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Veronaville Disaster
Name: Veronaville Disaster
Genre: Documentary
Created by: AldoHyde
Number of chapters: 1

Original run: 12/20/2010
Status: Completed

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How on earth do you have a story about Veronaville, with most of its premade residents dead?

The Veronaville Disaster is the "zero event" of the StrangeTown Monty (STM) machinima series. It is officially STM 1.00, and is available for viewing on YouTube.

It is a bizarre chain of events that led to the deaths of many Veronaville Natives, aged teen and above. The feuding clans of Monty and Capp, as well as the apparently neutral Summerdreams, succumbed to the Disaster.

Some odd facts stand out:

- No two sims died in exactly the same way. In fact, it appears to be a display of 18 different Ways to Kill a Sim, and an exhibition of their ghosts.

- Romeo Monty died because he ate when he shouldn't be eating.

- Juliette Capp died for the opposite reason...

- Antonio Monty was in relatively good condition throughout the Disaster.

- Bianca Monty (almost) did not survive...

- Kent Capp was killed in the Disaster, and remained legally dead for some time.

- No children were harmed.

- All the victims' graves are found in the Veronaville Disaster Memorial, a site with a very controversial neighbor...

There are many possibilities for the cause of the Disaster. At least one STM character has "confessed" to some degree of involvement.

The Veronaville Disaster was initially created as a "documentary" called "18 Ways to Kill Sims". A few months later, the author turned the last 30 seconds into a full Sims machinima series.

Some of the author's future (shorter) stories may be based in STM Alternate Universes in which the Veronaville Disaster may not have happened.

The Veronaville Disaster did not happen in PVCS vs STM Football 2015/2035.

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