Falls, descended from the long-lost brother to Chess and Bashkir. Currently, there are eight Villiannes residing there. Oddly enough, these Villiannes seem to have the Good and Friendly traits etched into their predominant traits.

Twinbrook SimsEdit

  1. Devon Comesqui (Deceased)
  2. Ariella Comesqui (Deceased)
  3. Bartow Howe (Deceased)
  4. Sarah Howe (Deceased)
  5. Bashkir Villianne (Deceased)
  6. Adja Villianne (Deceased)
  7. Phineas Villianne (Deceased)
  8. Thaddeus Villianne
  9. Isidore Villianne
  10. Ciolena Villianne
  11. Sierra Villianne
  12. Benji Villianne
  13. Wolff Villianne

Riverview SimsEdit

  1. Lola Villianne (Deceased)
  2. Stefan Villianne
  3. Pandora Villianne
  4. Remington Villianne
  5. Helenore Villianne
  6. Kingsley Villianne
  7. Gaston Villianne
  8. Bigonia Villianne
  9. Johan Villianne
  10. Tyler Villianne
  11. Valeri Villianne
  12. Courtni Villianne

Sunset Valley SimsEdit

  1. Chess Villianne (Deceased)
  2. Angelique Villianne (Deceased)
  3. Liam Villianne
  4. Nadia Villianne
  5. Tracy Villianne
  6. Roxanne Villianne

Moonlight Falls SimsEdit

  1. Archer Villianne (Deceased)
  2. Mathilde Villianne (Deceased)
  3. Justin Villianne
  4. Spencer Villianne
  5. Fiona Villianne
  6. Josephine Villianne
  7. Peter Villianne
  8. Narcisso Villianne
  9. Eileen Villianne
  10. Jenna Villianne



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Villianne family
Devon - Ariella - Bartow - Sarah - Marcos - Chess - Angelique - Bashkir - Adja - Archer - Mathilde - Stefan - Pandora - Nadia - Liam - Isidore - Sierra - Thaddeus - Ciolena - Justin - Fiona - Spencer - Josephine - Remington - Helenore - Kingsley - Gaston - Lola - Phineas - Wolff - Benji - Bigonia - Roxanne - Tracy - Johan - Tyler - Valeri - Courtni - Narcisso - Eileen - Jenna - Peter

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